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  1. This series of courses are based on Agrippa's 3 books of occult philosophy. totally recommend.
  2. Question about sex practices.

    STG, How then should we practice seminal retention correctly?
  3. The best brainwave entraintment (plus hypnosis) I've ever come across is steve g. Jones 5 diamond astral projection hypnosis cd .costs lrke 300 bucks :-D .. But you can get them free if you know where to look there's also an old robert bruce course produced by soundstrue (not mastering a.p) that's really good
  4. Strategic Sorcery Course

    I have all his books including his latest.just that I wanted reviews of his main course
  5. Favourite Hermetic & Occult Books

    Also I switched the archangel positions of the LBRP to reflect that system (mike-east fire,raph_west air,uriel_south earth,gabriel_north water) and something just clicked into place
  6. Strategic Sorcery Course

    But of course .. Hadn't come across that post. ..
  7. Favourite Hermetic & Occult Books

    Ok.thats real wide. Well It changed my world view and opened access to beings who were so excited that I finally got around to them.also brought up alot of negative stuff I'd been ignoring and I had to deal with them. . Shook up my life to a degree. When I finally got to the genius ,I got my strength renewed.
  8. Strategic Sorcery Course

    Are you sure we on the same page? This is what I'm referring to
  9. Favourite Hermetic & Occult Books

    Good to see ya round these parts gozer ... I cant believe none has made mention of rufus opus' red work course. everything from him is super amazing. Currently working my way through the white work..
  10. Planning on taking this course .graduates of the course ,how's it .is it worth the time and dough .T.I.A
  11. Primordial Qigong

    Wonder why they keep altering forms.same teacher,each his own way.,WISH THEY WOULD TEACH IT THE WAY ZHU HUI DID.rubbo seems very close though
  12. Celibacy and sexual energy

    Drew Is onto,how exactly do you suck female sex energy