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Found 4 results

  1. Condensing Chi

    Questions about the effects of condensing your chi abound. Has anyone out there experienced a feeling of internal springyness? I have the feeling I should have waited until I was more relaxed mentally and physically before screwing around with this, but now it's too late. Hopefully this energy will become condensed into my bones and I'll feel somewhat normal again. Any thoughts on this?
  2. The process of Taoist Alchemy as described by Waysun Liao's student and front man of the spiritual "new school way" of Temple Style Taichi, Master Gregory James. He posted this essay in his forum publically in 2011 and I think it's precious knowledge that everybody should have! Enjoy!
  3. Waysun Liao DVD guide.

    Hi fellow Bums. I Have Master Waysun Liao's books and I love them. I am wishing to start purchasing DVDs but due to the sheer number and the price, I was wondering if anyone would recommend which ones are of particular value? And in what order would you consider valuable? Also please tell me if there are doozy ones, that double up on material already gained elsewhere or that teach material that is better taught elsewhere? My aim is learn the Temple style form, any necessary chi and breath stuff, and have a strong enough foundation for later learning the advanced spiritual stuff. Please share. And thank you. Seth.
  4. Classics

    Hi, I've bought this book: at a local bookstore. In it it states that some of the practices should be guided by a professional teacher. I've started them on my own, and kinda feel different. One practice involves circulating one's chi through the spinal column and rotating it around the lower tan'tien. Another practice involves creating jing through pulsating breathes through one's bone marrow. Luckily the Author is about an hour from where I live, and while, I have yet to make the drive, I wonder if I am 'ok' on my own?