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  1. Spontaneous Qigong (Zifa Gong) 自发功

    why would spontaneous be harmful in any way? if it's spontaneous, is it not natural?
  2. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    Instead of patrolling the streets and whatnot, engage the police and the military to deliver all the necessities to old people's homes. If they need nursing: provide for the nurses/relatives. Old people don't need to go to work. The young do. Yeah fuck capitalism ofc but. But for now. You know...
  3. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    That everyone stay home thing is really not going to do us any favor. Governments would do much better by just taking care of and protecting the old and weak from getting infected. This shit is unstoppable anyway and I don't see why nobody admits it! I don't bitch about my own isolation, but man how long you expect the economy to hold up in this ridiculous paranoia?
  4. My god, I binged the entire Friends series in the last two three months during the breaks between (or instead of) writing my thesis... I'm so sick of watching stuff on my computer, and yet I've gotten so used to it! I also did a cold shower today! Felt great.
  5. Daoists in popular literature and film

    Is that the same master as in Kill Bill vol 2, Pai Mei?
  6. Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body podcast

    How great! OMG I love this!
  7. Yes bring back the chat! The fact that this forum doesn't have one is insane! I mean it's Dao Bums! All people do is ramble non-sense here 24/7 anyway!
  8. Why gendao is worth having on this forum

    Jeez, where you get the time to get all those imgs
  9. Why gendao is worth having on this forum

    See?! He's not even annoying at all! Despite what he claims to be! We HAVE to get rid of him!
  10. Why gendao is worth having on this forum

    Ban Apech instead!
  11. Describe your ideal life..

    OH I dunno! Lot's and lot's of kittens for starters!
  12. Books or guides on stretching?

    Look no further. At the end of the video, Kurz explains the SHIT out of this method and why you should do it. Do it.
  13. The scandal of me sitting in full lotus padmasana

    this place is just getting stranger and stranger isn't it