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  1. I find that staying in remembrance of All being One is extremely helpful. When the Nazarene said that 'whatever you do to the least of these, you do to me' says it all. Money, to me, is the most pointed way to prove this to one's self. Money, as I see it, is nothing more than stuck energy. It takes energy to make it, it takes energy to spend it. When it's sitting there in your wallet, it's stuck. How much is that little piece of paper really worth? 1/100th of a mill? The whole money thing is a mind construct, symbolized by a figure being printed on that worthless piece of paper. If you see others 'as yourself', the answers appear. The money is to be spent liberally for the betterment of all of the Whole. And when you start thinking that way, money will reappear in some fashion, often from out in left field. In my particular case, since I've been liberal with money, it truly is coming from left field. I recently took a nasty fall on the roads of the mobile home park, the roads in the back where I live are horrible. they photo this area for funding requests when they want to pave elsewhere in the park. When I found that out, the intentionality of leaving that area intact for photo purposes, I decided to take it further. I am now aligned with a law firm whose phone number is 88-SHARK, lol. I broke my elbow, but just barely. the osteo told me that if you've got to break anything in your body, the radial head of the ulna is the very best bone to break! My teeth almost went through my lip, but not quite. My nose was bloody, but not broken. The enormous bruise on my chin is now gone. the point is, that this 'almost' tragedy is turning into the possibility of truly having some funds with which to really make some changes. If it's a sizeable settlement or award, I will contact the city managers in this area and see if there isn't something we can do to help the homeless population. Maybe feeding stations or something, or chits for motels. I don't know, but I'm thinking. But it's not just money, it's everything. Everybody is You. And History and Future are happening Now, as someone said earlier.
  2. simplify

  3. Mysticism

    I'd say probably not, if you're referring to the same 'fear of death' that the human has. But it is very interesting to see a dog come up on a dead thing - their posture is so curious and yet hesitant. Like they almost recognize it but not quite.
  4. (Or Kindle, as the case may be). We had a good time with this when a wonderful entity named Songs of Distant Earth used to participate here. I still have a hole in my heart because he no longer does. But the thread was fun. The ones I've got lined up (or am reading all at the same time, actually) are: TROPIC OF CHAOS; Climate Change and the New Geography of Violence (Christian Parenti) THE AVATAMSAKA SUTRA (Cleary translation) GREAT EMPIRES: Exploring the Power Civilizations that Changed Our World (A wonderful TIME publication that you can probably find next to the National Enquirer when you check out at the market) THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO THE RIDER WAITE TAROT (Fiebig & Borger)
  5. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    You little dickens you.
  6. Mysticism

    It isn't a belief, helpfuldemon. It's what remains after everything else has been taken away. The past conditioning is a thing that must be dealt with if you seek ultimate clarity. It isn't so much that we're all stuffed into one, it's more like the intelligence that's contained in a developing embryo. When an embryo develops, each cell is identical to the last one that is produced. However, the thing that determines whether a cell is going to be part of an eyeball, or a fingernail, or a blood how they line up next to each other. That's where the Intelligence comes in. This intelligence is the intelligence of creation. It is built into the cells. They know their mission. So the intelligence I'm referring to is captured by the phrase 'the oak is in the acorn'. the template is there, the template is passed on over the generations. But the blueprint of the adult tree is contained within. How do those little cells know, when they're forming an infant finger, to line up 14,000 times for a pinkie, and then return. And then line up 16,000 times for the ring finger, then return. (No, I've not counted, it's an illustration). To honor the individual within us, as you suggest, is to reinforce the separation. We honor the individual body as a conveyance for this experience, but to honor the individual personality is to cling to patterns. Beloved patterns, but patterns nonetheless. If we honor our own accomplishments and dwell in them, this is doing nothing more than bolstering ego, which is a big pitfall. The conditioning must be removed.
  7. Moving house, space clearing

    One of our members, Ilumairen, gave me a woo-woo method for selling my house. She had me place acorns in the four main corners of the house. There was something else too, I can't remember. So I tried it. That night, there was a horrendous storm. The lightning took down a huge tree, and all of my electronic equipment took a dive. I had to buy new everything. I immediately removed the acorns. The house sold anyway
  8. Dark Matter Matters

    The exact number I think you're talking about is 99.9999999999999 (13 nines) to 1. Not much in there at all, but what's there is apparently spinning pretty fast
  9. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 50

    It probably would not be interpreted as spam on a Daoist website
  10. Dark Matter Matters

    It seems likely to me that the dark matter could be the Void. The original idea pushes out, once thought. The universe is still expanding as the thought expands. When reading something like the Avatamsaka Sutra or the Lotus Sutra, there is much mention of zillions of 'Buddha lands' which exist, but not on this plane, apparently. How could it possibly be, that there are so very many atomic combinations; our life, our galaxy operates on a particular formula. but who's to say there aren't other atomic combinations happening right now, even in this very spot? That 'matter' is composed of different ratios and therefore don't appear to exist on our plane?
  11. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 50

    It was just as good the second time
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  13. It is mind boggling. This is why memories can be used and reversed in healing, because of the non-linearity. When done from that place and that mindset, it can happen if you find the right dynamic. And the right memory.
  14. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    You're rife with raccoon vids. Anything on iguanas?
  15. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    That is adorable! I love how the speaker became the raccoon. A oneness of sorts
  16. Mysticism

    I was married for 35 years to a murderous type, and a thief. He changed himself 180 degrees and died as the most wonderful man, a shaman in fact, that you could possibly know. When you're real young and treated real badly, there isn't much you can do to rebel against it. Most of the damage is done in the first 7 years or so. All I know is one thing. That we all boil down to the same thing on the inside; we are The Intelligence that has created all this, and continues creating. Our conditioning is the very thing that hides the Intelligence, and it's not until one removes their conditioning that the Intelligence can be found. It's found by peeling away the layers of conditioning. It must be a concerted effort to do this, it doesn't just happen. Whether the concerted effort is to dig and look for defects, or utilize a mantra or some other device that will diminish them. If a person just stays the same old person after horrible conditioning, I don't think there's a chance in hell for enlightenment.
  17. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Miffymog, this is the best collection of funny animal pictures I've ever seen. Adorable!! Thanks so much for posting.
  18. Mysticism

    When you refer to a murderous type, this is ignoring the fact that we are all the same entity. Funny thing is, if I had the same conditioning as the 'murderous type', I'd be a murderous type too.
  19. Caduceus - staff of Hermes

  20. simplify

  21. Caduceus - staff of Hermes

    Unfortunately we are mirrors of each other
  22. The place of emotions in spirituality

    I have wondered if he merely went in on the question "Who Am I?" That one went to the heart, Girard! Ouch! The K-phenomenon isn't a new age phenomenon. In fact, that snakey thing that was on the pharaoh's and 'pharaoh-essess' headpieces an indication of the wearer being not only 'divine' but K-active? Or so I've read in some new-agey book. Kundalini is a Thing. I've got it. It's not pleasant, it's bothersome. It does give talents, though. Third eye among them. And the only time I've spent underground was in one of Castaneda's dirt coffins. I remember the words on something written on this site: that we are a loosely-knit and eclectic bunch of seekers. That's why this is the coolest spiritual site out there. Because many of us have reached the top of the utility of the horse we rode in on. We've reached the shore we have been looking for, and it's at this point that we can choose to discard the boat. If we're relegated to being a specifically Daoist site, then that's just spending more time than necessary in the boat... Love your comment about being all Immortals in the first place. Of course we are, it's all Now! (OH. I see you said ungrounded followers, not underground followers. Apologies to Castaneda)
  23. Caduceus - staff of Hermes

    Yes! I missed this before, @Apech. To gaze into someone's eyes is difficult if you are filled with secrets. If you have guilts, if you are not honest. To decide to gaze into another eyes is to open yourself to the release of fears, I've found! You can almost feel the layers of obstruction falling away. Not a comfortable beginning - but as you say, when the separations are gone, mind rests in mind. Recognition! It recognizes Itself!
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  25. The place of emotions in spirituality

    I kind of agree with that teacher, lol. Yes, negative and positive are polar opposites. But the designation of negative or positive is in the mind of the beholder. So many things in my life I might have labeled 'negative' at one time, turned out to be 'positive' after some time passed.