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Found 10 results

  1. So it is said that full lotus is 2x more powerful than half lotus and half lotus is 2x than crossed leg when it comes to meditation. What's the reason for this? Lots of anecdote i've seen, but never any literature that elaborates its reason for this. Any sifu wanna chime in?
  2. I've never lasted more than 25 minutes on my half lotus sitting meditation because around 20 minutes mark, my legs will start to feel numb and sometimes lead to cramps. It's also because of this problem that i can't go into deep state, it's also usually around that time my mind starts to reach alpha state. Any of you guys have tips on how to last longer in sitting meditation? stretching tips perhaps?
  3. Attaining Full Lotus

    After couple months of good, general stretching, I figured out, well it's kind of easier to move around and throw some kicks in the air, but that Padmasana probly ain't gonna happen so easily, and since one day I hope to dig real deep into meditation, it would be nice to start a routine that is going to prepare my hips and all for that. So in short: who can recommend a simple, day to day thing that is not too hard to perform and that kind of forgives mistakes? Not looking for something dramatic, just safe and effective in the long term. For example, will this do the trick? I should add I'm currently doing first few of these every morning. Thanks for help!
  4. heart energy bliss

    I was sitting in padmasana a few nights ago. Recently I had been doing a lot of Spring Forest Qigong and I have noticed that I can really feel energy moving along various points along the orbit: not actually orbiting, but when I just observe I can feel energy near the abdomen, solar plexus, heart, throat, back of neck, etc. not in any particular order. Anyways, so a few years back I was only getting sensations in the crown, brow area, and throat. But since I have seriously committed to Qigong I have had numerous sensations in areas of the body along the two channels that I had never felt before, which means the Qigong must be working to open up these channels? So back to padmasana: I was sitting there just observing and after about twenty minutes suddenly I felt this incredible energy collecting near my heart (like in the center of the ribcage), as I focused on it the energy was really building up. (I begin to really feel the energy after the twenty minute mark in full lotus.) So I had to break away from the heart energy because that whole area was getting numb and tingly. Normally, I have had experiences like this at the brow and crown areas, but this heart energy was really interesting. Would that have been dangerous to allow it to accumulate there, or no? Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I'm not pushing the Full Lotus What I am doing, is showing another way to stretch for it.
  6. Tried out SOTG technique 1 from Lonemanpai, reverse breathing combined with the imagery, in the lotus position today while holding my Quartz rods. It generated a good bit of heat and I began sweating. After I was done with that, I continued sitting for 20 minutes of emptiness meditation focusing on the LDT. Anyway, towards the end of the meditation it seemed like spontaneous yi gong/kunlun activated because I began having a good bit of movement such as, bouncing up and down in the lotus position, and a lot of movement and shaking of my head. Pretty much the same types of things I have gotten while doing the Yi Gong/Kulun posture. I know I saw a topic a while back about activating this while not in the specific yi gong/kunlun posture. I was told the bouncing up and down is the LDT awakening. Anyone else have these kind of things happen in Lotus meditation?
  7. I was told by my teacher that going into full lotus is a state of mind and attainment. That full lotus is not just about a certain way of sitting but the manifestation of a particular state. Sitting in full lotus can help you cultivate the golden elixir but it has a double meaning . The golden state of realization where yin and yang is balanced. To manifest the lotus of enlightenment. My teacher is from a lotus tradition. Thoughts opinions?
  8. Sirsasana

    Taking a break from my lotus sitting, so I've been doing a lot of head stand for the last couple weeks. I stayed in the headstand for 20 minutes today and man, it was equally as hard, in terms of concentration, as sitting in the lotus for that long. Just wondering if anyone else has had experience with longer sessions of Sirsasana practice and what kind of sensations/benefits/experiences they have had with it.
  9. I've heard a few people say something about how full lotus helps when conserving jing/sexual energy. I see absolutely no reason why a particular sitting position would do this but then again I'm not all that knowledgable on the subject so I really don't know. Anyone know if there's any truth to this and if so can you elaborate?
  10. Have you ever dined at the table of the Immortals? Meditating in Full Lotus has it's advantages... It creates a circuit betwixt the practitioner and the cosmic energies that encompass us. Some who work with Yi Gong, grok... that by just slightly lifting the heels and doing certain arm postures-- can immediately connect with foreign energy streams that can cause intense bliss in just a matter of minutes. How does that happen? It is almost as if, the Human body raises Antennas, and allows communion by higher conduits. The feeling of being 'watched'... or being stalked & trailed by shadowed masters,... long departed from this minute, third dimension Placing an individual as a Nexus, this person(s) is the catalyst for all remaining Earth inhabitants... to receive life giving LUX 'photon' food. No doubt, some people have been nominated as Meridians, and some Chakras, to serve "Hue-manity" in this, solo capacity. Uncanny ability of some, to yoke with the invisible spectrum of enchantment. A dark fog descends, then un_swirls, to set this stage... A blackened womb, [or cascading pantomimes]-- open up for immortal delivery, as THE Black Flame, reveals itself. How many have had this experience? Blood colored rose petals, envelope the meditating voyager, as various dormant senses unveil themselves. Have you smelled wood burning in the morning, or tasted sweet Amrita dripping down from the brain? Have you been shown Visions of future outcomes, or lingered on a time travel escapade, that was so amazing, you wouldn't dare share with others.... out of fear of being anathema or ostracized from mundane society? There is an infamous secret, about the Kwa, and the building/pumping streams of magnetic energy- storing it, then releasing it, in accord to the imprisoned desire. It is powerful... [& it works!] Imagine, by [mentally] reverse engineering, Full Lotus-- and then, locking into this macabre design... ` becoming a store house of immense power, readily available, to be unleashed, upon the fleshy landscapes & desired terrain(s) At your disposal- flooding the lower Dan Tien and occult Chakras - [the ones you discovered, like pearls from a buried treasure chest] These are hidden portals on the Tree of Life, as some dare to venture higher/lower (?) upon the Qlippoths... To eat demons and regurgitate the light, grounding it for Gaia's consumption... & for your neighbor's life-force [but, your neighbor, of course- hasn't a clue] :The Full Lotus Assassin: Removed from the circus of infidels.. the hooded, spirit seditionist,... travels among the lonely bourgeois~ {Juggler, the Fool, & Chi_Naut} This is the dinner table of the Immortals, who beckon you to dine on the feast of the Golden Dragon-- when She awakens... from her abysmal recesses-. Invitation, by Initiation, only...