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  1. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    "Balance and patience - never ending patience - this seemingly slow route is the most expedient route. The seemingly fastest routes are always the slowest." Yoda Spotless
  2. Holotropic breathing

    Oh I only know it in most vague way. Breathe fast and shallow, till you get sort of lightheaded. Then continue for as long as possible
  3. Holotropic breathing

    I would like to start a loose discussion about any methods resembling the so called holotropic breathing. Personally, I have recently experienced a great surge of chi in my hands during an intense tantra session, which involved that type of breath(combined with syncing the breath with ones partner). What is the use, purpose, place of it in other practices?
  4. Regret, guilt and shame

    I noticed today that it is a lot easier to deal with most negative emotions in comparison to these particular ones. Or maybe these just tend to last longer? Pain(emotional or mental) can be significantly softened by imagining someone being sorry for you. You can even pity yourself("oh I'm so unfortunate! I deserve compassion"), same for depression. Not a fix, you could say, but works for most of us well enough to prevent immediate breakdowns. Loss and grief: well you can at least be sure that it will pass gradually and not ever come back as strongly and again, people would pat you in the back. And so on. But those three can be a lot more tricky. Especially the last one. Regret- you can tell yourself you will try to be better next time, guilt- you can sort of justify your actions and stances, but there's no guarantee people are going to comfort you(depends what is it that you did and how forgiving your peers are). And shame? Well nothing is gonna work haha! It comes again and again, years after years and years after the event. Shit I still sometimes feel shameful about things I did in kindergarden! To the point of spitting curse words suddenly and uncontrollably.
  5. What are you listening to?

    The Philosophers instrument
  6. Are hot soups the best meal to have to build Qi?

    Wow awesome story! I'd totally do that too!
  7. FWIW The Dharma Bums on sale

    Kerouac is gold, but I haven't read this crucial novel yet. Only On the road, and not the whole book.
  8. Increase chi by eating as a Yogi

    It according to your choice, not out of predetermined social needs. Food is not a religion. That was good
  9. Increase chi by eating as a Yogi

    my point was, one does not simply sleep less... not in the city with a normal life. I haven't met anyone who could carry on on less than six hours on average. Still I'll listen to the rest just out of curiosity
  10. Increase chi by eating as a Yogi

    "For the last 25 years I've managed on 2,5h sleep a night" "if you sleep for 8+ hours a day, you're sleeping 40% of your life away" yeah he lost me right there
  11. Holotropic Breath Work

    Wow, Stan Grof is a legend!
  12. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    @silent thunder Well it's very strange that you mention that because I have found a sole chapter in pdf on the web(6 The nameless) and I have felt the same urge to get a copy. What a treat! But it's seems like a rare and precious gem, price listings at 40$ USED on amazon. Interesting. Thanks for sharing, the article great.
  13. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    Could you please share the source?