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Found 4 results

  1. Auras? I started perceiving auras and energies in "my minds eye" (after practicing meditation, mindfulness, qigong, mantras etc for now almost 10 years). Meaning that I would perceive these things with my physical eyes closed. Just like when you visualise something in your mind. It's like there's a screen inside your head. When you close your physical eyes, it's dark. Except when this phenomenon start to happen, it's like you see these things where there would normally be only darkness. However, in the past 2 years, it would sometimes happen that I with my physical eyes would see "shimmering / energetic disturbances" around people. Almost like when you look into nature on a very hot day, and you can see the heat creating vapor, which then rises through the air, and somehow waves/shimmers just above the ground. This would only happen sometimes. When outside at night, when it's completely dark, I would see a hint of color around people's silhouettes (which were otherwise dark/black/grey because it was night). Just last week, I read a post on a hindu spiritual blog website, which claimed that everyone can see auras in only 3-5 attempts, no matter if they've ever practiced any meditation, mantras or anything. Even a complete newb can do it. I was quite curious, because the claim sounded a bit too fantastic. However, I did the exercise, and I was shocked! You just sit with your hands pointing towards each other, and you put a white piece of paper behind them. Then you let your eyes "unfocus" or "zone out", "gaze into the empty space" or "use your peripheral vision". I tried it, and after a few minutes, I saw a white outline around my fingers. Because you're "zoned out" with your eyes, it doesn't really feel real. It feels like maybe your eyes are playing a trick on you. However, in the next part of the exercise, when you've seen the white outline, you slowly move the fingers away from each other. It takes a few tries, because as soon as you move, you automatically start looking "normally" with your eyes, instead of the "unfocused" or "peripheral" way. But once you get it, you move your fingers, and the white outline remains all throughout. After I managed to do it a few times, suddenly the white "beam" of light between my fingers got flooded with colors. I was blown away! I made my girlfriend do it, who hasn't really done much spiritually, and after 3 days of spending 2-10 minutes each day, she had the same experience of the beam of white light between the fingers getting flooded with colors as well. I find this very curious, and almost can't believe that it's true everyone can see auras so easily. I always believed that it's a natural byproduct of a genuine and authentic spiritual practice for many years (e.g. qigong, yoga meditation, mantras etc). Not that anyone can just gaze at their fingers and get it in a matter of a week's time. I've been doing the exercise each day for the past 4 days now, and I can see that it becomes easier to "switch into" this unfocused way of looking. Further, I can now see the outline around my whole hand when doing it (instead of just the finger tip). However, if I turn my hands in certain ways, I don't see the colors, but just the white outline. I am continuing the experiment, and trying to add a more difficult "progression" each day. Looking at each finger, then the whole hand, holding them in different manners etc. I hope to be able to progress to see it around every part of my own body (with the white paper background), and then maybe start trying to see it on others who stand against a background of a white wall. And then of course slowly progress to see it no matter the lighting or background, and around all living beings (if the current progression rate continues, it's probably going to take between 2-6 months of daily practice to reach that goal). I just wanted to share this peculiar experience, and see if any one else feels like partaking in this experiment? Can it really be that easy? Let me know how it goes, if you decide to try it PS: Here's the link to the blog where I read about it: God bless you
  2. Why is Krishna Blue? "Sadhguru: Blue is the color of all-inclusiveness. You will see in the existence, anything that is vast and beyond your perception generally tends to be blue, whether it is the ocean or the sky. Anything which is larger than your perception tends to be blue because blue is the basis of all-inclusiveness. It is based on this that so many gods in India are shown as blue-skinned. Shiva has a blue skin, Krishna has a blue skin, Rama has a blue skin. It is not that their skin was blue. They were referred to as blue gods because they had a blue aura." Article: So, my question is simple: what are your thoughts on that? To me and I'll tell you my opinion it seems like the most reasonable and realistic explanation that I've come across just surfing through the internet. Is he right - because gods might've been regular people that emanated something of an aura, and the people who painted them picked up on that. And that's how you get the blue skin. What is it with the color blue. And to push it further: how do you link it with Platos description I think of Atlantis being this idyllic heaven where Poseidon as it seems got to it or made it in his own image. And Poseidon just happened to be the god of the sea. I'm not going to advance myself but it seems to me there might be a powerful link between Poseidon being a blue and the Hindu gods like Krishna, in that they were blue aura individuals; now that's just my take on it. And the gods in general, their color, could be - not symbolic - but an actual manifestation of their, aura. I'd especially like the history buffs to get on this, and tell us. If there's a link on this.
  3. We can't wait any longer for other people to put this video up, it's too important. The conventional medical paradigm isn't working, we need a re-think - we need a new paradigm! The human energy field is REAL as is the energy field around all living things. Until we start to at least recognise who and what we are there can be little progress. This video is yet another step in the right direction. Also see our related videos on the Energy Body and Chi Energy. and With thanks to ObercronIII for the following blurb: If only all scientists were as open minded and as open hearted as Dr Harry Oldfield! With considerable joie de vivre and a fantastic playful sense of humour he unveils some of his amazing inventions and also talks about Electro Crystal therapy and the incredible properties of crystals. He goes on to detail how this technology could revolutionise both conventional and alternative healing and how he has used this technology in his own practice. There is some staggering photographic and video evidence demonstrating some of the technologies, particularly shocking is the Oldfield Camera Filter which using a normal camera appears to show ghosts or other wordly entities clearly in photographs! Truly amazing stuff! Harry, the author of 'Harry Oldfield's Invisible Universe' goes on to demonstrate how through various technologies he is able to reveal aspects of this previously unseen universe in all their glory! Three decades of research into this area and considerable practical application enable Harry to present some very convincing evidence that there is far more to the Universe than that which we currently experience with the 5 senses. This mind blowing presentation, filmed at the Glastonbury Symposium is stacked with quality information. For more information on Harry and his work his website is: I have watched this twice, and a third watch is on the horizon. I also have invested in an Oldfield Filter and have taken some interesting photographs, on one photo we have what appears to be a cat - we don't have a cat ! Their are other photographs which we are puzzling over too !!! Anyway hope you enJoy the presentation, which is 1hr 30mins or thereabouts. The paranormal part begins in part 7 at 6mins 42 secs - and is brilliant. Namaste, gentlewind
  4. Hello to all! I have been meditating for about 40 yrs. My third eye opened many years ago and I can offer comments on all of the tag lines that I have included in this topic. Currently I have taken up Qi Gong I am not well versed within this discipline though I can feel and follow fine movement within me and without. When I was 15yrs old my lower dan tien became very active one day and an intense warmth moved throughout my body - I was literally steaming (on a ski slope) with this hot ball inside me just below the navel and in a bit. This happened again when I was about 36 yrs old during a difficult breakup with my girlfriend. Recently I was creating Qi Gong exercises for myself before I knew they existed as Qi Gong - what a wonderful teaching it is! I appreciate practical discussion ( since the original post I have studied with a Qi Gong and Kung Fu Grand Master 4-6 days a week in addition to personal practice)