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  1. (Or Kindle, as the case may be). We had a good time with this when a wonderful entity named Songs of Distant Earth used to participate here. I still have a hole in my heart because he no longer does. But the thread was fun. The ones I've got lined up (or am reading all at the same time, actually) are: TROPIC OF CHAOS; Climate Change and the New Geography of Violence (Christian Parenti) THE AVATAMSAKA SUTRA (Cleary translation) GREAT EMPIRES: Exploring the Power Civilizations that Changed Our World (A wonderful TIME publication that you can probably find next to the National Enquirer when you check out at the market) THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO THE RIDER WAITE TAROT (Fiebig & Borger)
  2. New here -excited

    Glad you found us, Chrissy. It's always a delight to find people vibrating on the same frequency.
  3. For me, this is much easier said than done. Those of us with nasty upbringings, the reverberations seem to go on ad infinitum. When you're brought up feeling like a P.O.S. it is next to impossible to undo this. The only time I truly feel love is when I am in Oneness with life, with all things, all animals, all people. From time to time. And to remember that when I am looking into the pupils of another's eyes, that I am looking at the vast, void awareness that we all have in common. It'd be great if I could stay in that mindset, but at some point that just becomes 'the Practice'.
  4. Going a little further with the self discovery idea - I'd love to share one of most wonderful passages I've ever read, from "Advanced Course in Yogi Philosophy and Oriental Occultism" by Yogi Ramacharaka, written in 1904: "The brute instincts are still with us, constantly forcing themselves into our field of thought. Occultists learn to curb and control these lower instincts, subordinating them to the higher mental ideals which unfold into the field of consciousness. Do not be discouraged if you still find that you have much of the animal within your nature - we all have - the only difference is that some of us have learned to control the brute, and to keep him in leash and subordinate and obedient to the higher parts of our nature, while others allow the beast to rule them, and they shiver and turn pale when he shows his teeth, not seeming to realize that a firm demeanor and a calm mind will cause the beast to retreat to his corner and allow himself to be kept behind bars. "If you find constant manifestations of the beast within you, struggling to be free and to assert his old power, do not be disturbed. This is no sign of weakness, but is really an indication that your spiritual growth has begun. For whereas you now recognize the brute, and feel ashamed, you formerly did not realize his presence -- were not aware of his existence, for you WERE the brute himself. It is only because you are trying to divorce yourself from him, that you feel ashamed of his presence. You cannot see him until you begin to be 'different' from him. "Learn to be a tamer of wild beasts, for you have a whole menagerie within you. The lion; the tiger; the hyena, the ape, the pig, the peacock, and all the rest are there, constantly showing forth some of their characteristics. Do not fear them - smile at them when they show themselves -- for you are stronger than they, and can bring them to subjection -- and their appearance is useful to you in the way of instructing you as to their existence. "They are an amusing lot, when you have reached the stage where you are able to practically stand aside and see them perform their tricks, and go through their antics. You then feel strongly that they are not YOU, but something apart from you -- something from which you are becoming rapidly divorced. Do not worry about the beasts -- for you are the master."
  5. This thought occurs to me as well, 2ndchance. If your initial and following posts, it made me wonder if your posts were ignited by some sort of substance. That is the same mental place I would get into when I drank a lot. But if not..... It sounds to me like you are on a threshold of sorts. You were not capable of seeing your shortcomings until they started to peel away from you. Before this, you were your shortcomings. This seems to me like this is how the system works. If we reach a place where we can see ourselves for what we really are, warts and all, this is certainly a big step toward enlightenment. After all, a big component of enlightenment is nothing more than the intentional removal of our previous conditioning - which has to be seen before it can be removed. You appear to be at a place where you are seeing much of your conditioning to this point. Your unhappiness with your alpha male ego is huge. Personally, I think you're on the verge of a quantum leap to the next level, whatever that may be. Do be patient with yourself. Do understand that everyone who has reached enlightenment had to go through exactly what you're going through - looking at themselves for who they really are, and taking responsibility for the fact that we've screwed up in the past and hurt many people in the process. Some would call it the Dark Night of the soul. It is a necessary rite of passage. But you're in just the right place, on this website, where people will understand exactly where you are and what you're going through. I wish you the very best, friend. Just don't give up right before the miracle occurs. Love to you - Manitou
  6. I believe this is incredibly profound, brother Steve
  7. This is my way of seeing it too. It has to do with the fact that we are 99.9999999% not here. The .0000001% remainder are the mass of the protons, neutrons, electrons, quarks, neutrinos spinning. The rest of the atom is space. And the components of the atom is being broken down further. As our instruments get bigger and smarter, I'm guessing that the end realization will be that we are nothing but the dream of the One Intelligence. Without the spinning action of the atomic components (or the solar system, for that matter) we wouldn't be here at all. I read recently where the scientists involved with the Hadron Collider have found that some atomic components, when split, actually bend time by splitting into the past! So much we don't know.
  8. I agree. Many recovering ones go on to do incredible things. It has to do with the 'fearless and thorough moral inventory' as described in Step 4 of the 12 steps. Once this process of viewing ourselves (out of necessity!) begins, it continues throughout one's life. When I first did that step, I made the assumption that I had every character defect I could think of, and then it was just a matter of figuring out to which degree it manifested within me. Then there are remedies to remove it, or at least as much as we can at the time. It also includes the humiliating process of making amends to those we had harmed. As I see it now, after doing this in awareness for 38 years, the steps work as well as anything else to start the process toward self realization. But nobody tells you that when you first walk in....
  9. Which books sit on your nightstand?

    I'm currently reading The Day After Roswell by Col. Philip Corso, as recommended by my new Bujinkan ninja friend. I've never given the UFO thing much thought until now. Holy crap.
  10. Yes, I agree, that too is the trick. We must remember that everything we have done has been part of our path - we wouldn't be what we are today unless we had gone through the very circumstances that may make us cringe today, LOL. And, being a recovering alcoholic, I've got plenty to cringe about - but now the cringe turns to chuckles when I realize what a jerk I was....(Like for example when I was wearing a beautiful black gown on New Year Eve, but coming out of a blackout and finding myself kneeling on the floor barfing into a toilet in the men's room at some strange bowling alley - I had no idea how I got there---I mean things like this were not unusual at all). All I can do now is give myself a break and laugh about it.
  11. This, to me, is the essence of humility. It's unusual in society to run into people who look within to find out 'why they've manifested this' because of their own character deficiencies. The tendency, of course, is for people to place blame on others when things don't go our way. As I see it, the only way to change the situation is to change ourselves. Nice post, Kondensation!
  12. I don't know who I am

    Say you're the only person sitting in the front row of a movie theater. The movie that is playing is Your Life in real time. YOU are the watcher. The movie is the dream.
  13. Similarities among religions

    I guess this is one type of internal realization. Please don't choke; do turn your head to the side.
  14. Similarities among religions

    Wonderful thread. I feel that the really important thing is that, regardless of where in the world we are born, man was born with this 'question' in his heart. That is our commonality. At the bottom of the question is "who am I?" I'm of the opinion that the trick is to transcend any particular path we were born into. Dogma is divisive and limiting. Transcending the dogma is liberation. And I believe they all go the same place. Jesus obviously transcended his upbringing. As did Siddartha. They found their enlightenment by internal realization, not parroting someone else's words.
  15. In my personal practice, I find that remembering that we're all One, all the same consciousness is a great benefit to staying non-judgmental toward people. The reason we recognize shortfalls in each other is because we possess the same, otherwise we wouldn't be able to recognize them. Remembering the Oneness also helpful in approaching new people and fearing no one. I just look at the pupils of someone's eyes and remember that the eye-to-eye contact is merely a component of the great web of awareness.... and, when I'm in consciousness, remember that they too are 'god'. Who's to hate?
  16. [TTC Study] Chapter 11 of the Tao Teh Ching

    Seems to be a good way to gauge our own growth.
  17. Nope. Can't think of any. But I do remember that Castaneda had to sew the eyes shut on a lizard, as a rite of passage.
  18. Any chance it's the U.S president? After all, the creature is motivated by a cheeseburger.
  19. This is the most marvelous post I've ever read on this forum. What makes this even better for me is the book I'm currently reading. The Day After Roswell, as recommended by my Bujinkan ninja buddie. Nungali - I'm so damn old I actually remember that episode when it first came out.
  20. So I'm not sure I'm reading this right. Is the alien dangling the desire for enlightenment in front of a holy person with a third eye? And why would the holy person dangle a dollar bill in front of the bearded man with the beanie? Does that mean the robed holy person is a charlatan? He looks greedy. And is there any chance the cart being towed with the bearded man possibly be a metaphor for Israel? Being towed by America? Actually, it gets pretty accurate here - the American looks gluttonous, ambitioned by a mere cheeseburger and riding a geezer scooter..
  21. That's the beauty of this place. I'll bet if you asked anyone who's been on this forum for years if they've grown because of the Bums. I would bet every single one of them would say 'yes'. It seems to be part of the process - we're all here because we want to achieve maximum growth on our paths, and finding like-minded individuals to talk to in everyday life can be a challenge. We talk to each other here, soul to soul - and every single one of us has had run-ins with others on the forum. But using the discomfort to actually grow and try to lessen the ego is what it's all about, IMO. We just keep getting better the more our ego is diminished. And we diminish it through each other. What an incredible forum this is, and how lucky we are to have found it. We all want to be enlightened Buddhas, at least metaphorically. We wouldn't be here if that weren't the case. But what separates this forum from some others is the amount of love and affection we have grown to have for each other, even if we've never physically met. We know each other in a very deep way. Your mind, your openness, and your knowledge are wonderful, 2ndChance. It is apparent that you are going to be a very strong presence on this forum, and you'll just be getting better and better as time goes on. We all seem to develop a different type of humility because of our interactions with each other - the buttons of ego within us seem to get filed down, and some would say that the most precious of mindsets is the one where we really 'know nothing' and keep our minds in a state of childlike openness, without opinion, without judgment. Please know that you are loved here, and a great addition.
  22. Qualities of the Taoist (Ch 16, DDJ, Yutang) "When the highest type of men hear the Tao (truth) They practice it diligently. When the mediocre type hear the Tao, They seem to be aware and yet unaware of it. When the lowest type hear the Tao, They break into loud laughter, If it were not laughed at, it would not be Tao. Therefore there is the established saying: "Who understands Tao seems dull of comprehension; Who is advanced in Tao seems to slip backwards; Who moves on the even Tao (Path) seems to go up and down". Superior virtue appears like a hollow (valley); Sheer white appears like tarnished; Great character appears like insufficient; Solid character appears like infirm; Pure worth appear like contaminated. Great space has no corner; Great talent takes long to mature; Great music is faintly heard; Great Form has no contour; And Tao is hidden without a name. It is this Tao that is adept at lending (its power) and bringing fulfilment.
  23. The definition of metaphysics, as defined in Wikipedia or Websters, is pretty much how I see metaphysics - the study of the essence of things, of the nature of matter, the unseen forces of nature that cause phenomena as we see it. As our physical sensory abilities are limited, I've wondered if there may not be other beings on this same plane who possess a different set of sensory organs - hearing in a different frequency, seeing in a different perception of light. For example, bats flying at night 'see' in a neon green (or at least that was the conclusion of scientists who studied the vision of bats). If true, bats inhabit a totally different world than we do, in their estimation. Metaphysics is an awfully broad umbrella. I have a lady friend in Pennsylvania who throws Metaphysical Fairs every few months. Vendors will show up and sell their crystals and their oils, palms will be read, reiki will be done. Magic rocks with their healing properties will be sold. This form of metaphysics, in my opinion, is not true metaphysics, at least not as I see it. I agree with the OP that there is great benefit of studying all forms of religion and philosophy - and what I've found, in my experience, is that they all end up going to the same place. The same 'metaphysical' place, which turns out to be the nature of matter, realizing that what we see as matter may be nothing more than 'thought'. This, to me, is the higher form of metaphysics. I don't know about gnomes and faeries and such things. I'd be real interested to hear of any interactions you've had with them, 2nd Chance. I've been at this for about 40 years and never run into one of the little fellows. But my left brain often gets in my way because it is highly conditioned (legal work and law enforcement), so I'm not blessed with a terribly imaginative brain. Like....I can't 'visualize' anything at all.
  24. Is it a particle or is it a wave of probability? Oops. It's both.