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  1. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    CT - You aren't one of those people who sucks people into a joke, are you? I've heard a lot of ticket stories. That one is just a little too perfect. But really funny. Tell me you're not one of those geezers who keeps these bizarre little scenarios in your head to pull out and use in social situations?
  2. What happens to suicides?

    How is this known?
  3. A wonderful quote! And so very close to the Hindu principle of Karma Yoga - wherein 'right work done well is a form of prayer'.
  4. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    And seriously. Some guy polished my brake pedal with Armour All once. That was one wild ride home. I felt like a sparrow who just landed on a polished brass perch.
  5. What happens to suicides?

    I actually like this post. It reminds me that the Daodejing tells us that the Dao regards us as ceremonial straw dogs anyway. Does it really matter when we live or die? Nothing 'out there' cares at all. We are the sentient being. But this also brings to mind that anything less than pure harmony is of the ego. Depression is of the ego. Pride is of the ego. Anything that embellishes our True Self, any prior conditioning - it's all of the ego. The awareness of depression being of the ego, somehow, is a motivator to me. Excessive ego is something I do not want to possess. when I let myself slip into depression, I'm back into my egoic illusion. Actually, on the path of self realization, depression is a pretty good guard rail.
  6. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    I just have a thing about seeing sparrows spin around and around on a highly polished brass bird perch....
  7. To remove elaborations of origination and cessation - This is to remove time from the equation. Things are more easily known when you can look at the entity as a pile of concurrent phenomena, all happening at the same time, to look at someone in the whole. I recently had a bit of a falling out with a friend. If I look at this friend within the confines of linear time, I would remember that the last contact I had with her was unpleasant. My subsequent reactions to her would be colored by that. But if I look at her not in a linear fashion but a vertical fashion, where everything I know about her is heaped on a vertical plane, the spat would only be a tiny part of the wonderful being that is Her.
  8. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Who in their right mind has a polished brass bird perch? That's just plain mean, Mr. P.
  9. What happens to suicides?

    I tend toward the depressive myself. The best way to see my life as anything but a downward trajectory is when I can shut off the mind and be fully present in the Moment. Start with where you're sitting. Is there anything out of place immediately around you? If so, straighten it up. Make it look nice. Then expand a bit. Does the carpet need vacuuming? How are the windows? For me, the trick is to do that anywhere, even if I'm somewhere else. Pick up a piece of trash off the ground. Just something, no matter how small, to do something for someone else, even if that someone is 'the world in general'. It gets us out of ourselves. This life is just a story we keep telling ourselves.
  10. Waves are formed on the ocean. As the wave moves, it does not take the water molecules with it. It maintains its shape by travelling through the molecules. Such is equanimity, as I see it. The 10,000 things as they rise and fall, knowing that form is but a temporary expression and subject to constant change.
  11. What great lyrics. A snapshot of fears brought on by our thoughts. But thoughts that are eradicated as soon as the Oneness is recognized. I'm still waiting for that suspicious-looking stranger flashing me a dangerous grin
  12. Of interest to healers

    I think that's an excellent article. He has put into words what some of us have stumbled into. Finding the initiating imprint. Particularly when you take into consideration that linear time is an illusion and it's all actually happening Now. Therefore, it follows that the initial imprint can actually be healed if looked at simultaneously.
  13. Of interest to healers

    I know there are plenty of healers here, each with their own modality. My healing style is to see personality dynamics and how it relates to the particular malady; curing the patient of the malady by re-aligning or tweaking a personality dynamic. My style is part Mary Baker Eddy, part Ernest Holmes, and part shamanic, as this is performed as a ceremony. What I'm trying to say is that I think I just realized something wonderful for all of us. As we know, energy follows thought. I am currently trying to ease the pain and spirit of a woman who has 4th stage cancer; she's lived about 6 months past her expiration date. Her energy is still good - I've been doing some reiki on her and she glows after a treatment, she loves it so much. So today I was washing my kitchen floor with a sponge mop. Suddenly Shirley's cancer popped into my head. I realized in one big internal gulp that scrubbing the spots off the floor would be a perfect metaphor for the cancer cells in Shirley's body. I have found success by "bringing things into the physical", almost as if you're somehow tricking the brain to do what you're showing it to do. I'm showing my brain the malignant cells that are easily cleaned up as though it was never there. There is truly a power in performing a small physical act and showing the I Am inside all of us that this is what we are willing it to do. I have two more floors to wash. I will do each in the same mindset. That I am washing away her cancer cells. This I think is a powerful tool for healers of all kinds. Going just a bit further, the most likely reason Shirley manifested her cancer is because she's married to a chronic alcoholic - she's never gone to Alanon or learned the art of living with an alcoholic - she still thinks if she yells at him enough, he'll stop. She's been trying this clever tactic for 50 years and it hasn't worked so far - so I'm helping her change her reaction dynamic. (That's a whole discussion in itself) This cancer has gone way too far, I think, for anything to be done about it. But that doesn't mean that I won't be trying anyway, focusing my mind on something symbolic of ridding her of cancer cells. Like washing a floor. The point of all this was to express what I think is a really easy and powerful way to move mental energy toward your client, whether in your presence or not. Ernest Holmes would have us take the identity of the person we're facilitating as our own, during the session. The theory being that we're all One anyway, and if you will it so, you can then do the healing on yourself but intend that your client shares the results. This is for distance healing.
  14. …..and yet, you are hanging out in a forum that has much to do with enlightenment. If your life is chuck full of activity, that is the path of Karma Yoga. One can achieve enlightenment via this route. The challenge is to do everything in front of you as mindfully as you can - and develop that sense of awareness where you realize that you're not really who you appear to be. Silence the mind; to learn this can take years. You have the opportunity every single day of being an enlightened human being, of transcending your "normal mortal" viewpoint, and being in the awareness of the communal awareness of everyone who has the ability to transcend. Enlightenment is just to be able to do this better and better. And the most vital part of enlightenment is not to read all you can possibly get your hands on, but to actually pare down those parts of you that no longer serve a purpose. Things like your judgment-meter, the resident cynic, the boastful man, the overbearing spouse, the egomaniacal dweller within our own little universes. Until one trains the mind to think as we want it to think, it will be only trial and error for a long time - but so worthy to aspire to. Once our vision is at a higher place on the hill, away from judgment or cynicism, we will notice that our life circumstances will now reflect more of a simplicity, a balance; whereas before, one may be manifesting their own chaos without ever realizing that they're the ones doing it. Energy follows thought.
  15. Yes, spiritual practice does seem to undermine worldly ambitions. I think it's just a matter of "what we want" as we go through life. I think we have to get through the illusion of worldly ambition to realize that the Truth we're seeking lies in our own self-realization. And then it seems to become a process of elimination of the unnecessary things or relationships which do not further that cause. Yes, I'm afraid mine has already reached a stage of maximum peterage. I find myself, at 72, having to rely on a different intelligence; not an intelligence that requires memory, which I don't have. But having command over the way we relate to the Here and Now, staying in consciousness as much as we're able - this concept keeps me functioning, and I can actually slide through life pretty well without memory. Except for a few quick glimpses, I don't remember my childhood at all.
  16. Haiku Chain

    Woeful illusion Begs the return of Oneness The action of Dao
  17. Of interest to healers

    You're so welcome. If a healer is able to relax into the I Am consciousness (for lack of a better word), this is the state from which the session should be done, if possible. It's all about the mindset of the healer. This can result in deep physical healing, in addition to deep spiritual healing. What about this with you, Fa Xin? I'm not acquainted with your modality, but you sure seem to understand the mindset.
  18. Of interest to healers

    And, theoretically, the optimal healer's approach would be from a place where linear time is not acknowledged - to hold that in one's psyche, knowing that time is just 'piled up on itself'; in that regard, it would be possible for effecting a healing of something that happened many years ago - which is usually the root for the current manifestation the patient is making. Where the mind goes, energy follows.
  19. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    That's like something from a scary movie; Pet Cemetery or Chuckie or something.
  20. (Or Kindle, as the case may be). We had a good time with this when a wonderful entity named Songs of Distant Earth used to participate here. I still have a hole in my heart because he no longer does. But the thread was fun. The ones I've got lined up (or am reading all at the same time, actually) are: TROPIC OF CHAOS; Climate Change and the New Geography of Violence (Christian Parenti) THE AVATAMSAKA SUTRA (Cleary translation) GREAT EMPIRES: Exploring the Power Civilizations that Changed Our World (A wonderful TIME publication that you can probably find next to the National Enquirer when you check out at the market) THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO THE RIDER WAITE TAROT (Fiebig & Borger)
  21. LOL. Then, surely the ultimate truth is Nothing.
  22. I feel stuck, purposeless and confused

    and I'll bet that's the very last time you put a personal question out to the Bums. So many ideas from so many wiseacres, myself included.
  23. I feel stuck, purposeless and confused

    Have you read the Dao de Jing? Lao Tzu uses the same wisdom as Sun Tzu in the Art of War, but it translates better to everyday life. The work is a short one, but deep with wisdom. There are many different translations; all wonderful, but contingent on the spiritual development of the translator. If you've not read or studied it, I would recommend Stephen Mitchell's translation for a first reading. This (or any translation, really) will show you the mind of the Sage, which is a good template to keep in mind as we go throughout the day. The Dao Bums is full of people who have followed different paths, but found ourselves in a place where all paths seem to meet. And the Dao de Jing is the commonality between many of us. What an incredible work. Let the thaw begin. It's most likely a huge blockage for you.
  24. I feel stuck, purposeless and confused

    Figure out what first kicked off the initial fear, long ago. This fear is a duplication.
  25. Are you a Shaman

    The older I get, the more I think that the best *help* is to just be a torch bearer. If our services are required, it always comes to us anyway. Why look for trouble?