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Found 3 results

  1. Hi. A decade and a half ago I first heard about “John Chang” aka The Magus of Java. I know that many people in the forum are aware of him, and since I recently got to Ubud, Bali, I am wondering if anyone knows of a local school similar to the one he had in Java, that involves Nei Gong or Tenaga Dalam. Also, does anyone have any recommendations for a respectable Manku/Balinese priest who’s willing to share knowledge about the Balinese esoteric tradition? I’m aware that there are many who offer to teach a kumbaya version of it to New Age tourists, I’m hoping to get a chance of meeting someone honest who knows theirs tradition. Thanks in advance for your time, Vuk
  2. What Exactly Is Chi?

    What exactly is chi? In my research studying John Chang and the book Magus of Java I suspect chi is a type of plasma. Why do I think this? Well if we look at all the states of matter there are only 4. Solids, liquids, gases, and plasmas. More specifically I think Chi is cold plasma with with a low density of charged particles. Cold plasma can be touched and won't burn you. Keep in mind that in the book Magus of Java a nei gong master I think John Changs teacher took a pong ball and infused it with a blue light. I thought I even remember there was some sparks as well. Well plasma is known for being blue light. Now if we look at the picture bellow I suspect that chi is again cold but also at atmospheric pressure, not a gas because it has to be readily absorbed by the body. Perhaps in mode it could be any one of those. This is where I need your help. Do you have any reason to believe chi is either a microwave, radio frequency, corona, or dielectric barrier discharge? My personal guess is that it's probably not a radio frequency. So perhaps it's a microwave cold plasma, IDK. What are your thoughts? Now if you look at what John chang says here that his positive is in his navel chakra and the negative chi is in his perineum chakra (paraphrased). Then it should be possible to make a chi device or machine of some sort to absorb massive amounts of chi for cultivation in a very short time. Even better a chi device in which yang chi is pumped into the navel chakra, and yin chi is pumped into the perineum chakra. What do you think? What is chi? What is yang and yin chi? And how can we make it ourselves in a device for accelerated spiritual growth?
  3. Per Moderator message: Original Thread started in: CourtYard- Welcome from a new member: Obviously members still wanted to discuss this topic, but with all respect for Moderator message, I decided to take it to another forum (being this one)