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  1. What do you sleep on?

    Those cost a fortune haha
  2. What do you sleep on?

    I resurrect you, thread I have a really nice mattress, but whenever I sleep on ones that are even more firm I need noticeably less time for my limbs to feel ''fresh''. So does anyone know a good way to harden a mattress? Once I heard about putting birch twigs on top inside the cover, or a coconut fiber mat. Will it do the trick?
  3. Financial tips for the bums

    it's cool that two guys they're sitting on exercise balls
  4. Are hot soups the best meal to have to build Qi?

    Wooow that looks super tasty and easy. Doing that tomorrow! Except I don't have dates and I don't think I'll find that root anywhere near me, so parsnip has to suffice lol.
  5. How does Qigong actually work?

    Oh my God this is sick! I'll be digging this. Any specific issue that you had in mind? Thank you windwalker! I really appreciate it.
  6. How does Qigong actually work?

    Thank you idquest, and everybody. Ok so I was aware BDJ works with fascia and so on... I just still don't know what does it exactly change inside of the tissues. And why for example it is said that Drawing the Bow to Shoot the Eagle is good for spleen and kidneys, and why you have to point your index finger up for it to work. Kinda like a switch? The same with other movements, why Sway the Head and Shake the Tail is good for the heart? And how was it discovered? How was it designed? By Dao Yin you mean the Yi Jin Jing exercises? or something else? Speaking of yoga, how many incorporate it in their routines? How many of you do both qigong and yoga?
  7. Well anyone who has practiced qigong regularly for some time can say that it does indeed 'improve' you in one way or another. For the longest time, I have been wondering: Is there a way to accurately, scientifically describe how qigong exercises work on a physical level? I'm just simply not satisfied at all with explanations such as "it promotes chi flow", "it removes blockages", and even all the talk about meridians and channels. The Root of Chinese Chi-Kung has failed me. Yes, I guess I have to admit I'm asking for a western scientific explanation of things, so any studies would be welcome, as well as just your common sense understanding. In other words: 1. What makes movements of Ba Duan Jin(as an example) so special and different than, I don't know, aerobics for seniors? Why those particular movements? 2. Since there are thousands of qigong forms, and even Ba Duan Jin has so many variations and styles, wouldn't it be possible to easily come up with your own, spontaneous forms, for all these systems probably utilize virtually every imaginable motion of the human body? Also what's the point of stressing details so much if the variation next to previous one looks different anyway? 3. What exactly happens to your muscles, tendons and organs, apart form better blood circulation? I'd appreciate serious answers, thank you :-)
  8. Group Guided Meditation Practice

    I just did it too. Generated just the right amount of gratitude and calmness, moved my imagination into familiar world of fantasy. The stars were pretty indeed. After leaf 86 I drifted into thoughts of loved ones and warmth of human company. I wish everyone to experience these good feelings as much as possible throughout 2018 :D. Thanks ML
  9. Demineralized teeth

    I'd like to jump in an throw a word of caution. I did both of these things only not one after the other. The olive oil/grapefruit juice flush didn't do me anything except excruciating pain and nausea the morning after. No stones in toilet no nothing. Fasting is cool but in retrospect it seems to mostly deal with mental "toxins" after all. IME of course. YMMV but if you're slim, or especially if you do not have much muscle mass, it might be unpleasant to the point of not being worth the result. Still cool experiment, I did it at the beginning of the January too :).
  10. Demineralized teeth

    Well thank you, that's some awesome advice Wells! I know exactly what water you're speaking of. I went down and bought a 10L pack right away LOL. I was also considering supplementing calcium in tablets since apparently 3kg of yoghurt a week and tons of kale aren't enough! But we'll see. I am surprised that xylitol has such a property, I think I read somewhere it is helpful in quitting sugar and only in that way was beneficial, but I guess there's more to it. Would consuming it instead of spitting out be a problem though? I am using it to do just that, limit white sugar intake. Cheers.
  11. Demineralized teeth

    Has anybody got a good advice on how to remineralize teeth? I've had pretty healthy teeth before I started eating copious amounts of fruit and generally went vegan for a while. Some of my teeth started developing great sensitivity to extreme temperatures, and two of them are also very sensitive to touch. I've had this problem for a year now... Dentist said it's decalsification. but offered no help... Any advice fellas? Thanks
  12. Taiji Master fighting MMA guy

    Does anyone know the music from that video?
  13. Is enlightenment really desirable?

    This should be a quote somewhere.
  14. Zhan Zhuang Healing

    My experience after a year of standing(arms always droped like a rag doll) is that now I can stand easily for 10 minutes, and before I couldn't. LOL And let's just say I'm more aware of how my weight is distributed on my feet. So as long as I keep my inner arcs of the feet from collapsing I get to perform other activities without that much stress to the knees. Which I guess was my goal(?). I regard it primerly as a posture developing exercise. Healing? Well it calmed my mind enough to be able to find healing elsewere. BTW at the end of his I chuan DVD series, BK Frantzis says(with a grain of salt) you CAN learn this stuff, if you are diligant and take it slowly.
  15. Taoist Meditation

    There's a book by Thomas Cleary called Taoist Meditation which Im yet to read. But it's probably conserned with what is considered "classic" daoist meditation. From my poor understanding it is in a nutshell akin to Vipassana... At least from what BK Frantzis seems to be teaching. Going inside your body and observing 4 different qualities: 1. Tension. 2. Strength(stress). 3. Contraction. Forgot the last one. Focus and let them dissolve in time. Cheers.