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Found 5 results

  1. Auras? I started perceiving auras and energies in "my minds eye" (after practicing meditation, mindfulness, qigong, mantras etc for now almost 10 years). Meaning that I would perceive these things with my physical eyes closed. Just like when you visualise something in your mind. It's like there's a screen inside your head. When you close your physical eyes, it's dark. Except when this phenomenon start to happen, it's like you see these things where there would normally be only darkness. However, in the past 2 years, it would sometimes happen that I with my physical eyes would see "shimmering / energetic disturbances" around people. Almost like when you look into nature on a very hot day, and you can see the heat creating vapor, which then rises through the air, and somehow waves/shimmers just above the ground. This would only happen sometimes. When outside at night, when it's completely dark, I would see a hint of color around people's silhouettes (which were otherwise dark/black/grey because it was night). Just last week, I read a post on a hindu spiritual blog website, which claimed that everyone can see auras in only 3-5 attempts, no matter if they've ever practiced any meditation, mantras or anything. Even a complete newb can do it. I was quite curious, because the claim sounded a bit too fantastic. However, I did the exercise, and I was shocked! You just sit with your hands pointing towards each other, and you put a white piece of paper behind them. Then you let your eyes "unfocus" or "zone out", "gaze into the empty space" or "use your peripheral vision". I tried it, and after a few minutes, I saw a white outline around my fingers. Because you're "zoned out" with your eyes, it doesn't really feel real. It feels like maybe your eyes are playing a trick on you. However, in the next part of the exercise, when you've seen the white outline, you slowly move the fingers away from each other. It takes a few tries, because as soon as you move, you automatically start looking "normally" with your eyes, instead of the "unfocused" or "peripheral" way. But once you get it, you move your fingers, and the white outline remains all throughout. After I managed to do it a few times, suddenly the white "beam" of light between my fingers got flooded with colors. I was blown away! I made my girlfriend do it, who hasn't really done much spiritually, and after 3 days of spending 2-10 minutes each day, she had the same experience of the beam of white light between the fingers getting flooded with colors as well. I find this very curious, and almost can't believe that it's true everyone can see auras so easily. I always believed that it's a natural byproduct of a genuine and authentic spiritual practice for many years (e.g. qigong, yoga meditation, mantras etc). Not that anyone can just gaze at their fingers and get it in a matter of a week's time. I've been doing the exercise each day for the past 4 days now, and I can see that it becomes easier to "switch into" this unfocused way of looking. Further, I can now see the outline around my whole hand when doing it (instead of just the finger tip). However, if I turn my hands in certain ways, I don't see the colors, but just the white outline. I am continuing the experiment, and trying to add a more difficult "progression" each day. Looking at each finger, then the whole hand, holding them in different manners etc. I hope to be able to progress to see it around every part of my own body (with the white paper background), and then maybe start trying to see it on others who stand against a background of a white wall. And then of course slowly progress to see it no matter the lighting or background, and around all living beings (if the current progression rate continues, it's probably going to take between 2-6 months of daily practice to reach that goal). I just wanted to share this peculiar experience, and see if any one else feels like partaking in this experiment? Can it really be that easy? Let me know how it goes, if you decide to try it PS: Here's the link to the blog where I read about it: God bless you
  2. I experimented with meditation three years ago and it ungrounded my energy. It seems as though my hara line is weak, and it has a weak connection between my soul star and earth chakras. Last night I meditated on my hara line between my soul star and earth chakras, and I felt my energy healing in tact for the first time in three years! However, energy leaks from my lower Dan tien if I do the microcosmic orbit to ground my energy. It seems as though mirror gazing puts the energy right back, though. What advice would you have for me to permanently heal my energy system so I can feel normal again?
  3. I experimented with meditation about 3 years ago, which left me in a weird space. I eventually experimented with breathwork techniques by Jack Angelo (using the breath and visualization techniques to heal chakras and aura) about 10 months ago, but has since left my energy system leaking energy every time there was heavy impact anywhere on my body. I eventually learned that the meditation I was doing blocked my lower Dan tien, which I could have easily unblocked by using microscopic orbit. Now, it seems as though my energy system is comporomised every time there is blunt force to my body. What do you recommend I do to stop the leakage of energy?
  4. Energy color

    It happens to me when I get close to somebody, to sense their "color". It's not aura and it's not something I can see with physical eyes. It's something which has the core in the middle dantian (between heart chakra and throat chakra). By now, most of the people I've "seen" has white core surrounded by blue energy.This blue energy includes all parts of the body and it's flowing even through blood vessels. It can be cyan-blue or dark blue. Sometimes, rarely, I see people with "gold" energy. The core is white-gold, like sunlight, and the rest is kind of the same, a bit more yellow and often mixed with green. In the latest years I've been searching in books and asking people about those things. Found nearly nothing relevant. My question is: what is the meaning of the colors and how can I come to a better understanding of what I see?
  5. Can you see auras? Not "getting an impression" - "feeling your aura is indigo",.. not that sort of "seeing". I mean, looking at a person, and actually seeing their aura. Some say this: Mechanically, the iris is the muscle of the eye that controls the amount of light which is let through the pupil. This light passes through the lens, which is responsible for focussing the light on the retina. The retina is a surface at the back of the eye covered in nerve fibres (called cones and rods). These nerves fibres release specific chemicals when they are stimulated – which informs your brain about different colors and their intensities. You can "know" a lot about a person when you can view their aura. I have noticed most people have the same sort of "Auric Template", that I call the "aura boringalis". This can be attributed to the fact, IMO, that most people are totally consumed in commercialism and fast food religion. Sometimes, if atmospheric conditions are just right, I can see auras emanating out of cars driving by. Bookstores, I have found, to be the better place to view exceptional auric patterns. You?