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  1. Probably the latter. At least that's what they say. I know a juggler though, who told me he goes "freestyle" with qigong and emulates it's mechanisms in his juggling! But it's the circus crowd, you know. They're nuts
  2. I'm New Here

    Nice to meet you! Have fun and check out the chatroom as well!
  3. Perfection is achieved when there is nothing left to take away

    Wow this is interesting. I could do without a washing machine. I'd use one shirt over and over again, hand wash is no problem then. But no record player! Well, perhaps toward the end of my life I might do without that too. Her library seems to consist mainly of encyclopedias. I wonder how's that.
  4. Oh you should really give yourself more credit
  5. Water above Fire

    I dunno. But what comes to mind first is that life itself came out of water. Water is also most crucial to our survival. Damn, almost forgot we are water!
  6. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    " Start to stop doing what you know to be wrong. Start stopping today. Don’t waste time questioning how you know that what you’re doing is wrong, if you are certain that it is. Inopportune questioning can confuse, without enlightening, as well as deflecting you from action. You can know that something is wrong or right without knowing why. Your entire Being can tell you something that you can neither explain nor articulate. Every person is too complex to know themselves completely, and we all contain wisdom that we cannot comprehend. " Jordan Peterson
  7. Stick around you'll be fine man!
  8. This is a post containing a collection of mterials that is sure to raise the heartrate of pretty much any occultist who tends to spend considerable time skimming intriguing titles(perhaps more than actual reading, and practicing!). Some consider it absurd, but Aren't the Christmas gifts there to spoil us a little?
  9. Let's Scry!

    Very interesting thread. Scrying is something that I intended to get into for some years, have really good books on it, but so far I could not find that good of a reason to practice it. I've done it with a candle once. With almost closed eyelids I was seeing an amazing dance of living sparks stretching and bending in all directions. But you're saying it can translate into "reading" people and events more deeply?
  10. What are you listening to?

    is there something wrong with me or has the notification sound changed to an oldschool synthwave beep? LOL
  11. Well, you know much of these kind of problems are very common for young dudes. It really helps if you talk totally openly with your buddies about it. Chances are, they are/were going thru the same thing, and can offer some good tips. And because you can see how much it really helped them, you'll have a much more vivid expectation toward it. And because qigong effects on you are usually super subtle, and also because you don't really know who are you talking with here on the netz, you can spend a lot of time just being lost in the dark. Only if there is a daily qigong routine that you do not have a problem maintaining(not so easy to find one), then I'd say try it for few months. Personally, I'd just go to an acupuncturist, helped me a great deal.
  12. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    Kindness, compassion, presence, understanding - these are the pillars of spirituality.
  13. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    "Balance and patience - never ending patience - this seemingly slow route is the most expedient route. The seemingly fastest routes are always the slowest." Yoda Spotless
  14. Holotropic breathing

    Oh I only know it in most vague way. Breathe fast and shallow, till you get sort of lightheaded. Then continue for as long as possible