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Found 2 results

  1. It is regrettably seldom discussed that there are many types of psychic absorption or trance. Some of them definitely are impure and thus allow uninvited spiritual entities to attach into the mind that is left weak and exposed. Getting one's mind into a random trance state is a sign of deviation and nothing else (see the first video). Please note that this is exactly the same reason why anyone shouldn't be doing spiritual practices with drugs or alcohol: they make the mind unstable and spirit energetically weak. The exception is when doing cathartic rituals with psychoactive substances, e.g. ayahuasca, under a traditional and grounding supervision. A crash course into Buddhism: Everything is mind. Frequencies of energy are entanglements to Six Lokas and Three Realms. A crash course into Daoism from Buddhist point of view: Pure and safe cultivation in the Daoist sense is only accomplished in the Form and Formless realms, but in practice Form realm is preferred because it gives tangible bliss and purifies the body. The connection between From realms and the three Dantians has been expounded by Master Nan Huai Jin and his student William Bodri in case you need to discover more. Correct instructions need to be followed, so that the proper Dhyana absorption is developed. Other trance realms are in the desire realm, hence automatically tainted with desires and emotional flotsam. In Qigong practices the danger is most pertinent in Spontaneous Qigong because this genre is not readily quiescent, may introduce wild emotions, requires adhering to exact instructions, and teacher's vigilant guidance. Artificial and forced stillness is another sure way to deviation when trying to train the mind. Incorrect psychic absorptions induce deviations in person's energetic wiring, but few are wise enough to realize their mistakes. People chase after energetic sensations and quick shortcut empowerments unaware that these might be signs of short-circuit surging and not correct natural function at all. In the field of psychic powers it's obvious that many people, who dabble while relying on their own prejudiced and warped intuition, exercise spiritual cultivation, but it's the impure spirit of ego and desires. Such deviation attracts codependent relationships with entities that may consciously promise or often unaware to the practitioner provide an easy access to supramundane knowledge and power. (I wish to comment that this is the original reason why both the Western Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Church have waged spiritual warfare against occult practitioners and pagans, although these days much has been said in the defense of the wrongfully persecuted innocents.) A sensible reader might now ask what is the entity business exactly about. Think of a prison. You are bound there within the walls. There are dangerous competing gangs who have antisocial members and individualistic tough guys no one dares to challenge, and the both types are suffering from suppressed desires because they have to spend time imprisoned where their freedom and options are limited. Sometimes a new unaware guy goes through the prison system. There on the food line one of these gang recruiters or unassociated tough guys comes to them and says to them bluntly: Either become my prison prison bitch/punk and receive my protection or the other prisoners will kill you. Next thing you see the new guy dressed on stilt heels, wearing ripped jean shorts and busty tank top, and brandishing a full set of lipstick, mascara, long fake eye lashes, and dyed blonde hair. What prison does to some people is that they discover enjoying being the punk and surviving in that harsh environment in that fashion, so they keep following and justifying the lifestyle. The tragedy part is they remain unaware that they only were originally passing through and do not belong to the prison like the real inmates who scared and lured them into remaining. When the next new guy comes through, the self-realized busty blonde walks to welcome him and chirps: "Hey honey! You better become Bubba's bitch or you end up in the ditch. Want me to welcome you with a hug?" Don't become anyone's punk or bitch. You are worth more. Strive to realize independence, freedom, and clarity. Don't expect too much, but be humble and skeptical of both yourself and others.
  2. Negs and Addiction

    This reality of ours is a little more complicated than general opinion would have it. There are independent forces, entities and energies that could severely influence a person's life, health and luck. I have regularly disregarded this aspect of my existence, because there were usually simpler explanations for things that would go wrong in my life. I have studied Robert Bruce's work on Negs (Negatives), from The Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook, and I have come to realize how these forces have influenced my life since my childhood. I was almost shocked to discover just how much these negative forces have had a hold on me. I am 75 days celibate for the first time in my life, since starting self gratification. After a serious struggle of temptation at day 60 (which I overcame) I decided to cleanse my room and house of negs, explicitly for the first time ever. That heavy, carnal temptation has been gone ever since, and I cannot even be bothered to become aroused anymore. Looking back at my childhood I can recall multiple near-fatal attacks by dogs, freak events where I was singled out amongst other children, attacks which were stopped miraculously just in time. Dogs can sense neg-attachments and become maliciously agitated toward the host. My mother is and has always been sadly depressive, with many unexplained lumps always appearing on her body. She has seen plenty of specialists over the years, but could never get an explanation or treatment for it. There has always been tension and problems between my mother and father, and our home environment was at times distinctly negative. My parents are Christian however, and have always abstained from alcohol and drugs. Yet, negs look for any opening whatsoever to latch on to, and turn slight negativity into something worse. I can look back in my life and see where possible neg-attachments have sullied my social life especially. So two-weeks ago when I did the house cleansing, through visual imagery of electric-violet fire throwing and lifting of vibration, I could afterward sense the distinct change in atmosphere. I believe that I have reduced, even removed, neg-attachments that fed off my sexual gratification. I feel so much cleaner after then, since there is no undue powers that affect my behaviour unnaturally. Interesting things about negs is that they can be grounded electrically. If you have a new neg attacking you, then by walking over a running stream or garden hose the neg will be stopped at the running stream. If you return to the original side the neg will attack you again. Certain buildings and places with particular plumbing and electrical wiring can trap negs inside, resulting in haunted spaces. Places of ill repute, especially where addicts gather, fester with negs which you can pick up like gum on your shoe. I distinctly remember numerous social excursions where I returned home with severe, unexplained pains in my body, like somebody kicked me in my back and head. Since I started treasuring vitality, doing QiGong, and strengthening my energy body, I have been better able to deal with these negs. Negs prefer dark spaces, so if you stand in daylight then superficial negs will be banished, at least for the time being. Bad smells without a logical explanation can indicate neg presences. If a person has hateful thoughts about you, it could instigate a neg attack on you. In my opening remark I mentioned that life is not as simple as it seems. If you tick somebody off, even over the internet, you could unwittingly invoke a neg attack. And the truth is, we are all very very familiar with neg attacks. Ever been in an uncomfortable social situation with a lot of negativity, it probably messed up the rest of your day, possibly causing digestive problems like an upset stomach? Negative entities, such as some earth-bound spirits, latch onto humans and influence them to vicariously experience indulgence in certain addictions. That is why especially drug and alcohol addicts have such messed up lives, and so many additional negative things in their lives. These negs really have a powerful hold on addicts, rewarding them for indulgence and pestering and punishing them when abstaining. Below is an account by famous mystic, Aunt Clair, of an exorcism of a drug-addicts home and inmates,1023.0.html