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  1. This series of courses are based on Agrippa's 3 books of occult philosophy. totally recommend.

    HELLO!! Been awhile since I have been on here. So,I took this course couple of months ago and I must say its totally incredible. im open to trades/exchanges whatever. just inbox me
  3. BKF's Old Yang and gods playing in clouds

    Quite simple Emera, Your assumption is that I know less about that than you do :-D Oh boy! after awhile now in the Ordo Aurum Solis ,being member to a local coven not to mention the numerous online courses on sorcery that I've taken, I'd say I got enough on my plate already brother. @mudfoot You can always PM Me
  4. BKF's Old Yang and gods playing in clouds

    Not interesting enough unfortunately
  5. I have these two . Looking to trade them for something of equal worth
  6. Strategic Sorcery Course

    Its a year long correspondence course in magick.. IMO one of the very best.52 lessons delivered weekly via email plus global rites.... together with rufus opus' courses you get a bbelt
  7. Strategic Sorcery Course

    finally got it
  8. BKF'S BMP for TMP

    I got his i-chuan and hsing i vids too. To trade for either TMP or mr lomax's vids. Pm if interested
  9. BKF'S BMP for TMP ;-)
  10. BKF'S BMP for TMP

    so , I got the complete BMP in digital format and i'd like to trade it for TMP. Anyone?
  11. Question about sex practices.

    STG, How then should we practice seminal retention correctly?