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  1. Internal Iron Body video course

    Is there any good "Internal Iron Body" video course? This by Richard Clear seems very good. Anybody have it and done it?
  2. "Absorbing & Projecting with Hua & Fa Jin" is a DVD.
  3. Does anybody have the "Absorbing & Projecting with Hua & Fa Jin" video by Richard Clear?
  4. Or his "The Yin and Yang of Tai Chi" package? Inside are 3 videos: - Absorbing & Projecting with Hua & Fa Jin - Expanding & Contracting for Power - The Light & Heavy of Tai Chi?
  5. Anybody have "Touch Knockout Package" DVD set by Richard Clear?
  6. Alex Kozma's new book and website

    Anybody have the Ziranmen book by Alex Kozma and would like to sell it to me? Thanks.
  7. Hi! I'm very interested for this set. If anybody can sell it to me, lend it to me or interested to buy it together please contact me. Thanks.
  8. Temple style Taiji Quan

    Anybody ordered the online videos by Waysun Liao? Can they be downloaded?
  9. Master Waysun Liao

    Has anybody the Waysun Liao's DVD set "Taichi and the Martial Arts "? I'm very interested to have it.
  10. Internal Martial Arts & Calistenics

    This Hung Gar form uses the Dynamic Self Resistance or Dynamic Visual Resistance exercise. I like this principles. Some believe (maybe are right) that with this exercises you can train whole body without the needs of weights.
  11. Internal Martial Arts & Calistenics

    However, I don't see Yang Cheng Fu, even Cheng Man Ching, doing Calistenics.
  12. Anybody is combining the IMA practice with the Calistenics? IMHO it could be a great idea. IMA within a strong body sould work even better. Calistenics yes or not? Maybe other exercises to strengthen the body? Opinions?
  13. Hsing-I Mastery Program 4 Tai Chi Mastery Program

    I received the Hsing-I Mastery Program and is excellent! :-)
  14. BK Frantzis - Mastery Program series

    I just ordered the Hsing-I Mastery Program. It has 30 DVDs about the Hsing-I 5 Element Fists and the basic I Chuan standing postures: - Volume 1: San Ti and Pi Chuan - 7 DVD Set - Volume 2: Water Fist (Tsuan Chuan) - 6 DVD Set - Volume 3: Wood Fist (Beng Chuan) - 5 DVD Set - Volume 4: Fire Fist (Pao Chuan) - 4 DVD Set - Volume 5: Earth Fist (Heng Chuan) - 4 DVD Set - I Chuan Standing Postures for Power - 4 DVD Set (BONUS) However the program contain also a donwloadable Online Program. :-) It seems great. Can't wait to receive all the program (DVDs) by mail. :-)