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  1. Opening the Energy Gates of Your Body podcast

    How great! OMG I love this!
  2. Yes bring back the chat! The fact that this forum doesn't have one is insane! I mean it's Dao Bums! All people do is ramble non-sense here 24/7 anyway!
  3. Why gendao is worth having on this forum

    Jeez, where you get the time to get all those imgs
  4. Why gendao is worth having on this forum

    See?! He's not even annoying at all! Despite what he claims to be! We HAVE to get rid of him!
  5. Why gendao is worth having on this forum

    Ban Apech instead!
  6. Describe your ideal life..

    OH I dunno! Lot's and lot's of kittens for starters!
  7. Books or guides on stretching?

    Look no further. At the end of the video, Kurz explains the SHIT out of this method and why you should do it. Do it.
  8. The scandal of me sitting in full lotus padmasana

    this place is just getting stranger and stranger isn't it
  9. Sexually satisfying your female partner

    I haven't met a woman who didn't appreciate men knowing which buttons to press though
  10. The Kybalion

    Thanks for reminding me of Bashar. Very inspiring dude
  11. Sexually satisfying your female partner

    Can't recommend this book highly enough. That's all I'm gonna say!
  12. The Kybalion

    Well, tell us then please what you don't like about it.
  13. The Kybalion

    Hello Toni Still on a to-read list! If you say it's just general philosophy then maybe it would serve me as a supplementary reading... what do you think? Do you have a rich experience studying hermeticism?
  14. Does anyone know about talking to animals?

    Talking to squirrels?! That looks like a thread for me!