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  1. Filling up the lower Dan Tien- How and Why

    I'd like to pose a question about solo practice, Feel this is good thread to add to. While cultivating sexual energy, you find you ejaculate. What practices (if any) do you do in the next day or two afterwards? Do you continue as normal? Do you modify your regular practice? Do you stop all together? Do you have seperate practice entirely? I'm sure many people would be interested to hear Forum Members opinions/advice on this subject. Thanks, Thrice Daily
  2. 50 days in, good time to say hello

    Hi There People, Having been reading from this site now for around 5 years. I'm 50 days into my first 100 days retention so this is kind of a half way mark celebration post. Feeling stronger, although the last few days my daily physical practices have fallen somewhat. I've been practicing Qi Gong for around 7 years now, some Mantak Chia, Bruce Franzis and various Brocades from around the way. I do tendon changing practices and also Shibashi 18 movements at night. A meditation session and daily stretching of some description is also a very welcome edition. I recently watched some great movies that were reccommended in a post on here, Taoist Movies I find it good to stimulate the mind with this and that and a little reading. Although as time goes by, less intensity and wants in practice seem to give way to more consistant results. Recently I've been experimenting with diet, meditation and exercise, generally adhering to 3 solid sessions per day. Many times an interesting talking point will come up, look forward to sgaring and reading more soon. Bye for now, Tao Brothers & Sisters, Thrice Daily "Nothing beats Soup before bed in the Nothern Hemisphere. Except maybe soup with Fresh Chilli, Garlic and Ginger."