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  1. Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce

    Hello, Chang thanks for your reply I believe he has the best methods for astral travel that I have yet to have come across however what do you mean by this "I do feel however that, like so many others, he has lost his way when wandering into the fields of astral travel and psychic self defence. If that is your thing then well and good but if you take a look at some of his recent offerings on YouTube then you may hear the ringing of warning bells."
  2. Hello Does anyone practice Roberts Bruce methods from Astral Dynamics?
  3. Hello Are there any practicioners of The Temple Style Tai Chi Tao taught by Grand Master Waysun Liao?
  4. Cooking Chi or Jing

    Even though I practice Chi Gong and Nei Gong i am not sure what cooking Jing or Chi means. Is it just the condensing breathing?
  5. Hello Fellow Tao Bums

    Hello Fellow Tao Brothers, I am new to this site. I am here to gain better Understanding in the Internal Arts, I currently practice Tidal Wave Chi Gong and Mind Light Nei Gong from Gary J Clyman's system. But i want to expand my horizons and awareness of other systems out there. Feel free to ask me anything about my experiences and practices. -RaZr
  6. Hello there I just discovered this site in search for knowledge and like minded people in the way of the Tao. I am glad to be here and look foward to speaking with you people. I am currently practicing Chi Kung and want to pursue in Nei Kung and Tai Chi. I want to learn every technique and aspect that goes with these styles like Fah jing to name one. If anyone has questions on Chi Kung i will be happy to assist you in it. Again glad to have discovered this site. Razr