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  1. Philosopher's Stone?

    Ending off where u start is center or Zhong. Center is represented by earth. A stone is earth and thus has golden earth energy.
  2. Philosopher's Stone?

    Dragons chase pearls and the pearl is wisdom. Mountains represent wisdom as they are "earth going to heaven" Earth is yellow mountain according feng shui is in the house of earth and shares the same color. Mountains can be considered earth dragons. In alchemy also referred as the dragons pearl of the golden earth pill.
  3. Emitting light in Shaolin practices

    Pyramidalcow, Mudfoot was quoting me. All authentic practices let one emit light at some point. Shaolin was a full on buddhist temple they had tummo methods and so forth. There are also records of kung fu masters reaching rainbow body they were known as the Wu Dragons. All of nature has a golden aura. For earth is the balance of yin and yang where this balance can thrive. Infact this is why the Tibetan Gelugpa Buddhist (yellow hat) wear yellow hats to represent the energy of the earth.
  4. Emitting light in Shaolin practices

    It means more than one thing....but in my practice its visible. Im not guessing I have the practice...
  5. Emitting light in Shaolin practices

    Yes to both. But for the horse stance it has to be done at a certain height so it correlates to earth chi. A low horse stance correlates to fire energy and a high horse stance correlates to water energy. Horse stance from lowest to highest fire element (lowest) metal element earth element heaven element water element (highest almost standing) The golden energy is more euphoric than blissful.
  6. Emitting light in Shaolin practices

    No no its fine I dont mind talking to some extent about it. Actually all authentic neigong practices should have the practitioner emitting light at some point. My practice is buddhist and came from shaolin it was brought to shaolin so the monks could protect and they turned it into internal kung fu. This practice lets one emit gold light as internal power. Its not a by product of the training its what you are literally cultivating. This practice in time will natrually create a halo around the practitioner;s head. This represents attaining the golden lotus. This golden energy is the perfect combination of yin and yang it is the core vibration and it represented by earth. It's direction is center when you cultivate this energy is goes right to the ldt. Infact just being on the earth strengthens and charges your golden energy. Some kung fu practitioners refer to it as the buddhas palm and so forth but it actually goes by another name but yes this alchemy was "weaponized". Shaolin is very powerful. So I like gengmenpai and all of that but shaolin has much more powerful and rare stuff.
  7. Emitting light in Shaolin practices

    My point in posting the above comment that you quoted me from is that there very powerful sects and rare practices out there other than mopai and it is for this reason that one should find a teacher.
  8. Yin Through Synthetic Material - Yes or No?

    The revelation of Chang Zhang Feng was thus. That earth energy becomes metal and metal energy comes up from the earth and manifests as a mist which become white clouds. These white clouds become charged by heaven/sky chi. These clouds turn black(water) and come this water comes to earth as rain as rain has a higher concentrate of heaven/sky chi. This rain water first hits mountain which is earth this type of chi coming to earth causes thunder. Thunder ignites the fire which goes back to earth. I could go on and on about this. Water moved in the pattern of earth..... Was his take on ru lai buddha's teachings...
  9. Yin Through Synthetic Material - Yes or No?

    Earth is very important is more than just yin just as heaven is more than yang. Earth is yin because it supports all buts it's actually the all the perfect combination of yin and yang. An is represented by gold. This is one of the many revelations of ru lai buddha. It is all Zhongyang (center) for center is the middle for it is neither yin or yang. Just as heaven tiankong relates to the sky this also has a connection to mingkun as when we are young we have a higher amount of sky/heaven chi in us and lost that as we get older. This heaven chi qi comes into us via the mingmen as heaven decides destiny... Earth according to the wuxing is literay the balance of yin and yang and is represented by the yin yang symbol. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wu_Xing
  10. mopai

    What and the shaolin monk at shaolin temple wasnt ! god ur funny...
  11. mopai

    This is why you need a master. Otherwise you will never really learn. This thread was started because someone thought they were making progress but actually had qi deviation. Yes mopai is powerful but so are other sects. This is why I say find a real teacher. Or you could spend years of your life under a misunderstanding..... It takes years to attain something and even longer to actually understand it. So how can one mix and match arts together that are very deep if one hasnt mastered it truly and if the art is authentic and real why mix it and if it wasnt real why add it to the mix in the first place..... There are powerful sects out there whether they be buddhist or taoist or so forth.
  12. mopai

    Yeah he did I skyped with him almost every night for a while. He helped my ldt alot.
  13. The Energy Cultivator's Handbook

    Yes me too. My teacher was raised in hong kong and trained from a very young age by his father and grand father. My sifu attained the inner thunder zhen qi in his dantian when he was 7yrs old!!!
  14. The Energy Cultivator's Handbook

    Ah good. Knowledge is much but to understand the essence or the marrow of it is much harder. All one needs is one good art and for the master t be honest with them.