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  1. Is Buddhism a complete path?

    I feel a slight rudeness from your posts that are common with non-initiates and, mainly, religious fundamentalists. Are you consciously posting here or are you just trying to prove a point out of emotional discharge? ”Enlightenment” is obviously subjective. There’s no such thing as measuring what is enlightenment and what’s not. I knew personally some Buddhism adepts that, in my perspective and interpretation of it, reached what I consider as enlightenment. I will not post any photo of them here, obviously…
  2. Thank you very much for sharing, Apech. I really appreciate the sincerity and I found it very relatable. Bad memories are some of the biggest burdens one can carry. On one side, memory is what enables us to creating the future, so it’s a blessing; on the other hand, it is what keeps us living in the past and therefore suffering negative thoughts. That’s why some therapists recommend revisioning memories — replacing the negative outcome with a positive outcome via visualization; the memory itself remains but the emotional burden tends to fade away. I’ve had really good results from this practice and I recommend it. I agree with you that burying these thoughts by supposed ‘higher thoughts’ would be dangerous. Reaching ‘higher dimensions’ do not detach us from being earthly beings, and much of the process of purification does not take place in these higher thoughts, but in transmuting conscious life from a bad experience to a great one. What I’m still learning in my journey is to not be so strict to myself. I’m still rigorous to myself, so it has been a challenge, to be honest. I think that in the end of the day it all comes to identification with things. One who overly self-identifies with things will dwell on them in the future, and not identifying with things is such a hard task given the competitive way of living modern urban life. When Jacob Boehme says “man is followed by all of his works” he is referring to karma — the dynamic of identification with things and its pertinent effects. So, overly identifying with things from the fear of being imperfect is something that, in my personal experience, I’ve noticed as being detrimental. Embracing my flaws might be a good way of living easy, and that’s something I still need to apply in my lifestyle. But, indeed, this alchemical process is sometimes painful, because we —as spiritual beings— confront our ‘Lower Self’ which is full of insecurities and fears. People often underestimate how painful it is to detach from very ingrained fears. The most disturbing period of my life occurred when I faced my very biggest fear in life, something I was cultivating since early childhood. The result was approximately one month of living in pure and absolute desperation, all day, all the time. So I deeply understand you when you talk about having these aggressive and resentful outcomes, and I wholeheartedly wish you overcome them as peacefully as possible.
  3. Very interesting. Off topic, but this reminds me of ancient theurgy, which was performed by neoplatonists. Which today many call high magic. Passive meditation to contemplate; active meditation to create. I remember reading something from Iamblichus that was akin to “the art of active contemplation”.
  4. Wow. No words can describe how much that makes sense to me. I’ve also experienced failure in meditation many times when I just wanted to relieve stress. In my experience, aggression —as a biproduct of stress and confusion— should be gradually dissolved not by sitting meditation but by other activities.
  5. Very cool topic, Apech. I see it in two ways. The 1st could be the misinterpretation of what meditation is. There is a narrative which popularized some decades ago that meditating is sitting and managing to just not think at all. Well, that would be almost impossible. Meditating is actually achieving a higher state of consciousness which transcends the duality of thinking and not thinking. So, one who tries to sit and not think will of course be frustrated and maybe angry, since the very desire to not think will lead to thinking about not thinking. The 2nd possible explanation —in my perspective— could be the process of undoing the mind’s knots. The art of knowing oneself via meditation will inevitably lead to this gradual process of “untying the knots” of what was learnt since the development of the ego —in the early childhood. Some knots are dissolved unconsciously and others consciously. The latter phenomena can be challenging, and thus can lead to discomfort and periods of “internal probation” that can include aggression. This aggression can be a mere symptom of this process, or it can be the very knot per se.
  6. Help on the spiritual path

    Thanks for sharing that, Siker. And, again, I wish you a very successful path. I agree with Nungali. Since you’ve just returned home from such a harsh activity like fighting for your country, it may be a better idea to let Time settle things down for now. And, as SnowyMountains mentioned, therapy would be highly recommended and a great start. In the future, if this desire sustains and you decide to begin the spiritual path, it would be great to have a “reference-person” to freely talk about the occult… a friend or a relative who is experienced in it. Mysticism — per se — is very safe, but you should always have someone around who you trust and that can clarify your doubts. Walking the spiritual path completely alone would not be a good idea.
  7. Help on the spiritual path

    Hello Siker! I liked your post very much. This urge you are having is a great sign that this is the right moment to seek the Mysteries. Unfortunately, our society has become very materialistic, and the few learned people tend to be overly oriented to Reason instead of Intuition. So, if you are feeling the way you described, it’s probably because your internal ambience is in need of something bigger than what you are experiencing in your intellectual studies. Regarding family and work, I agree with SnowyMountains. They are a priority, and it is better to practice something that fits your daily life. Brief practices would be the best. If you prefer Eastern Mysticism — which I know very little of —, there are many people here who seem to understand it well and maybe can help you. However, since I’m not so familiar with it, I cannot give an accurate opinion on whether it’s better to talk to people personally about this matter or if it’s okay to take advices from this or other internet websites. Regarding Western Mysticism, I suggest you to seek information personally from people who live near you. Not that it’s dangerous to follow a suggestion, but because there is a lot of misinformation in the internet regarding Western Esoteric Orders. So searching for data on the internet can mislead you. It’s safer to find these things out in face-to-face conversations with mystics from your area. But, if you really don’t have any way of finding mystics in your area, and in case you are not so familiar with Western Mysticism, you should take a look on the major strands and search information about them directly from their official webpages. And, after that, choose one which fits you the best and consider joining an Order. I do not recommend reading anything regarding this matter in forums or social media. You can seek the Mysteries with total confidence, because your own consciousness will tell you if you are in the right path. All the best to you!
  8. The Dark Feminine - Black Madonna

  9. John 3:3

    That’s a great insight. I view it differently. Personally, i see two possible meanings of it. One of them being akin to Blue Eyed Snake’s view of it. In much of the Bible, especially in the Gospel of John, I see verses which can be viewed both from a purely-religious and a mystical point of view. In order to be didactic, let’s put (i) the purely-religious view as something which corroborates the idea of a more ‘Separated’ relationship between the Creator and the Creature; and (ii) the mystical as a point of view which corroborates the more ‘United’ view of it (macro/microcosmus) (“as above, so below”). Dissecting John 3:8 would lead, in my perspective, to both views. So: John 3:8 - “The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” First I’ll explain the purely-religious possible meaning: a- [The wind blows wherever it pleases] - meaning that wind is free. It can go all directions. b- [You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going] - meaning you can hear the wind, but cannot know its path. c- [So it is with everyone born of the Spirit] - meaning that, the same way we cannot understand the wind - but only hear it -, we cannot either understand the Rebirth. It’s miraculous and fabricated by the Spirit, not something plausible for human understanding. Our senses are limited to perceiving the wind the same way they are limited to perceiving the Spirit. Now the mystical possible meaning: (since ‘wind’ and ‘Spirit’ mean the same in hebrew, I prefer to only use the term ‘Spirit’ for better understanding) So, “The Spirit blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” a- [The Spirit blows wherever it pleases] - meaning that It is ultimately free. The Spirit has Free Will. b- [You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going] - meaning you can “hear” his Works, but not understand how He does it. You can see the results, not the causes. He cannot be understood by man. c- [So it is with everyone born of Spirit] - well, now I see a different meaning… Let’s consider the Son not only as Jesus, but every Redeemed man, for better understanding. So, it can possibly mean that the Redeemed/Reborn is as unintelligible as the Spirit in the perspective of ignorant men. He - the Son/the Redeemed -, as well as the Spirit, has (a) Free Will and (b) cannot be rationally understood by common man, meaning that men can see his works in the world but cannot know how he does it. Since he’s been reborn, he “lives in Christ”. He has ways of perceiving reality and acting in the world that the “blind” cannot comprehend.
  10. Wise TDB members

    Mirror mirror, what should be my next step? I want to be a wise man! “Listen, do not overstep… A wise man you can become, But first you need to be a Bum”
  11. John 3:3

    Just to correct myself… I don’t think I made my point of view clear: I don’t think that, in John 3:5, Jesus refers exactly to the baptism ritual. That wouldn’t make sense in the context. But, rather, I meant he was referring to the generic internal process which is symbolized by the mikvah/baptism: water + Spirit (fire).
  12. John 3:3

    Thank you very much for that, Daniel!
  13. John 3:3

  14. Wise TDB members

    good one! Don’t worry, I have faith in people! I’ve never participated in any forum apart from this. And I decided to join because I was surprised about how people are thoughtful here. It really fascinates me.