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  1. Non-duality & Meditation

    I am meditation daily, I wake at 5 am , I shake and then meditate, I am 24 female and my cycles are regular. I am doing so well. Then I practice meditation and I see that all is one , that all is simple what is , its hard to describe. Then in the day I keep meditating as I work, walk, group food ( I have garden and make salad bags for my community and sell on a market thats my job) then I meditate at night. It feels like a great shift is happening. I am not sure what this is until I discovered a speaker on youtube called Tony Parsons , then another Called Ella May and yet she is the more clear and she is so filled with what I would called CHI and were is so little of her on youtube. I wish there was more. She is some one I feel is really awakened and full of CHI. A bright soul. one who seems so serene. real. So back to myself. what is happening to me? is this a threshold of soemthing? I am awakening or going to a next level? I've edited years her win Scotland and also in France mountains and then also Peru. Tula