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  1. Recommend a shaktipat?

    I'm interested in the idea of shaktipat, and I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a teacher or school that offers this transmission? As far as I understand, shaktipat can be transmitted and received from a distance, over the phone, online, etc. It seems rare to find teachers who are the real deal, so if anyone knows of one, or of a school that can foster a safe kundalini awakening, please to recommend them here! Metta, thank you.
  2. True Fearlessness

    Hello all, I am wondering, how does one become truly fearless? Are there set practices or meditation techniques that will completely take away fear, so that one is no longer capable of experiencing what fear feels like? Can the practice of metta, loving-kindness and compassion, lead to fearlessness? Along the lines of the idea that "there is no fear in love, perfect love drives out fear"? Does koan practice lead to fearlessness? Experiencing the jhanas lead to fearlessness? Zhan zhuang practice lead to fearlessness? Finally, are there drugs or psychedelics known to eradicate fear from an individual?
  3. Meditation On Pleasure?

    Hello all, Is there such a thing as a meditation on pleasure? Cultivating a feeling of inner joy, mirth, happiness, laughter, love, etc.? That feeling when you are brimming with joy and feel like laughing? I've read that the jhanas (certain definitions of them, anyway) include a focus on a feeling of pleasure as an access point. I also read one time about a master leading his monks to samadhi through laughter. But I'm wondering if there is a meditation designed specifically to cultivate pleasure as a starting point, starting by cultivating pleasure, or purposefully generating that feeling of joy. As opposed to waiting for it to occur naturally. To become suffused with joy, a phrase I've heard. I guess one idea is to recall a memory of mirth or laughter, something funny that happened and let that build, part of a feedback loop in the brain. Or starting with a smile or laughing, and focusing on the pleasure of that sensation, to become brimming with joy. Having done some searching, I came across writing about the Laughing Buddha, Hotei. http://discovermeditation.com/515/blog/meditation-news/hotei-the-laughing-buddha/
  4. Ways to Increase Charisma?

    I did some searching for the book mentioned by johndoe for Zhan Zhuang. I found this one called The Way of Energy by Lam Kam Chuen. This seems like it will be helpful for the practice, which hopefully increases charisma. Anyone have any other book recommendations for charisma? Or for working on LDT, Pranayama, Heart sex connection, inner smile, or magic?
  5. Ways to Increase Charisma?

    Seth, thank you for the thoughtful reply. Aside from working out, I don't really know how to start working on these things. Do you have any exercises, websites, or books to recommend for working on LDT, Pranayama, Heart sex connection, inner smile, and magic? Anywhere I could go to learn more about them, basically?
  6. Ways to Increase Charisma?

    So basic LDT breathing simply means keeping awareness on the LDT during inhalation, exhalation? Or is there more to it than that?
  7. Ways to Increase Charisma?

    Hello all, Happy to be making my first post on the general forums. I'm interested in learning more about practices that can increase charisma. Any and all suggestions are welcome. Here is my humble understanding. When developed, the energy body radiates from the navel center. The radiation goes out into space in all directions just like a star, and when this happens, the human being becomes charismatic. We refer to celebrities as stars---they are radiant energy stars, charismatic, and we are attracted to them. Their aura is bright, it's a type of light, being lit from within, being able to radiate this energy, and it can even be in the eyes, a glint, gleam, or eyes that smile. For example, Dana Carvey always seems to have this charismatic glint in his eyes. I've read that meditation and qigong can increase charisma, so I'm wondering if anyone here knows of specific practices that will help increase charisma or yield a bright aura. I'm near Chicago in case anyone knows of good teachers/classes in the area. I'd also be interested in books on the subject if anyone has any recommendations. Thanks!
  8. Hello

    Hi, I'm glad to be part of the forums. I'm here to ask a question about qigong and charisma. I'm looking forward to hopefully gaining some insight. Thanks all!