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Found 5 results

  1. Distance view

    So I was wondering is it possible to see someone s qi aura and his qi in medirians and check how your progress go and if you are doing mistakes or have blockages in your training all from a distance via video chat or tho ????
  2. The Art of Song 鬆

    After reading through Nathan Brine's wonderful book (The Taoist Alchemy of Wang Liping, vol. 1) depicting the practices and overall line of development within the Dragon Gate sect, Nathan puts out a wonderful reminder. To truly build the foundation for neidan, one needs to learn how to relax and in particular learn the art of Song 鬆 . In WLP's lineage the art of Song is explored through methods such as pore breathing, body squeeze and the nine basic foundational techniques. From Nathan, I can understand there is a big difference between Song and flexibility. One can be completely flexible, yet not be Song 鬆. This is important to remember, I feel. I personally have been exploring Song through the practice of "anchoring the breath" as described by Damo Mitchell in his online Microcosmic Orbit course along with some of the practical teachings (pore breathing, from Wang Liping (viz. Nathan Brine). I also try to incorporate the principles into my standing work, though this is proving more difficult than I thought as it usually ends up with me spiralling into sponteanous postures rather than sinking the Qi and rooting and anchoring more deeply. I thought this would be a nice topic to explore together. I am sure it has been mentioned before, but it could be nice to have a thread directly dedicated to this aspect of internal training. So, what methods or ways have or are you working on Song or sinking in your practice? What does it feel like when it's working for you -- how about when it's not? What is important to keep in mind when learning this process?
  3. Secrets of the Pelvis for Martial Arts: A Practical Guide for Improving Your Wujifa, Taiji, Xingyi, Bagua and Everyday Life, by Michael Buhr. This book looks really interesting, pretty good reviews on Amazon. Anybody read it and/or know the author? Buhr also has a blog at I REALLY liked his most recent post. Gonna have to delve further.
  4. Hello all, i too am new to this site.. Ive been hoping to learn and practice as much about developing and using my internal chi energies, or Nei Kung as ive heard its called.. The only problem however is that there are alot of people out in this world who will give false teachings/training that will get you nowhere.. As much information and help with a newbie like me would be most appreciated.. I would like to get started as soon as possible!! Just need to know the correct and true authentic, proven ways though.. Ive read that meditation is the main way and there are specific techniques and exercises that produce certain results. I would like to mainly learn how to awaken and develop my yin and yang chi's to be a stronger person all around. Only allowed practices though please. I dont want to dis-respect anyone or their closed door traditions by practicing there techniques if im not allowed to. Thanks!!