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Found 3 results

  1. Riding the Phoenix to Penglai by Jill Gonet

    Hello I am a Qigong practitioner. I have many interest, some of which are listed in the tags to this post. I am very happy to be on Tao Bums website. I have been reading posts here for about three and one half years searching for like minded people to have conversations with related to experiences practicing qigong. I have had many wonderful experiences practicing. I am looking forward to many joyous exchanges with members of this forum.
  2. After finally coming back around to Taoism, the teachings and thought of which I internalized along time ago (mostly unconscious, I'm not trying to say I fully grasped them back then), I'm interested in cultivation techniques. Now this isn't one of those "where do I get started" threads. I believe I had already started before I came to this forum, so this is more of a "have I really started and what do I need to look out for and refine my practice?" I began using Osho's book the Secret of Secrets, which discusses the methods of the SotG and Osho's concepts. The line in the title best captures the technique, and I want to see if the translation is doing it justice or how it compares to other methods of Nei Gong/Dan. It has an emphasis on simplicity, and that the mind simply wants to make things more complicated but sitting silently doing nothing is really all that is required in the end. To this effect I had no idea about the concepts of Nei Gong, Jing->Qi->Shen alchemy, LDT, MCO or any of that. The 'backwards flowing method' is the closest it comes to describing the internal alchemy. I begin by sitting on a yoga block in a comfortable cross legged posture with spine erect, closing the eyes half way and focusing on the tip of the nose. I do this after 20 minutes of visuzalizing golden light coming through on the in breath, and yin qi coming up from feet to head on the out breath. First I press the thumb against each of the fingers to open up the meridians, I do this on the exhale for about 5 minutes. Then I simply fold my hands in a buddhist mudra of balance(right hand laying on left thumbs connecting) and watch my breathing. Not focusing on breathing in and out slowly, but simply being aware of it and watch as it calms naturally and slows. Then move into stillness and no thought for as long as I can maintain (usually 30+ minutes these days, not continous but I mean thats how long this practice goes). Now I want to do this method for 3 months if its remotely close to Taoist cultivation that this forum is familiar with before I begin to add on and look for a Nei Gong teacher around or order a book to being working that way. Thoughts? Advice? Questions?