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  1. (Or Kindle, as the case may be). We had a good time with this when a wonderful entity named Songs of Distant Earth used to participate here. I still have a hole in my heart because he no longer does. But the thread was fun. The ones I've got lined up (or am reading all at the same time, actually) are: TROPIC OF CHAOS; Climate Change and the New Geography of Violence (Christian Parenti) THE AVATAMSAKA SUTRA (Cleary translation) GREAT EMPIRES: Exploring the Power Civilizations that Changed Our World (A wonderful TIME publication that you can probably find next to the National Enquirer when you check out at the market) THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO THE RIDER WAITE TAROT (Fiebig & Borger)
  2. Is it a particle or is it a wave of probability? Oops. It's both.
  3. I'm having a little trouble understanding the basis for your post. It feels like something that is trying to emerge from the mist. I can almost make out the shape, but not quite yet. I feel you're on to something probably very profound, but it might be at that special 'place' where words can't describe it. I too think about stuff like this all the time. So much of us is filled with space, not matter. And what makes this any realer than a dream which is also projected onto our basic consciousness? I just don't know if there's an answer that we have access to. We are nothing but our conditioning - until we get to the place where we realize that, and at that point we can start thinking and behaving in alternate ways. When I walk the dogs, I have gotten into the habit of trying not to label anything - to realize that the air we breathe is also a type of matter, only not visible to us. I try to look at everything as all connected with no differentiation. Once, about 35 years ago, I was driving across the desert - which is a bit of a mind deadening thing to do anyways. Almost hypnotizing. But suddenly I saw all these concentric lines attaching everything to everything else - surrounding the trees, the houses, the clouds, the people, the cars - everything. It was all the same thing, acting in concert. And for an instant, I was given a glimpse of how it all worked. I remember saying to myself "Aah! So that's how it works!" I truly saw it. And then, the next moment, it was all forgotten. It slipped away - it's still in there somewhere, and I suspect that I get access to it only when needed.
  4. LOL. I thought everybody had it. Maybe they do and can't hear it. But I was at my brothers last week and I was talking to him and his wife. I said 'you know that emphatic little voice that tells you something off-the-wall, like 'Go give that homeless guy $20?' My brother and sister in law just shook their heads, said 'No', and were rolling their eyes for the rest of the evening. You'd think that by this age I would have learned to keep my mouth shut...
  5. And then there's the Voice. Not an actual voice, but an off-the-wall thought that tells you to do something totally unexpected, but it comes in real strong. Like a real strong intuitive instruction. Disregard that one at your own peril. It always seems to make an appearance when one gets oneself out of the way.
  6. The Evolution of a spiritual douche bag

    ZenPig, you said that this morning you had a discussion with a real person. I'm assuming he fancied himself a teacher of sorts because he had a type of awakening? What got you to thinking about this?
  7. I prefer going to a party with a bit of cannabis rather than going to a party where people are putting water in their ears. Am I missing something?
  8. Just seeking my path

    Some would say you always have existed and always will.
  9. Not sure words can describe Awareness, but I look at it as being aware that we're the ones who are the blackboards on which we write our lives in chalk. I think from a certain perspective, it's the witness state; both witnessing our physical selves from a higher perch, and realizing that we're an essential part of the one life. And I just noticed last night that cannabis brings on an instant witness state, lol. It's like you separate in two without trying. (It was some really good shit...)
  10. Please leave ego aside to read this

    I hardly know what to say, Steve. Thank you.
  11. This is going to be a difficult thread to write, because something of the most profound nature happened to me last night. I can offer no proofs other than a re-telling of my experience. As DB's, we can inadvertently get a little competitive, as evidenced by the occasional spats on the threads - but I ask you to set ego aside as I relate this. I offer this as a glimpse into what we all want here - enlightenment. About 7 months ago I moved to the Palm Springs, CA area after my husband died. The grief I experienced for over a year seems to have honed me in some way; like going through a fire and having the extraneous burned off. In the complex that I live in, there is a place I go daily to walk the dogs. I met the people who live right there because they have a dog that looks exactly like mine. We struck up a friendship. Unknown to me, the man in the duo is a Bujinkan master. He goes to Japan regularly to hone his incredible skills under Masaaki Hatsumi. He is a well known teacher of this incredible ninja martial art in the U.S.. and other parts of the world. I asked if he had videos online, and he indicated that there were several on youtube. I starting watching his videos and those of Masaaki Hatsumi. What I saw in them amazed me. It is the Dao brought into the physical. I recognized it immediately and confirmed it with him. Captivated for some reason, I watched them over and over - couldn't get enough. He gave me a study manual (much spiritual and psychological as well) and I've been reading it carefully. For some reason, this tying together of the Dao as a philosophy and the Dao in form (Bujinkan) was what I needed to see. I've talked about self-realization on this forum for a long time. Apparently I didn't know what it really was. I've walked the path of AA for 38 years and in working the steps, one removes layer after layer of shadow within - both through acknowledgment of the flaw and making amends for things done in the past. I knew I was on the path to self-realization (I used to go to Manley Hall lectures in Hollywood and the seed was planted early in me, in the 1970's). My association with TDB's has been just about the most instrumental vehicle for furtherance of this path because we come from so many points of view, and yet there are truths that lie at the bottom of these points of views, or paths, that are universal. After a while, rough edges and firm opinions within us are eliminated here. In addition to the study of multiple religions to the point of transcendence of any particular path. So, last night. I was walking the dogs before going to bed and I stopped and looked at the stars for a few moments. I was hit by a jolt of energy, seemingly coming from the stars, that I've never experienced in my life. I immediately thought about Saul on the road to Damascus, how he was hit by a jolt, from my old Christian days. I felt a little snap in my heart or brain, like someone snapping a small twig. Something unblocked. Immediately after being hit by this jolt which felt like an inner gulp of realization - not anything of the brain - I heard a voice in my head that said 'I AM an enlightened being'. I immediately felt energy rushing out of me, going in all directions. I started to tremble. I have been a proponent of the I AM consciousness for 20 years, ever since studying The Impersonal Life by Anonymous. Within this consciousness we realize who we really Are. But I know today that I had never taken the actual inner gulp of self-realization that I took last night, where I actually experienced it. At once, my whole essence had no fear, no discomfort, radiating warmth, and an overall feeling of love for everything. The realizations continued when I got home. I jotted them down so I could tell you about them today. First realization: There is a responsibility with enlightenment. It is our purpose as enlightened beings to act like an enlightened being, in speech and deeds. It doesn't matter what we do with it, on how big or little a scale. We are the torch bearers, the frequency holders. - We are all enlightened beings. Every single one of us. But it's not until we get that gulp of realization that we really are that we truly feel the truth of the matter. No doubt remains. No questions, no measurement of yourself vs. some master or fellow poster on the Bums. You know in your entire persona. Today I woke up with the thought 'I am an enlightened being' on my mind, first thing on waking up. The glow remains with me. I offer this experience to hear from others who may have gone through this, or as a little roadmap for what is no doubt coming for you too.
  12. This is why I love the metaphysics of the commonality of all vehicles for enlightenment. When you say 'Enlightening experiences or nondual realization don't make enlightened or realized' - I couldn't agree with you more. An enlightening experience may be wonderful, but if it isn't accompanied by inner dissolution of the shadows within (prior conditioning, etc), it will only remain an enlightening experience. And I too understand that there is a responsibility that comes naturally with becoming realized. Actions must be tempered, buttons that others can push must be removed. I think this process continues either pre or post-realized - an eternal path where we become kinder, more loving, capable of deciding our own thoughts, realizing that our thinking controls our external life. And most importantly, realizing that if you had the same conditioning, same memories, and same level of awareness, you too would be doing or saying exactly as the other person is. Because you ARE the other person.
  13. What a beautiful article, Dwai. Thank you. And when we see beautiful attributes in another, we are seeing our own Self. Like any third grader can tell you, "it takes one to know one". Love becomes a whole different situation altogether when we try to look at the world non-judgmentally. I try daily. I often fail and have to bring myself back to right-seeing. This is a lifetime work. The kind of movie-love that poses for the real love is so misunderstood. As it alludes to in the article, this type of love, that one "falls into" is trying to find a sense of completion within ourselves. Your article is mindful of the fact that the love we feel for another is not for the other, it is for ourself. Love can even be to let someone else have the last word in an argument. The ego stings for a moment, then it's over. You've come out ahead because your ego is diminished - enabling more light to enter.
  14. Love means so many different things in different circumstances. Love might be stopping, getting out of the car, and giving a homeless person a few bucks. Or it may be picking up a piece of trash in an otherwise beautiful park. I still have remnants of Carlos Castaneda in me, wherein his nagual Don Juan Mateus was forever reminding him to be "impeccable" in his life. This is to be in the here and now, to take responsibility for our words and actions, to be a blessing when needed. Or love may be the power of attraction that is the glue that holds the universe together. It is to know that we are One with the earth and all other things/animals/minerals/worms/etc. and to act accordingly. Love's demands change continually and eternally. Sometimes it's just listening to another person, without opinion getting in the way. I love OldDog's previous comment about not being really here, but loving to argue with other people on the internet who aren't really here either. As I see it, the construction of an atom is approximately 99.99% space. Which to me means that the only thing that makes anything appear real is the fact that the other components of the atom, the electrons, neutrons, quarks, etc - are circulating at such a fast rate that they appear solid. I don't know, are the components rotating at 186,000 MPS? Maybe the whole concept of mutual attraction (love?) is the cohesion for everything in the galaxy or beyond, as everything is rotating with everything else. It also occurs to me that without rotation we would have no concept of Time, as there would be no days and nights.
  15. Hello

    Hi qullible - so nice to have you here. Prepare for an open mind, lol.
  16. Hey!

    Hi Seb, you're in the right place. The action of the Dao is reversion. Back to simplicity.
  17. Hi everyone :)

    Hi Dom - I don't think anyone really gets to this site by accident. What originally brought you here may not be the same as what keeps you here. Or, it may. You'll find what you're looking for on these threads. Welcome.
  18. Just seeking my path

    Hi cg4tw - glad you're here. You'll meet a lot of nice and helpful folks. Welcome.
  19. Please leave ego aside to read this

    OldDog, it is a testament to TDB. Although I've met a dozen Bums in person, it pales compared to the soul sharing that is done on this forum. We have been old-soul friends for a long time, and we know each other, in some important ways, better than our own families may. So glad you found your way here.
  20. Please leave ego aside to read this

    Thank you Rene. Your observation means a lot to me. The strange thing is how many others of the same understanding I'm running into. Suddenly. I met a man sitting on a park bench wearing only a pair of shorts and a wife beater Tshirt. He looked like he was freezing. I walked up to him and told him I lived only a block away, can I go get you a flannel shirt? He said no, he was waiting for someone. But he strolled with me to the other side of the park. I'm not kidding you, I'm pretty sure I was talking to an incarnation of the Buddha. Things like that are happening often now. Did you run into the same?
  21. Please leave ego aside to read this

    Thank you for these beautiful words. I hope that my capability of appreciating continues to broaden. And the same wish to you
  22. Please leave ego aside to read this

    Funny how the ninja thing came so late in my metaphysical career. It's as though I had to see the Dao in physical action to truly assimilate it. I had a similar, but not so dramatic, thing happen at around 7 as well. My friend and I were laying on the grass and just staring into the sky. I suddenly got swept away by the vastness of it, pulled in, like a big swoon. Not dissimilar from how it felt the other night. The threads, truly an interesting way of coming together. Just hearing the right thing at the right time unlocks another tumbler in the lock. The thing of most value on this forum, to me, is finding the common truths in so many different points of view. I've been here for about 10 years, and I will attest to this forum being the very best thing to smoothing out the rough edges in our character, to softening the opinions and ego. I came in combative, in a sense - sure of my opinions (pretty much remnants of my Christian era) to something which is accepting and loving of the Whole. There is no wrong answer, ever. It's just a manifestation of our conditioning at that moment, and as such is subject to change as wisdom accrues.
  23. Please leave ego aside to read this

    It's nothing more than a realization! That's all. And I guess we get the realization when everything comes together. The inner feeling was kind of the same jolt I felt when my father told me there was no Santa Claus. Only a little more positive.... Bewildering, for sure (That emoticon was for the ninja Bujinkan involvement wrapped up in all this)
  24. Qigong Beginner questions

    It sounds exactly like what happened to Carlos Castaneda when Don Juan, the nagual, first started working with him. Horrible excretions from every possible place.