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Found 2 results

  1. Keeping the Old, receiving the New

    A Christian Daoist asks indulgence for intruding. I have been a follower of the Christ for over 40 years; I never realized how closely the TaoTeChing walks with my traditional beliefs. I must confess right from the start that the reason I have moved from an evangelical point of view to something more flexible. For that reason, I can't subscribe to the idea of Taoist "scripture". Since noone that I've read has been adamant enough to insist that Lao Tzu was under verbal plenary inspiration, I regard the TaoTeChing as a guide, rather than a series of commandments, no matter how subtle those commandments appear (e.g., stanza 27, my own personal favorite).
  2. Can someone give me a breakdown of this mantra. It is From kashmir shiviasm. Om sauh paraayai namah. I know om is the sound of the expanding universe. Sauh is the trika. namah is adoration, recognition of oneness. I suppose my primary question is what does paraayai mean. Is anyone familiar with this mantra and its background. Thanks all.