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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'm new here and also relatively new to the Daoist arts, although I have read quite a bit already. I would like your opinions on the Xingyi and Bagua abilities of a teacher (pretty much the only teacher nearby) I found. Here are a couple of videos: I'm mainly interested in learning Bagua, but I'm not sure if it is worth the time and money investment to learn from him (or alternatively just focus on Xingyi and/or learn from vidoes). He seems to teach Xingyi and Taiji mainly and those seem pretty legit. But I'd be grateful for any input from those more experienced in these arts! Thanks!
  2. The Tao Applied

    Hello Everyone, I am Sifu Eric Randolph I'm so overjoyed to be here. I am a Master of TaijiQuan, I've studied over 33 years the mystic and practical traditions of qigong, martial arts and meditation. I've studied Yangstyle Taijiquan for combat over 27yrs now. My specialty is helping others to obtain the practical high level proficiency needed to use taijiqian in any way shape or form they need it to manifest within their lifestyles. Being an avid and very strict practitioner of one style of internal martial arts has given me a very eclectic and versatile way of looking at every technique within my given style and I really hope to share everything Ive learned with everyone. love and peace Sifu
  3. Hello everyone, Here are the alpha/beta versions of our xingyibaguazhang distance learning course. I hope you enjoy the videos. Matthew Parsons, Water and Will Blog - Xingyi Bagua Online
  4. Hello Dao Bums, My sifu and I are starting a distance learning program for Kenny Gong's xingyibagua. We have in-person practice here in the Southwest USA but would like this art to be available to the world. For some reason most of the senior practitioners in our style have little interest in perpetuating the art and spreading it to a wider audience. Expect in the next month some significant additions to our site and YouTube channel. For now I would like some information from my fellow Bums about your feelings on distance learning.
  5. Hey guys my xingyibagua sifu is wanting to do some seminars in the near future. What focus would you like to see? What kind of venue would you prefer? I'm probably going to have to organize all of this so I'd like input from you guys to see how we should proceed.
  6. Like to share my current experience with this so far. Have been taking lessons for 4 weeks, plus practising at home. This for sure gives you a good leg workout, on the physical side. After each lesson I do have a lot more swagger in my walk and sense of freedom of movement, like if I wanted to do some free running. But my emotional level feels strange. I've always had a feeling of being invisible to the world, people and especially women. Now I am not expecting that after a few lessons that I will have a magnetic personality alluring energy , but I though I might start feeling slightly better. Instead this feeling of being invisible feels more validated. Feel disconnected with everyone, can sense their connections with each other but not me, but at the same a sense of freedom. Maybe xingyi is turning my into a ninja, confidently move past people with being noticed. I don't know, is this normal?
  7. Learning of Hebei Xingyi quan in London. Enrolment in a group to study Hebei Xingyi quan. Hard training, only for men!* All trainings are held outdoors in any weather. The study program of Xingyi quan is following: 1. Santi shi (inner work including: 5 small bows, 5 middle bows, 1 large bow, 5 inner intentions, etc.) 2. Basic methods (Ji ben gong) 3. Five Fists (Wu xing quan - 五行拳) 4. Five phase linking form (Wu xing lian huan quan - 五行连环拳) 5. Eight Forms Boxing (Ba Shi Quan - 八势拳) 6. Twelve Animals (Shi Er Xing Quan - 十二形) 7. etc. To find out the details, send a private message. *95% of women cannot train on this hard lessons. There are usual lessons, which everyone can attend. P.S. The advert does not exclude women specifically, as it does not state that women cannot attend. All women willing to train hard during these classes are welcome.