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  1. Does anyone know the music from that video?
  2. This should be a quote somewhere.
  3. My experience after a year of standing(arms always droped like a rag doll) is that now I can stand easily for 10 minutes, and before I couldn't. LOL And let's just say I'm more aware of how my weight is distributed on my feet. So as long as I keep my inner arcs of the feet from collapsing I get to perform other activities without that much stress to the knees. Which I guess was my goal(?). I regard it primerly as a posture developing exercise. Healing? Well it calmed my mind enough to be able to find healing elsewere. BTW at the end of his I chuan DVD series, BK Frantzis says(with a grain of salt) you CAN learn this stuff, if you are diligant and take it slowly.
  4. There's a book by Thomas Cleary called Taoist Meditation which Im yet to read. But it's probably conserned with what is considered "classic" daoist meditation. From my poor understanding it is in a nutshell akin to Vipassana... At least from what BK Frantzis seems to be teaching. Going inside your body and observing 4 different qualities: 1. Tension. 2. Strength(stress). 3. Contraction. Forgot the last one. Focus and let them dissolve in time. Cheers.
  5. .

    Calling funny cat videos a waste of energy?! What kind of blasphemer just are you! My recent thought: nuclear energy is fine too, provided they do not dump the waste here on earth, and send it all to pluto. But Ofc the costs of sending stuff even to earths orbit is way too big....
  6. So it's been over a year already?! Let me tell you guys something funny. Some of you might smile very broadly when reading this. I'm not even urgent to tell this, as this is such a benign thing, and yet most profound! So here it is: boy I think I'm fine! Yeah like really! So weird to see how everything came out much more naturally then I expected. Wanna hear more? Well first let me just express my inner most amusingly perplex feeling of "Duh!", as I look back at the anguish I was going through that May day of 2016 when I was asking such big questions(bout what the hell should I do basically ^^). So while people were saying I should "basically chillout" I kept thinking about this whole grounding thing as some kind of magical, mystical process, unknown to anyone outside the circle of trust , and even started going to Taiji classes and doing crazy stretches on the floor. Then I just had luck because I stumbled upon an idiot doctor who thought the best thing for me to do would be doing upward dog 24/7, and a great chiro(hero)practor guy stepped in, apparently felt pity for me and said: "dude I'll fix yer back". And so he did! And he did it for free! And has helped with so much more! Released my knees and hips to some extent, and even abdominal pains bit too. He was the one who encouraged me to do an endoscopy(both ways lol), which actually revealed some inflammated area in the duodenum mucus membrane. The funny thing is that those examinations have immediately released so much binding caused by stress and shit. Few days later I was almost free of lower belly pains and constipation. Well the stomachs ulcer-like pain still persists 24/7 and I'm trying different things but more on that next time perhaps... That same chiro then told me: "boy you gotta get your ass to the gym or you're soon gonna be as disabled as you were before I met you. I have fixed a lot of things that you've carried for many years, but you gotta maintain it" After like 6-7 seven months of breaking the muscles and getting back to the shape I had 5-6 years ago I recently started realizing that from time to time, and even most of the time I am once again like I used to be. Cannot describe it other than saying I feel this quality -> Strength. Being able to. Not being so stagnant. All my joints are slowly repairing. I can climb trees and shit. Holy fuck I started to go dancing! And of course it is not only because I'm not afraid of my limbs. In all of this process my psyche got naturally stronger too. Effortlessly. I rarely get stressed even. I had lotsa finals this month and handled that shit surprisingly skillfully, you know. Not to mention the social successes . Opening up. Singing loud! As I am reaching a certain equilibrium of sorts I am also seeing how it is much more about not doing wrong things than about doing lot's of "beneficial routines". Like, please don't try to do a horse stance just yet, please! Go for a walk. It'll do. And I remember reading posts of you guys saying simple solutions work best and so on, and kind of raising my eyebrows sometimes. Waiting until the understanding would have arised. And it's so fucking funny to see that it is that one simple thing that I always had. That special kind of personal perception of the world that is key. The voice that says: "Yup you can do it." "No you cannot do that","Maybe one day, not today though". I cannot think of a time I went by without periodic depression happening for so long! I guess all remains to say is thank all of you Bums, especially Andrei for great advice and BES for loving compassion. Thank you so much!
  7. .

    MH being pragmatic as usual
  8. "Thinking is a psychological disease"
  9. Gomez: I think we just might have saved the world my dear! Tish: Oh, do you think we did the right thing?
  10. Can get intense as well!
  11. This made me finally drag my butt out of bed 20 minutes ago. I'm 19 minutes in and it's great!
  12. Lol. Almost as a reply to my urgent need to do things perfectly I received: "With the astral work, your only tool is your awareness. I mean that literally. You are not to rely upon any body else’s opinion, interpretation, reaction, teaching, attitude, etc. This is about you evaluating you based solely and exclusively upon how you feel about your self. This means throw away all those published lists of character traits, especially those written by Bardon in IIH, and simply observe how you feel about each aspect of your character. Not what you think about your traits, but what you feel in the immediate present moment without thinking.'' So I guess, never mind! But still I will probably be checking things out and looking for my faults in external sources, because it'd take forever to compile a genuine list based on what is happening now in the course of two weeks or three. Just the other day I was going through a list of 650 traits and to most of the negative ones I could remember a situation or at least imagine it. This is from Rawn Clark's commentary on Initiation into Hermetics.
  13. I think it's better to kind of feel the breath going to the sides and back of your belly, so that it expands in all directions, and sometimes I can feel that LDT is like a flame blowing hot air into the aerostat.
  14. If meditating after eating is bad then studying or working mentally must also be bad?! Some people even need to do hard physical work after lunch break... My point is meditation should probably be the best thing to do after eating, second perhaps to walking or lying down for 10 minutes. So for those who disagree: how long do you wait after eating? Do you wait longer if you eat heavier? Surely you don't have to have an empty stomach to meditate don't you?