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  1. Tried out SOTG technique 1 from Lonemanpai, reverse breathing combined with the imagery, in the lotus position today while holding my Quartz rods. It generated a good bit of heat and I began sweating. After I was done with that, I continued sitting for 20 minutes of emptiness meditation focusing on the LDT. Anyway, towards the end of the meditation it seemed like spontaneous yi gong/kunlun activated because I began having a good bit of movement such as, bouncing up and down in the lotus position, and a lot of movement and shaking of my head. Pretty much the same types of things I have gotten while doing the Yi Gong/Kulun posture. I know I saw a topic a while back about activating this while not in the specific yi gong/kunlun posture. I was told the bouncing up and down is the LDT awakening. Anyone else have these kind of things happen in Lotus meditation?
  2. Sirsasana

    Started lotus sitting again today. The time off did the trick, doubled my usual time and sat for 40 minutes.
  3. Sirsasana

    Yeah, inversion tables are awesome .Things would be so much easier that way. Sometimes I feel my body heat up and I spontaneously sweat. When I practice the headstand before Yi Gong/kunlun, the energy activates really quickly.
  4. Sirsasana

    Anyone out there practicing headstand daily??? It certainly helps with concentration when I do it before meditation
  5. Sirsasana

    Taking a break from my lotus sitting, so I've been doing a lot of head stand for the last couple weeks. I stayed in the headstand for 20 minutes today and man, it was equally as hard, in terms of concentration, as sitting in the lotus for that long. Just wondering if anyone else has had experience with longer sessions of Sirsasana practice and what kind of sensations/benefits/experiences they have had with it.
  6. Hello

    Hello, I'm not completely new here, but this is my first post. I'm done being a lurker, and am ready to join in with everyone on the forum. Looking forward to being more of an active member of the forums =)