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  1. BKF's Old Yang and gods playing in clouds

    Quite simple Emera, Your assumption is that I know less about that than you do :-D Oh boy! after awhile now in the Ordo Aurum Solis ,being member to a local coven not to mention the numerous online courses on sorcery that I've taken, I'd say I got enough on my plate already brother. @mudfoot You can always PM Me
  2. BKF's Old Yang and gods playing in clouds

    Not interesting enough unfortunately
  3. I have these two . Looking to trade them for something of equal worth
  4. Strategic Sorcery Course

    Its a year long correspondence course in magick.. IMO one of the very best.52 lessons delivered weekly via email plus global rites.... together with rufus opus' courses you get a bbelt
  5. Strategic Sorcery Course

    finally got it
  6. BKF'S BMP for TMP

    I got his i-chuan and hsing i vids too. To trade for either TMP or mr lomax's vids. Pm if interested
  7. BKF'S BMP for TMP ;-)
  8. BKF'S BMP for TMP

    so , I got the complete BMP in digital format and i'd like to trade it for TMP. Anyone?
  9. Question about sex practices.

    STG, How then should we practice seminal retention correctly?
  10. The best brainwave entraintment (plus hypnosis) I've ever come across is steve g. Jones 5 diamond astral projection hypnosis cd .costs lrke 300 bucks :-D .. But you can get them free if you know where to look there's also an old robert bruce course produced by soundstrue (not mastering a.p) that's really good
  11. Strategic Sorcery Course

    I have all his books including his latest.just that I wanted reviews of his main course