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  1. As if that's an easy task to do I'll stick to my books in the mean time.
  2. Hi @astralc, I read something similar somewhere: one has to have their lower dan tien full of energy in order to facilitate an out-of-body experience... Easy to say but, how to know one is practicing the wrong way? What's your opinion on Robert Bruce's books on this matter?
  3. Hi @lifeforce Can you expand on how they helped you?
  4. How do you experience your energy body?

    Hi @astralc, I'm interested in these dan tien meditations. Does one need to do some previous qigong exercise? You mention some visualization... Some people here seem to be against any sort of visualization. What do you think about that?
  5. Questions to Spring Forest Qigong students

    Hello Aeran, This is from the SFQ website: You talk a lot about energy in the body. Is any one place more important to focus on than others? Traditional Chinese Medicine teaches us there are three major energy centers in the body: the Lower Dantian, Middle Dantian, and Upper Dantian. The Lower Dantian sits behind the navel, almost in the middle of the torso (this varies depending on the size of the body); the Middle Dantian is located in the bottom of the heart area directly in the middle of your chest; (.. Read More) the Upper Dantian is found in the third eye position, which is a couple of inches behind a spot located about one inch above your eyebrows in the middle of your forehead.
  6. Questions to Spring Forest Qigong students

    Hello Chi 2012, Thank you for sharing this post you found on the Learning Strategies SFQ forum; that story clearing this topic up is awesome.
  7. Questions to Spring Forest Qigong students

    Hello Apeiron&Peiron, So there's a current of thought which considers the LDT to be behind the navel?? That's a revelation to me!! Thank you for the link, quite interesting indeed
  8. Questions to Spring Forest Qigong students

    Hello Mudfoot, Yeah, that was my intention when posting this question here on this forum, I thought there would be more SFQ practitioners but I see I was mistaken...
  9. Questions to Spring Forest Qigong students

    Hello chi 2012, Yes, I've also considered that option, but at the beginning I'd like to be as loyal as possible with the teaching in order to get the maximum of them, that's why I'm being so "picky" about it. If I find it very hard to follow, I'll have to go back to normal breathing. Thank you tip and your time in replying
  10. Questions to Spring Forest Qigong students

    Hello Aletheia, Interesting, I'll keep this in mind. Thank you!
  11. Questions to Spring Forest Qigong students

    Hello Sudhamma, The name is not really important for me, but I know where the LDT is supposed to be and Master Chunyi Lin places it behind the navel... And he calls it LDT! So that's why I am a little confused... But any breathing which is not natural, it's forced, right? That is how I find it at the moment, trying to get used to it. Oh, don't worry, the breathing is nasal (through the nose) in SFQ, at least as far as I know in Level 1 Thank you for your posts
  12. Questions to Spring Forest Qigong students

    Hi nyerstudent, Yes, I will end up going back to normal / yogic breathing if I find reverse breathing hard to accomplish; I'm still trying to learn it little by little. Thank you for your good tips and good wishing!
  13. Questions to Spring Forest Qigong students

    Hello OldAngel, You are right; I'll have to stop and learn the different parts of the sequence separately before putting them together. Thank you for the link to the interview with Master Chunyin Lin, I really enjoyed it.
  14. Questions to Spring Forest Qigong students

    I forgot! Thank you for answering anyway!! I thought there were more SFQ practitioners here on this forum...
  15. Questions to Spring Forest Qigong students

    Hello Sudhamma, Yes, I know; I made a mistake typing my post; where I wrote: I should have said: ... why Master Lin locates it behind the navel. Thank you for these guide lines; I think I understand it a bit better, but still I don't find it easy to breathe fully while pulling in the LDT. I'll keep on practicing though.