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    Everyone forget this, from few years ago? maybe we're 'supposed to forget' or maybe- your Google button is broken? _ Israel demands world 'respond decisively' to North Korea nuclear test http://www.haaretz.com/news/israel-demands-world-respond-decisively-to-north-korea-nuclear-test-1.276669 Israel: North Korea supplying weapons to six Mideast states Israel's IAEA envoy: North Korea has become source of proliferation of dangerous weapons of mass destruction. By Reuters | Oct.04, 2008 http://www.haaretz.com/news/israel-north-korea-supplying-weapons-to-six-mideast-states-1.254939 Main > Op-Eds > North Korea's Enemy: Israel Op-Ed: North Korea's Enemy: Israel Published: Friday, April 20, 2012 10:37 AM North Korea is not even near Israel, but it has directly participated in a war against it. North Korea’s anti-Israel actions have surpassed those of Iran, even though it is not anywhere near Israel. And it is not alone. http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/11536#.UWB8n3d9Ruu ANDDDDDDDDDDD... The Israeli Air Force bombed a Syrian nuclear research facility in 2007, killing 10 North Korean scientists who had been working there at the time? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Orchard North Koreans May Have Died in Israel Attack on Syria, NHK Says By Tak Kumakura - April 27, 2008 18:48 EDT http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=newsarchive&sid=aErPTWRFZpJI&refer=japan ____ so, still want to discuss 'sides were not chosen'... how I am all wrong, and 'stuff'...? ------------------------------------- thelerner wrote: Thinking back I shouldn't have said mocking and laughing, I was just repeating your words. Really its more disagreeing and cautious about extremes. Since you gave me advice let me offer some back. In studying history look at all of it, not just the disaster scenarios. Bad stuff happens, good stuff too. More importantly study your mindset and how often over the years you've sent out dire predictions of apocalypse. If you've been playing 'man w/ End of the World is Coming billboard' every year for the past few years you may want look closely at your behavior and question whether the problem is the world or with yourself. While I agree the world is screwed up, I know it could much much much much worse to the 12th degree. In some ways your latest post should be saying 'Whoops, I was wrong posting about WW3 Coming 6 months ago'- because you posted it and no WW3, not even close. The world didn't choose up sides and cause mass destruction because of a civil war in Syria. I don't mean to be offensive, but its a waste of life to be a gloomer & doomer decade after decade. Also I think it does little good to be focused on Everything bad that could happen. Because you down play the big odds like food poisoning, getting hit by a car etc., while scanning the skies for the killer asteroids and Pole Shifts. Ultimately its good there are some Preppers around but if its not a fun hobby and turns into a paranoid life style then its bad. I guess I'm for a middle ground, keeping ones eyes open but assuming the worst won't happen. Ultimately I'll depend and work with my Friends Family and Neighbors versus hunkering down in war mentality if a disaster strikes.

    Irony: ... this forum, is supposed to be a gathering place of those who can work with energy fields. No one here can decipher the huge cosmic waves of energy coming at us... feeling quite different than before? You can't feel a purging? Another- 'big bang-- reboot'... coming?

    Television is bad... ok? TV 'reality shows' about 'preppers' is misleading. [They're supposed to do that] This is not 'christain flavor of the month club' warning of god's wrath I can also tell, you get your current events from Mainstream Media News- [not the best if you really want to be a 'lerner'...] Television is bad... ok? World War is a PROCESS- .. Not black and white like 'choosing sides' But...Syria, Iran and North Korea are on the SAME side While the world braces for North Korea- The Middle East, Israel are blowing up behind the scenes... When I posted this- back in Novemeber- events/ 'the Catalyst'... started the World War 3 "Process" If you Research- you would grok this You think if you ignore world events- and sit inside a 'lollipop bubble of peace'... it will all go away? You say when the time comes- 'you will have to depend on your neighbors?' So while they were preparing... you were mocking and laughing... and then you will have your hand out for help... Hopefully, your neighbors don't read this thread

    Pick the scenario, that concludes humanity's toss: Economic collapse Asteroids, EQs, Sinkholes, Poles shifting, Tsunamis, ETC World War Looting, pestilence, survival, murdering gangs of nomads.... Research World History... (fall of Rome, is a good place to start) Cycles- circles-- Anyone worth their 'spiritual salt', should be aware of what is coming- and prepare. What good is knowledge, if one can not detect death all around them? Why do monks learn to fight? Would you tell monks, when they trained their whole life, to learn martial arts- they could have used their time... more constructively? "He who laughs last-- laughs best"... There will be many people- like yourself- who will be knocking on their neighbor's door, for help Then,... your Karma, may find you... what is worse-- by mocking, you may sway the minds of others- so they do not prepare.. Karma... [6 months ago, I warned... 6 months to prepare... food, shelter, security] Recall this thread- and your replies- when you hear screams of the unprepared, outside your window [soon]

    I hope some prepared, instead of laughing and mocking...

    Matthew 4:17. From that time Jesus began to preach, and to say, change: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand. The Greek text of which the Bible was written and see the exact same scripture. 16. Apo' to'te ee'rxato ho Ieesou's keeru'ssein kai' le'gein,@"Metanoei'te, ee'ngiken ga'r hee basilei'a too'n ouranos'n!"^ You see the last word in the verse in Greek is Ouranos which is the Greek spelling of Uranus. Now we see from Strongs Concordance of the Greek text what the word Uranus means . Strong's Number: 3772 Transliterated: ouranos Phonetic: oo-ran-os' Text: perhaps from the same as 3735 (through the idea of elevation); the sky; by extension, heaven (as the abode of God); THE KINGDOM OF URANUS/Aquarius Mark 14:13 You shall meet the man carrying the pitcher of water, follow him. THE MEETING We shall meet Aquarius, the man with the pitcher of water on December 21 2012 at 11:11am THE BRIDEGROOM AND THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN The ruling planet of the Age Of Aquarius is Uranus Uranus had been married to Gaia, the earth. Uranus had been driven away from his bride by his son Saturn. Now he is returning to claim his bride, planet earth. THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN IS AT HAND... Study more, Scotty... Practice more, Scotty... Be less judgemental, Scotty... By those who are Initiated, you could be considered, clueless, Scotty

    VIDEO: http://dao-jones.blo.../blog-post.html

    If "Enlightenment", can not help you... to see/grok, the signs of the times- to prepare yourself and loved ones- what use is it? _______ 11.23.2012 UPDATE -WORLD WAR 3 http://dao-jones.blo...orld-war-3.html Russian warships ‘sail to Gaza for possible evacuation of citizens’ ­A group of warships from Russia’s Black Sea fleet is headed to the Gaza Strip, a Navy source told RIA Novosti news agency. The ships will evacuate Russian citizens from the troubled region should the Israel-Gaza conflict escalate. http://rt.com/news/l...-11-23/#id40754 Russian warships approach Gaza 23 November 2012 - 5:27pm The Russian Black Sea Fleet is approaching the Gaza Strip in order to evacuate Russian citizens from the conflict area, RIA Novosti cites a source in the Russian Navy. http://vestnikkavkaz...tics/34096.html MOSCOW: Russia has ordered a flotilla of naval ships to remain in the Mediterranean Sea to help evacuate Russian nationals from the Gaza Strip in case of another flare-up in violence, Russian news agencies said Friday. http://www.dailystar...x#axzz2D3cTJvO3 --------- CNN Nov 20, 2012 Three U.S. Navy amphibious warships are *returning* to the eastern Mediterranean to remain on standby in the event they are needed to assist Americans leaving Israel in the coming days, according to two U.S. officials. http://security.blog...cuation-needed/ ----------- Cairo and Alexandria riots after Mursi self proclaimes himself Pharoah of all lower and upper Egypt Latest update: 23/11/2012 Egypt - Mohammed Morsi - Muslim Brotherhood - politics Muslim Brotherhood offices torched, Morsi on defensive http://www.france24....d-offices-egypt ----------- Russia Warns Turkey Against Deploying Patriots Friday, November 23, 2012 Russia warned Turkey on Friday that deploying Patriot missiles along its border with Syria could cause an armed conflict that NATO will be drawn into. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that the more weapons along the border between Turkey and Syria, the greater the risk that these weapons will be used. 12:37 IDF, Gaza Rioters Clash; One Killed Friday, November 23, 2012 http://www.israelnat...AllFlashes.aspx ------ Officials: Israel's Gaza Offensive Was Training For A Possible Fight With Iran http://www.businessi...1#ixzz2D40qha3Y Israel's eight-day Gaza offensive was a dry run for any future armed confrontation with Iran, U.S. and Israeli officials told The New York Times. “In Operation Pillar of Defense, Israel was not confronting Gaza, but Iran,” Israeli ambassador to the U.S. States and military historian Michael B. Oren told the Times. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) employed F-16 fighter jets to drop bunker-busting bombs on underground tunnels as well as Apache helicopters and drones to hit more than 1,500 targets in Gaza. For Israel, Gaza Conflict Is Test for an Iran Confrontation http://www.nytimes.c...gewanted=1&_r=0 U.S. may recognize Palestinians at U.N. on November 29 2012 Palestinian leaders will ask the United Nations vote by Nov. 29, 2012 on whether to admit Palestine as a non-member state. Palestinian Authority President Abbas said he would submit the bid on Nov. 29 –on the 65th anniversary of the 1947 U.N. vote calling for two states, one Jewish and one Arab, in Palestine. http://servantsblog....lestinian-vote/ -------- Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan protest map of territorial claims in new Chinese passports Read more: <a href="http://www.foxnews.c...#ixzz2D4XTdK3p" style="color: #003399;">http://www.foxnews.c.../#ixzz2D4XTdK3p Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan protest map of territorial claims in new Chinese passports Published November 23, 2012 Associated Press TAIPEI, Taiwan – China has enraged several neighbors with a few dashes on a map, printed in its newly revised passports, that show it staking its claim on the entire South China Sea and even Taiwan. Read more: http://www.foxnews.c.../#ixzz2D4Xp1DYX

    I spoke about this, on Here, 2 Months PRIOR... http://thetaobums.co... ... ntry358058 As Of the Middle of November 2012- WORLD WAR 3 HAS OFFICIALLY BEGUN Israel will continue to erupt- spreading, as I stated in above screen capture, from September 04, 2012 A likely scenario: Israel will get it's Nuclear Reactor hit by a Missile- Israel will counter by unleashing it's Nuclear Arsenal. THE WORLD WILL BE CHANGED A New World... where a New Blueprint, for World-Wide Leadership, will be Introduced... By what will "Appear-to-be- ExtraTerrestrial" http://dao-jones.blogspot.com/ -SaToGa ______________ Indeed, this is MAGICK...
  10. Beginner's [REAL] Magick: Instruction Q&A

    134 replies 2,327 views This Thread <--- 333 posts (!) This Spot (Reserved) ___________ You ALWAYS bring Synchronicity, to THIS Thread OldGreen! Choronzon = #333... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Choronzon Choronzon is a demon or devil that originated in writing with the 16th century occultists Edward Kelley and John Dee within the latter's occult system of Enochian magic. In the 20th century he became an important element within the mystical system of Thelema, founded by Aleister Crowley, where he is the Dweller in the Abyss,[1][2] believed to be the last great obstacle between the adept and enlightenment. Thelemites believe that if he is met with proper preparation, then his function is to destroy the ego, which allows the adept to move beyond the Abyss of occult cosmology. Non-Thelemic views of Choronzon In much the same way that Satan has been championed by some of those who object to Christianity, Choronzon has been turned into a positive figure by some iconoclastic occultists, in particular chaos magicians who object to what they see as the stultifying and restrictive dogma of Thelema.[citation needed] Peter Carroll's "Mass of Choronzon"[10] is a ritual with the purpose of casting the energy of one's ego into the universe to effectuate an unknown desire.[11] This, in part, has served as an inspiration for modernised ritual effectuation based on the "333 Current". Carroll himself states in the afore-mentioned book, however, that Choronzon is simply the name given to the obsessional side-effects of any deluded search for a false Holy Guardian Angel, or anything which the magician would mistake for his own profound genius itself.[11] Telocvovim: Known by the Enochian title of Death-Dragon or Him-That-Is-Fallen Choronzon: Telocvovim... is the Kundalini-- and unfortunately, most Enochian Magickians, [or Mages, in general] do not Grok, this. The Earth, has a Kundalini Awakening... Enochian and the Dao...Embrace. I will add to this, If I Am Allowed? _______________ "The Watchers [of the Book of Enoch] were released from Their imprisonment through Enochian Ritual. See: "Enochian Entities -Talisman -By SaToGa" ... & also ... "Liber Typhon- Babalon Working-By SaToGa" This mass ritual started as a solo eclectic operation and the egregore has swelled- releasing evolutionary current through out Egypt. As any effective "Set-Like" current would- Egypt went into Revolt. [Enochian Magick- Teloch Vovin & Egypt Revolution, Apocalypse]" Enochian Entities: TELOCH VOVIN By Salvatore Tommy Ganci "Dee & Kelley had access to Gnostic texts. The one I will be using is from the 3rd century. Written in Alexandria Egypt … Belial and the Enochian Entities Dee/Kelley believed the EE gave them “The Book of Enoch”. On this premise- [Dee searching for extra-biblical literature] I believe Liber Loagaeth [& all of the EE Doctrines] runs parallel to the Gnostic Knowledge circulating in their own timeframe." I Lucifer Salvatore Tommy Ganci By Salvatore Tommy Ganci
  11. Beginner's [REAL] Magick: Instruction Q&A

    #332... This thread, started as Beginners Magick - I posted very Advanced Magick-- towards the End of it Intermediate Magick - is the Cheapest magick-- as it consists of hardly anything, but, ... the Mind *Positive Affirmations *Creative Visualisation/ Imagination *Projecting the Mind - to 'other realms' [Remote Viewing. Astral Projection, OBE]... an effective, cheap tool for this: "White Noise"... easy to duplicate: -Static from an untuned, radio, ... & cover your eyes, with a split in half, ping pong ball Developing: *Clairaudience *Clairvoyance *E.S.P.- easy to make "Zener Cards" Some tools, a practicing mage, can build, for themself: -Ouija Board- easy to make If your Aura is Protected, and Banishing is used [all this was discussed on this thread]... the Ouija can be a SAFE extension, to your Scrying. *Dowsing: Either make these with bent wires [wire coat hangers are best].. or use a -Pendulum *I Ching- was Aleister Crowley preferred over Tarot _____________ I shared some Healing work- which can be consider 'Low Magick', and @ a Beginner's Level Enochian is considered ''High Magick'' [some of it can be utilized for Low Magick, as well, though]- That's Advanced Level Intermediate Level: That- Prophecy.. was procured, by Myself- via Scrying the 'Goetia' Entities: Goetia, the Book of Howlings- 72 Entities: Some call them: Demons, Daemons, Djinn, Gods, demi-gods....some say they are 'hardwired' into the brain... I say they are Raw, Primordial Forces... The above Prophecies.. were given to me, by Belial, Vassago... and a few others I have 'made aquaintance' with ALL 72-- many many times over, though. Originally-- I did not trust Them-- so I used a heavily guarded, Circle. The Entities, were summoned/Evoked, into a Triangle of Art, containing a scrying mirror, and heavy incense smoke was used... so they can assimilate a "body" Eventually, as I trusted Them, more- and My Aura... could adapt to Their Powerful Energies [Chi ]... I did away, with the Triangle In it's place, I used a scrying mirror Eventually, I did away with the Circle Then, the mirror... I Invoked them, into my own, body [explained on this thread- difference bewteen Invoke/Evoke] Now, I could be walking around the grocery store- and have them 'Willingly"... move in, and out,... of my Body(s) _______ I do not judge anyone... Franz Bardon, was a christian... I do not agree with a lot of his work- neverhteless, he has some good information Everyone walks, the path- they designed for themself- before incarnating here [iMO] Walking the Walk- is much more Important- than... Talking the Talk
  12. Beginner's [REAL] Magick: Instruction Q&A

    Maybe some people, are seeing this thread- [and the last few posts of mine]... and thinking "this is evil"... No, it isn't. It's Nature's Way of Culling... Surely, if this Was NOT Suppose to Happen... it would NOT have Happened. It is a Necessity. Nature, adheres to it's Own, Laws. Whether that be, Eugenics... or some form of 'the strong survive' If humanity becomes a Cancer- Mother Earth will shake us off like Fleas on a Dog. Religious people view 'the satan'... one way Spiritual people, another way [Most/Some/Few (?) ] ...Magickians, this way: ___________ I wrote this, on Jul 17, 2011 It is, Incomplete... but serves the purpose http://groups.yahoo.com/group/enochianmagic/message/126 Azazel Peacock Wizardry and Cain Satan is the Westernized form of Shaitan. Shaitan [hidden] is of the djinn/genie and djinn have been conscious in the ancient arabic lore much longer than Christianity has been alive. Satan is a christian egregore. The concept is a corruption of Lucifer... a true creator god of this 3-D manifestation. Christianity is a work of deception, confusing people from true origins. You are what you think- and religion is the epitome of shackles and imprisonment. The victors write history, thus christianity and judeaism have demonized the true creator and give worship to an evil psychotic jehovah, the demiurge. This creature, yahweh, is a parasite who demands worship, fear and blood. This group of entities, [parading around as just one, solo godhead], and their antics in the old testament... are anything but love. Tracing religion back to the cradle of civilization, one offshoot, the Peacock Angel, Melek Taus - can be traced to Lucifer. Lucifer, the light bearer... [light/LUX being illumination] - the same illumination that the serpent/Nachash brought to Eve... i.e., which is allegorical for the power via the sacred spark/flame of Gnosis. [Thus Daath has fallen and is Malkuth] This spark kindles the flame within...the dormant Kundalini -fiery serpent. Slumbering Kundalini is allegorical of the Edenic fall, and the awakening and ascension of that bright LUX angel being Lucifer. The counterpart of Lucifer in Rabbinical lore is Azazel - the Scapegoat, and was used to atone [cover over] the sins of the Israelite tribes into the desert. [later plagiarized and reworked into the jesus myth] The Baphomet [master of the sabbat and man dressed in black]- is none other than the Sophia/wisdom incarnate [shakti/Shiva, revamped] The Enochian Grigori, the Fallen Messengers, the Watchers, the Nephillim, the Beni-Elohim or generic- 'the gods'... are pockets of energy streams. These egregores, are sources of power, that sorcerers, wizards, mages and witches of old use for as an external boost. Once the Kundalini is awakened and ascended [internal boost] - the individual joins these ranks and becomes a conduit. The nexus of this spark evolves into the fire serpent. Once enlightened, the avatar finds that by sharing this knowledge- he/she is often labeled 'a satan'. Thus it routes full circle- the Ourobouros. (to be continued)
  13. Beginner's [REAL] Magick: Instruction Q&A

    Disabled Not Broken 329 posts ... I want to make it to # 333 Posts 333 is a very Important Numerical String In Enochian Magick ______ As I noted, previously- when individuals were asking me, to post results from my Ritual Works... I was apprehensive, to say the least. Sure, I could have posted Ritual successes, in all the Healings I have accomplished. I posted about these, on other threads. A female, close family member- had a Hemangioma on her Brain, and was causing Seizures. Surgeons were to 'attempt' to remove it. I performed a Healing- and the Surgeon(s) said it had regressed so thoroughly, it would no longer be a problem. This was in 1997. Fast forward to 2012, many years later- never a seizure, again. Young male member, was to have Tubes put in to the ear,... as hearing was being compromised. Same thing happened. Ritual for Healing performed. Surgery no longer necessary. My mom had Macular Degeneration. In one eye, she is blind. Was too late to save that one... but when the symptoms were worsening in her remaining eye- I went to 'work'... Macular Degeneration had stabilized, and 'regressed'... Doctors say that just doesn't happen. My mom told the Doctors, what i did. They looked at me, and just thought we were both, ...a little loopy. Nevertheless - she can see... and that is all that matters I have many similar accounts. I have performed many many healings- some for total strangers- all for Free. The thing is, on a forum, - it could all be chalked up, to either -coincidence, or I am just making up lies. Can not prove-- anything... So, I posted about a very detailed Magickal Working- that was Publicly Logged, with Weekly Updates- Months,... in Advance. Publicly Documented Diaries, Shared through out the Entire World. Everyone Following along. The Results, Made History.. and Documented, on Media Outlets,-- World Wide. Some people, might see it as 'bad...' Egyptian Uprising. Infrastructure- Destabilised. Egypt...`Still, in Total Chaos... From there, it spread to Libya It will keep, spreading. The Whole Middle East... Isreal and the Arab nations - will continue to war. Iran, Syria, Israel- it will all ignite into World War 3. USA, China, Russia... Greedy Humans, Blood Thirsty [invited] Demi-god Egregores... Extremely Volatile combination. "GOD" - is an acronym... Generate Organize Destroy During the "O" phase- is when the demi-gods, usually send a "mediator/savior/redeemer" to straighten out the mess, ... G.O.D. created. Thesis - Antithesis Synthesis Purging Fire... Then it starts all over, again History.. ALWAYS repeats itself-- but no one, ever pays attention to "it"...