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  1. What are you listening to?

    really beautiful...
  2. Story of Atlantis Part 1 - Ice Age and Deluge

    The oldest papyri with text ever found. 2013 Wow, so you can still discover something in 21st century The video in the last link is well worth watching.
  3. Story of Atlantis Part 1 - Ice Age and Deluge

    That's crushing Nungali, but you haven't really answered anything, just pushed it away. I believe it'll be hard to stick to Atlantis solely, as long as we don't establish what the Egyptians could and couldn't do. Better do that than to mess around trying to make sense of some psychic's accounts. But you've got a point. Someone, somehow built it. Just like anything else. Clearly they didn't have building cranes and diamond plate saws. It took people 200 years to build Notre Dame. Isn't it more likely that the scientists got their "20 years" wrong?
  4. Story of Atlantis Part 1 - Ice Age and Deluge

    I did and it's fascinating. It suggests many conclusions. So your point is, graciles were there way earlier then it is assumed?
  5. Story of Atlantis Part 1 - Ice Age and Deluge

    Not exactly sure what you mean here. Which is which then?
  6. Story of Atlantis Part 1 - Ice Age and Deluge

    " A further division of AMH into "early" or "robust" vs. "post-glacial" or "gracile" subtypes has since been used for convenience. The emergence of "gracile AMH" is taken to reflect a process towards a smaller and more fine-boned skeleton beginning around 50,000–30,000 years ago.[58] " Yeah thats what I mean.
  7. Story of Atlantis Part 1 - Ice Age and Deluge

    Well but says right there they didn't settle until 12,000BC
  8. Story of Atlantis Part 1 - Ice Age and Deluge

    Remember folks- the intelligent human species as we know it appears no sooner than 50-70k years ago. Which... actually may have coincided with the last big peak at the graph you posted. But whether or not there was a civilization before 10,000BC, it must have been in it's bronze age at best. Otherwise they'd leave more traces of themselves. IMO
  9. My newcomer post

    Hello and welcome! That's some interesting set of books I have not heard about. Can you talk a little about your dragon kung fu style?
  10. Probably the latter. At least that's what they say. I know a juggler though, who told me he goes "freestyle" with qigong and emulates it's mechanisms in his juggling! But it's the circus crowd, you know. They're nuts
  11. I'm New Here

    Nice to meet you! Have fun and check out the chatroom as well!
  12. Perfection is achieved when there is nothing left to take away

    Wow this is interesting. I could do without a washing machine. I'd use one shirt over and over again, hand wash is no problem then. But no record player! Well, perhaps toward the end of my life I might do without that too. Her library seems to consist mainly of encyclopedias. I wonder how's that.
  13. Oh you should really give yourself more credit
  14. Water above Fire

    I dunno. But what comes to mind first is that life itself came out of water. Water is also most crucial to our survival. Damn, almost forgot we are water!
  15. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    " Start to stop doing what you know to be wrong. Start stopping today. Don’t waste time questioning how you know that what you’re doing is wrong, if you are certain that it is. Inopportune questioning can confuse, without enlightening, as well as deflecting you from action. You can know that something is wrong or right without knowing why. Your entire Being can tell you something that you can neither explain nor articulate. Every person is too complex to know themselves completely, and we all contain wisdom that we cannot comprehend. " Jordan Peterson