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Found 4 results

  1. These days I’m reading Born A Healer by Chunyin Lin and I’m feeling more attracted to his teachings so I’ve tried and old video of his SFQ level 1 that I had and I like it a lot, I find it very similar to Robert Peng’s teachings. I would like to give it a try to the 100 days of qigong challenge that he promotes on his website. The thing is that there are 2 points in his teachings that I can’t quite catch yet: 1) The location of the lower dan tien. Any of the SFQ practitioners here on this forum could explain why Marter Lin locates it below the navel? 2) I find it difficult to understand the mechanics of his qigong breathing (some call it here reverse breathing). Master Chunyin Lin explains: “As you breathe in, draw the lower part of your stomach in a little. As you breathe out let your stomach out” Whenever I try it I tend to expand my upper chest when inhaling, when I think it’s the abdomen which has to get expanded … ? In few breathes I end up breathless so, obviously, as I said, I don’t get it Is there any good soul here willing to help me understand these points?
  2. What exactly is a dan tien? I know the three dan tiens are major energy centers in the body (LDT, MDT, and UDT) but physically what are these centers? Are they glands, groups of nerve fibers, etc.? Anyone have a concrete understanding of what it is? The only thing I've been able to find are abstract explanations.
  3. Does anyone have any idea of what it would feel like to tear the lower dan tien? I know most people adhere to the 72 hour (some say one week) rule, because after all no one wants to risk tearing their dan tien but are their any stories of people who have?
  4. Greetings dear ones, I have a question regarding the "cavern under the heart" which is also known as Gao Hung. And this is simple: How to clear it? My most dominant energy center is that of my solar plexus in combination with my navel. It is active very frequently. In the beginning of most meditations, especially in the morning, I feel like my breath is stuck at my navel or inbetween my navel and my solar plexus. With propper breathing and letting go of old thought patterns it slowly releases and everything gets really soft. This hyper-activity is also the reason why I often can not meditate in the morning until late afternoon or best at night. Either it is really My Personal Energy Center that is active all the time or I simply feel the energy centers of everyone around my IN Myself and hence identifying with this feeling all the time. Rather loud neighborhood and family members, cars and so forth. I strive for clarity. I have days like today where I feel like my Chi is stuck at this particular region: Gao Hung, directly below the heart. This is also why I often feel my heart very rarely. Altho I am open towards other people and was honestly told by my master that I already have the majority of beneficial attributes of the heart center integrated in my very being. I am mostly just not feeling my heart and I want to, as a more profound anker-point and compass in my life. With what technique do I clear the Gao Hung, the "cavern under the heart"? Anyones constructive reply is most welcome and very much appreciated. Kind regards.