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  1. Is life long celibacy even possible ???

    I've been trying to retain since 5 years ago. I kinda feel that the real question really lies in whether one can control their sexual urges long enough for the rest of the life, whenever it arises. Which links with one's ability to control nocturnal emission, assuming that the circumstance is already conducive to retention e.g being single. When one retains long enough, it will feel like retaining is effortless and over even longer period of time, will make a person feel asexual. But when nocturnal emission happens, one experiences chaser effect. The chaser effect usually gets more serious the longer one retains. At least from my experience. When that happens, there are changes that takes place in our body and also circumstances. One of the main changes is the revitalization of sexual urges. So if one can stop nocturnal emission completely, the way to celibacy should be effortless.
  2. Close encounters of the fifth kind

    You have a new link?
  3. Yi Jin Xi Sui Kung

    I've read about Yi Jing Jin and Xi Sui Jing, but i've come across a hybrid of yi jin xi sui kung... So far, i know that only Sifu Yan Lei and this shaolin sifu in the video are practicing it. Can anyone share their experiences of this practice and how does it compare to practicing Yi Jin Jing and Xi Sui Jing separately.
  4. Damo Mitchell? tell me what you think

    Only his students should know i guess. In his book, comprehensive guide to daoist neikung, he did mention he has SEEN other sifus being able to do remarkable feats, but never make any claim himself though. I'm curious to know as well.
  5. Taichi Styes complementary to NeiKung

    I understand the need to seek a teacher. That's my intention. For now, i'm just trying to soak as much theory as i can. so when it comes to application. i will know what i am doing instead of blindly following movements. Thanks.
  6. Taichi Styes complementary to NeiKung

    So when it comes to temple style, does it also belong to a specific chen, wu, yang etc...?
  7. Taichi Styes complementary to NeiKung

    Thanks. Who are the sifus teaching temple style specifically?
  8. So it is said that full lotus is 2x more powerful than half lotus and half lotus is 2x than crossed leg when it comes to meditation. What's the reason for this? Lots of anecdote i've seen, but never any literature that elaborates its reason for this. Any sifu wanna chime in?
  9. I used to meditate with binaural music to get myself into faster and deeper states. I have tracks for alpha, theta, delta, gamma and epsilon brainwave induction. I also have a device that modulate electric to pulse at certain frequency for the same effect. All of it works well. Recently i need to use these tech assistance again because my environment is not conducive for meditation. I'm wondering what's the opinion of tech-assisted meditation or if anyone else is using it. Would it be considered cheating?
  10. Building the lower dantien

    It's the exact same lesson you can get if you read Damo Mitchell's comprehensive Guide to Daoist NeiKung. I think you'll get greater detail if you read the book. Maybe he is his student or come from the same lineage. But basically, the method that he described are as follows:- 1. Locate the lower Dan Tian 2. Combine the 3 ‘initiatory elements’ in the lower Dan Tian - Awareness/breath/gravity 3. Consolidate the Jing 4. Rotate the lower Dan Tian 5. Generate the sphere 6. Connect the Dan Tian to the exterior 7. Build the container - yang hand to mold clay 8. Develop the centre of the ‘gourd shape’ 9. Build the Yang Qi 10. Fill the Dan Tian Abovementioned is based on his book. One thing though, in order to shape/mold the container, one needs to have enough of yang qi coming out of the hand in order for it to have influence over the yin qi in the 'huang' as he called. It was an interesting read, but it think it's pretty much debatable on this prerequisite. A lot of nei kung/qi gong system don't deal with this part, most just go into the filling of dantian. I'm a newbie, so correct me if i'm wrong, sifus who are reading.
  11. Not interested in martial, but is there a specific taichi style that is meant to be more complementary to neikung practices than other?
  12. Thanks all for your advice.
  13. Which QiGong form to start?

    I guess it all depends on the affinity i have with whichever art and its resources that will come my way. Thanks.
  14. Which QiGong form to start?

    I still have a lot of questions. But i'll start with whatever i can and decide along the way. Thank you.
  15. I've never lasted more than 25 minutes on my half lotus sitting meditation because around 20 minutes mark, my legs will start to feel numb and sometimes lead to cramps. It's also because of this problem that i can't go into deep state, it's also usually around that time my mind starts to reach alpha state. Any of you guys have tips on how to last longer in sitting meditation? stretching tips perhaps?