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  1. Have fun

    )) So, that's their secret.
  2. Energy color

    Yes, always there.
  3. Energy color

    No. Not aura, not a result of practice. Just something I can see since I was little.
  4. Energy color

    Nope...too busy to practice.
  5. Energy color

    For now I wouldn't say I have a specific one, but the most used in the last 2 years is qigong.
  6. Energy color

    That "Light in the Heart"...what makes it different from person to person? Can it be changed during the same life?
  7. Energy color

    No, I didn't answer. Let's skip it.
  8. Energy color

    As I said, it just looks as "good understanding", but it's not. Yes, is more than nothing and I'm not completely lost, but I have much to learn. Anyway, thanks for trying to help. You gave me something to think - that idea with "picking up on wavelengths".
  9. Energy color

    That's not clarity, that's random information coming to me from much more, which is hidden because I don't know how to decode it. This is not the kind of topic I'd use to seek company.
  10. Energy color

    Oh I do trust my intuition, but I'm trying to clarify things. I'm sure there are people knowing more about this and their wisdom could help. I don't consciously interpret my impressions, I just know some informations. For example, I met someone with dark-blue energy, static, and a white-blue core. That's how I knew he's emotionaly unavailable and what he says he feels is not as intense as he wants me to believe. Another person I know has a white core and a primary-blue energy, but it's not static, is fluid and bright. That's how I know he's loyal and can be trusted.
  11. Energy color

    "But the same information could be translated into sound or even smell (my wife is a spirit-smeller, not kidding)." I know that any wavelength has associated a color, a sound and a shape, its natural and scientifically proven. Sometimes I can percieve the sound and the shape(very-very rarely the smell), but I didn't want to complicate things, so I formulated my questions around the aspects regarding colors, because as you said, I am mostly visual. "picking up on wavelengths" ....hm...
  12. Energy color

    Thanks again. But what I sense is not the aura, it's something else. I want to know what this "something else" is and how to read it.
  13. Energy color

    Those are general things and what I see I don't think is aura, because the structure is way more stable in time and the core's color is very hard to be changed. But thank you for the help. I'd like to hear a personal opinion of someone who has similar experience.
  14. Energy color

    It happens to me when I get close to somebody, to sense their "color". It's not aura and it's not something I can see with physical eyes. It's something which has the core in the middle dantian (between heart chakra and throat chakra). By now, most of the people I've "seen" has white core surrounded by blue energy.This blue energy includes all parts of the body and it's flowing even through blood vessels. It can be cyan-blue or dark blue. Sometimes, rarely, I see people with "gold" energy. The core is white-gold, like sunlight, and the rest is kind of the same, a bit more yellow and often mixed with green. In the latest years I've been searching in books and asking people about those things. Found nearly nothing relevant. My question is: what is the meaning of the colors and how can I come to a better understanding of what I see?
  15. Taoist Sexual Meditation

    Thanks, Alchemistgeorge. I'll study these books.