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  1. In a lot of these system to become a lama one way I know is that you would have to reach high states of conciciousnes in your lifetime then before you die you would project you Hun or soul whatever word you want to use, to reincarnate into that existence and how that’s done is something that I belive just comes to you through getting comfortable with the bardo states and navigating them, so you would have to be at a state of conciciousese where you can enter the bardo states naturtly.
  2. Mo Pai level 1

    You need to be in touch with Qi to be successful in any Qi Gong system. This has to be physically experienced. The dantien is actually a physical location and sensation if you can't feel this you need to be Abel to. Meditation on the dantien and applied concentration can help. There is a practice that builds Qi in the dantien with out deep meditation. I can't post it here unfortunately but it's really not hard to do. When you have enough Qi in the dantien embryonic breathing will turn in naturally. This is also called fetal resperation or Tai ji. This is the big secret embryonic breathing is a real physical thing that can be heard and when done you feel physical sensation. This is a major key when you have embryonic breathing your ready to start compacting Qi. Sit and meditation start breathing down to the dantien embryonic breathing should be stimulated just by regular breathing.you then switch to reverse breathing wile still doing embryonic breating. Then start to push down on the dantien and all directions. This is a literal physical thing this isn't something to visualize or believe in . If you not feeling it physically your not doing it. Embryonic breathing will most like shop after time so continue all the practices even if you don't have embryonic breathing fetal resperation. Deep meditation and focused concentration in the dantien will eventually turn on fetal resperation. And like I said there is another practice that Is done besides just meditation on the dantien that builds Qi in the dantien and in time will activate embryonic breathing but I will not post it here I have yet to see the tequnique in any books or videos, I do believe it will develop Qi at a slightly faster rate or rather get someone in touch with Qi earlier then just meditation on the dantien, iam not sure if it is thought in the Indonesian or java schools i do know it is thought in long men Pai. But it's not entirely necessary it just helps develop and get a feel for Qi faster then just meditation. Mo Pai is about forming a ball of Qi in the dantien that can take years and then fusion with hui yin to develop electric Qi. I doubt anyone will practice to the end or get very far and all the information is already out there it's just putting it together. Good luck .
  3. Exorcism

    I swear to god the people on these sites are bait to demonic interaction and mo Pai obsession I think it's time for me to bounce.
  4. Exorcism

    Well for starters I would put up Bagua mirrors in all four directions of your home. You can get them on the internet. Then if you can I would put swords in all the corners of your home and room or where ever the most activity is. Also I once awakened Native American spirts in a notoriously haunted area around me. They followed me around for a week but they eventually left me alone I also have a lot of experience with dealing with ghost and demons. Just not exorcism for people. If you could give me more information on what's going on I can speak to a exorcist for you and do my best to assist you. The other thing is, is this a creation of a part of your self, because for what your saying it doesn't seem to have its own conciciousnes as of yet it seems like it is still just a force.when did it start? What was going on when it started?
  5. Exorcism

    poltergeist tend have to deal with teenage girls its some type of energy they harness from my understanding its not actually a ghost or demon more like a force. I can give you a example of a exorcism that I wanted to do to get a vampire sprit. Iam gonna make this short my goal is to give you a idea of some of the things that are involved and things you may need. The girl I knew was possessed by this demon she craved raw meat and blood, her eyes and personality would change and believe me when I say her teeth became pointy. Well I wanted to get this spirt because I wanted to use it for its powers. In order to do such a thing I would have needed to know her birthday I would have needed to know her birth stone and certain astrological alignments during the time she was born. then I would have to the demons name and lure it out with things that particular sprit likes then bind it to that object. I wasn't able to do this because I stopped the interaction with this girl before I could try and do this. The other thing is you need a lot of inner qi so to say for this shit to not effect you or bite you in the ass. Iam no expert in this area but just giving you some info on what goes into this type of thing. A lot of medical Qi gong deals with exorcisms and this type of stuff maybe look into that. this stuff isn't secret for the same reasons as nei gong so to say, its just secret because it can be very dangerous. You could bind these things to talismans if you can find them to. Finding them may not be that hard, but getting the right talisman may be difficult. Also Knowing Ancient languages and ancient writing will be a must. Because these systems produce certin what the Chinese call Jo or sound that resonates a aspect of qi that can be used to bind and speak to the entity. I wish I could give you a how to but my skill in this area is limited and I don't want to give you mis information especially with stuff like this. Good luck and be careful you start looking into this stuff it may start looking back it happened to me.
  6. This is a form I'd like to start on a little know person in Chinese history called Mo Tzu. As my teacher has told me some story's about this man. I would like to focus more on his inner cultivation system here and remove some of its mystifying aspects. So Iam gonna get to the point so to say. This isn't a post for someone looking for history. It's more about what he understood and what we can do with what he understood. So Mo Tzu believed Chi descended from heaven entered our head then went to the dantien and back up the heart out to the world. Mo Tzu developed a nei Gong system based on this idea. And he developed a mediation practice that could cultivate Qi in this manner. It was similar to other systems of the time but a bit different. Difference doesn't mean better. So this system Mo Tzu made requeriers meditation deep meditation. Just like all other real systems. Then when the practitioner had enough Qi he compresses it through a series of meditation practices and breath hold/ compacting. Now it may take the practitioner years to get to a deep meditative state where they have enough Qi to compact let alone be able to awaken themselves to feel this energy. Or with the right teacher they can learn in a few years. So a hundred d percent full is a western understanding of simply haveing enough Chi to compact. Then he does go further this guy named Mo Tzu. Well everyone he was a interesting guy an we don't know a lot about him unless you can read and write and speak ancient Chinese and understood nei Gong then unfortunately it's gonna be hard but I hope this helps to some extent. The word Pai means way So Mo Tzu way to inner cultivation was years of deep meditation to get in touch with qi. Then once you where in touch with qi and had enough of it you would naturally start to compact it and build more of that qi. Then you would start to be able to make that qi move. And if you where in touch with Qi and could fell it and cultivate it you. You would be able to read what I just wrote and understand and be able to do Mo Tzu inner cultivation system. And use what I said to do exactly that.
  7. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    Sure sounds good but that is a different system not what this post is about. Mo Pai does come from Mo Tzu he did believe Qi descended from the top of the head down but the whole nipple thing doesn't belong on this form and clockwise smockwise bring that to a different post this was meant for a different group of people. This isn't a form for anyone I made this for Martial Artist really. What your saying is a system but does not belong here. This is a topic of certin types of nei Gong and Kung fu.
  8. Long men pai nei gong and mo pai

    This is completely true. And I personally fell that this is what has happend to many of DJ students both eastern and western. From my study of nei Gong and years of deep meditation, I fell that many of John Changs students especially Kostas Danos are simply starting to reach deeper states of meditation. For what has been said by Kostas and what he has described to have obtained from practice is no different from what most can achieve through deep meditation over time. I do feal that he progressed a little bit faster but how much is his knowledge and what has been said to him is questionable, based on what he has written a skilled practitioner could tell to some extent. As far as Jim McMillan I find it interesting he has cultivated this ball of Qi in his Dan tien. I've meet a few people who have done this. It does take time. And the compression in the dan tien has to be just right. The organ systems have to be in harmony as well or the Qi gathered will move to areas that have blockages. So in a sense it will clear stagnation and strengthen organ and extraordinary vessels. After that you will have to continue the practice to cultivate the Qi once again in the dantien. For Jim McMillan to move as fast as he did I think he had good Qi in his kidneys. So the compression will help remove stagnation. The Qi developed in this stage will help clear blockages in certin areas. But you will then have a o continue the practice to develop a ball of Qi. This is what happend to me. I did the practice and the Qi cultivated moved to areas that where blocked. I then lost it in my dantien and had to recultivate. I do believe Kostas is developing his dantien and compacting Qi. But I don't see him as attaing much more then any other person who has done a lot of meditation. I believe that John Chang has kept some things from his students. In fact I know he has. But I think he has also gave them as much as they could understand in a way they could understand. I don't believe everyone who practices nei Gong or mo Pai can become like Dynamo Jack, and I don't believe Kostas Danos or Dervenious whatever his name is, has all the information. I think what Kostas has attained is a a understanding of certin Nei Gong cultivation and some personal spiritual development. But best believe some things where held back from him. However he is a excellent writer and I hope to read more books of his. I sure I will be trolled for this post and warned by operators or the forum for posting all this but I think it's time someone came foward that's what this form was for. Please don't complain about spelling or paragraphing.
  9. Spirts kami

    Well I started having this experience after practicing a very similar form of nei gong like mo pai. that's a very good question and I honestly am not sure it is possible. And to recognize kami from regular rocks and such its hard to say its a strange feeling you get and the rock is usely a odd formation they look different. Its almost like they find you.
  10. Beginner's questions on Jing, tea and stuff

    You could have a issue with your kidneys like kidney yin deficiency or yang. I think you should look for a Doctor in Chinese Medicine someone who knows 5 Element acupuncture not just TCM that's the standard training in most acupuncture herbalist schools. There are like Qi Gong practices that strengthen kidney I can show you them it be hard on here but I could do my best. But I really suggest you go to a actuall doctor of eastern medicine
  11. If you could maintain a calm composer and fight like your fighting for your life that is a very dangerous person local martial arts schools aren't teaching that. And most of it isn't steet worthy. That's why bjj had become so popular. Not that it's not a good system but bjj is more effective compared to what is being taught in most martial arts schools.
  12. Well this isn't the deep web lol so I could be traced to answer questions of the sort. But I don't fell the military is for me don't get me wrong I admire people who can serve but I don't have all the personality traits to do military.
  13. Yes I do do wing Chun and I do believe in cultivating good character your not gonna teach a sadistic person how to be a more efficient killer
  14. Why would you have to go to Asia and start there? All you really need to do is know what a real fight is how it starts and what to do in it. You then learn and how to teach someone how to really fight most people in the states don't want that that's the key they want a fantasy in real martial arts there is no garentee you will win a fight by learning a martial system. But a real fight is not a UFC bjj match that's a sport anything goes in a real fight. And to train someone to really fight is to train to kill. Paradoxically this actually can make a person much more peaceful. Asian system have become nonsense because of the way they are thought including most wing chun schools. And to answer the question in a very Buddhist way lol I don't know the depth you'd have to be most specific. We live in a society that needs everything broken down into o levels. But if I could answer that question it would be can you accept this moment as it is just this moment and have a upright response to it with out being in conflict with yourself.
  15. Wing chun is a Buddhist system. The ultimate goal of wing chun is to reach spiritual enlightenment but what does this mean from a martial stand point when all of Buddhism in the states has been corrupted by political ideologies. Wing Chun was invented by revolutionaries. Unfortunately most Asian systems are so watered down. I'd like to open this form to promote ideas on real martial arts and spiritual enlightenment from a martial standpoint. There is a old sayin when two tigers fight one is killed and the other is maimed.