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  1. Dear friends, Here are my experiences so far (only a few months) with master Jiang Yu Shan (Hisham al-Haroun). 1) He has really good information for free on youtube. 2) He has partnered up with VahvaFitness and gives incredible information if you pay for his programs. They're all video programs, talks and follow along practices. 3) Some highlights about the info he covers I really enjoyed: a) semen retention and transforming semen b ) how to look after your penis and testicles during prolonged semen retention and celibacy c) how to create the lower dan tien d) how to tie your legs & feet plus arms & hands together with your dan tien 4) My own personal experiences doing his exercises so far: a) every single qigong book I've ever read always talks about breathing with the abdomen, and how correct breathing is the foundation for EVERYTHING in qigong. This is something I've read and practiced for practically decades, and I felt like I had it down. However... How Jiang Yu Shan teaches correct breathing is COMPLETELY different from anything I've ever seen or experienced in all my years of meditation, breathing exercises and qigong. Using his method for activating the diaphragm, I was completely flabbergasted to discover I use only about 10% of the front part of my diaphragm when breathing.. EVEN when deeply focused on abdominal breathing. After using his method of breathing, I can now feel even by lower back expanding when doing his diaphragmatic breathing. Even after having practiced several weeks, if I don't do the exercises diligently everyday, my diaphragm immediately goes back to its old ways. This is something that has completely revolutionized my qigong. It's literally the first and most basic thing for acquiring energy: breathing. It's there in every single book. However, here you learn an extremely easy and simple method to physically activate and strengthen your entire diaphragm. I am still continously working on the breathing. b ) his method of standing meditation for firstly creating the lower dan tien, and then opening the microcosmic orbit is brilliant. It's easy, it's simple, and IT WORKS! I've tried everything for many, many years, and I do feel like my channels are open and I can circulate qi throughout the microcosmic orbit using postures, breathing, mantras, mudras and visualisations. However, the dan tien forming and microcosmic opening standing meditation of Jiang Yu Shan is fundamentally different. It's PHYSICAL. You can feel it happening and taking place in your PHYSICAL body. The other methods I've used, I can feel the vibrating, pulsating electricity and heat circulating. However, with his method I start feeling my physical spine, my tailbone, midback, neck, everything is PHYSICALLY opening alongside the energy. This I feel to be extremely, extremely powerful. 5) To round of this post: So far I've only practiced his systems for a teeny tiny bit, a few months. This was simply an experiment to try something completely new. However, I'm very positively surprised, and would definitively recommend it. His knowledge of the physical aspects, the fighting aspects, the qi and breathing aspects, the herbs, semen retention, tea, using external tools for healing and qigong (e.g. bricks, chop sticks, beaters etc) are phenomenal. If you want to experience your physical body change in ways there can be NO DOUBT about, I recommend checking him out!