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  1. Hey I am wondering if anyone has recommendation on a good Dao related audiobook. I liked the book Chronicles of Tao, though it is not on an audiobook that I am aware of. I am searching for someting new.
  2. I learned humans bodies are truly only designed to eat fruit, flowers, nuts, seeds, and herbs... **note: I don't care to "convert" anyone's dietary life or anything, this is simply my experience and innerstanding of it all... Tho, I grew up with the S.A.D. (standard american diet) eating meats, processed foods, dairy - you name it. I slowly became aware through the years of health & our biological requirements, what dis-eases really are, etc. I began to transition to vegetarianism, then to veganism, and now to raw vegan Not for longevity or even to feel good (tho, those would be included). It was to expand my awareness of All That Is... and it has been working. I no longer have anxiety, and I have way more energy now, and am more clear minded. I aim to be frugivore at some point and see what it's like (I heard for some, they really get into the astral realms and have to start eating vegetables again to ground themselves if they have to deal with other people). Anyway, thought I would share my experience for anyone interested in this. When the body is purified, energy can flow w/o obstruction (qi/chi/prana/etc.), the mind is less taxed, the emotions are more clear, etc. Everything is connected... so it was logical for me to start cleaning up my physical vessel. I have been taking a class for a certification at the International School of Detoxification (taught primarily by Robert Morse). If anything I said, you vibe with, then I recommend checking out some of his videos on youtube. Namaste, my friends
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    Neat! Thank you
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    That's a good point. I have read some the Gospel of Thomas... tho I haven't dived into the gospels much in general... Have you read the Dead Sea Scrolls or heard of them?
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    Thanks for sharing your point of view! I feel some of the messages in the bible are direct as those are.. those I have found there to be many embedded messages, or symbolism that tells deeper stores. I haven't studied it that much yet though.
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    I probably would like this book, thanks! I actually was in India for about three months last year, and considered traveling to Nepal to renew my visa, then ended up going back to the states instead. Will be interested to read the way the author describes the travels in those areas.
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    Thanks, I haven't heard of either of those books. I will order that 2nd one you mentioned off ebay and give it a read. Interesting & valid point about literary constructs. Would you say the christian bible would fall into the a similar category as the "Surfing the Himalayas" book?
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    I have read Autobiography of a Yogi, that one is a really good one too (I forgot to add it). I have not heard of the Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master book, tho I plan to order it now. Even the title itself sound promising. I have a book called Opening the Dragon's Gate, tho I still have not read it yet. I would like to read it next. I didn't even know what the book would encompass, tho I have been interested/fascinated with alchemy, so when you mention that it involves Neidan, now I'm looking forward even more to reading it! I really appreciate the suggestions!
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    The Chronicles of Tao & Fourth Uncle in the Mountain are my 2 favorites of those that I listed. Yes, the Yellow Dragon Kung Fu ("Huang Long"), originated from China, it was introduced into Peru from Chinese immigrants in beginning of 20th centruy. I'm not sure on exact details, tho I discovered a club for it on my campus (Purdue University) taught by an instructor from Ukraine (he lived in China for 10 years studying it). They have a little website for it if you want to check it out. (Here's the website link: https://web.ics.purdue.edu/~ydragon/history_en.html )
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    Thank you!! Awesome that you have read that book as well. I would absolutely appreciate any other reading recommendations that come to mind. (p.s. I hope this is the correct way to reply to a message --by clicking "quote" then responding)
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    Namaste friends, I have had this site bookmarked for a couple years and come here sometimes to read, tho recently had the urge to be more involved, so I made my account and am making this post now in the Newcomer section. What got me into Taoism was my instructor for Yellow Dragon Kung fu, he recommended some books on Taoist philosophy, and from there I had read more books and resonated with their content. Some of the books I like are the following: The Chronicles of Tao 365 Tao Fourth Uncle in the Mountain Bones of the Master Enter Mo Pai etc. Some of these books may not fall into the strict genre of Taoism (tho technically we can say everything falls into Taoism...) I got similar stories and vibes from all of these books, however. I look forward to discussing these subjects with all of you! Eternal Love & Light, Arya