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  1. Because a few decades ago Mantak Chia demonstrated that there's a market for it.
  2. There is more than enough information on how NOT to become immortal. Therefore, the best strategy would be to invent a totally new method (this is harder than you may think because people are experimenting since time immemorial) and to sincerely hope that it works.
  3. What exactly is Cultivation?

    Spiritual cultivation is the training of the mind with specific methods that are practiced every day for many years. The goal is to achieve moral perfection and emotional mastery as well as extraordinary health.
  4. Why LonemanPai is just another fake alchemy website

    Yes. Considering the fact that the bottle wind practice is the favorite breathing practice of Master Nan and in that practice the sequence is exhale, inhale, hold... it's very unlikely that he suggested to hold after exhale. At some point, I think that anything will do... none is going to fly in the air anytime soon and we just want some tricks to reduce random thoughts.
  5. Why LonemanPai is just another fake alchemy website

    Where did you read that? There's a YouTube video where he says exactly the opposite: exhale, inhale, hold.
  6. Leading Qi to the teeth

    It would be great to hear testimonials of actual teeth regrowth produced by Qigong exercises, but evidences so far point to nothing. If you like to hear marvelous stories, probably you've read of the 250+ years old wandering daoist herbalist who appeared from the mountain and met many important personalities. There's a great book translated by Stuart A. Olson with all the details of the story. An actual photograph of the old man can be seen on Yang Jwing Ming book. The herbalist (who probably knew everything about powders for teeth rejuvenation, etc) claimed that his longevity was the result of diligent daoist practices, but unfortunately he had no teeth and he was completely bald. My conclusion is that even if your qigong is so good that it can prolong your lifespan, it may be not enough to regrow your teeth.
  7. An eye-opener speech! This is going to change entirely my views on women psychology!
  8. Valentine's Day Sucks!!!

    What's more important : to love or to be loved?
  9. According to the standards of ancient greek culture in which the philosophical definition of Eros was born, it was desirable for a mature man to have a child lover ( a young boy) to have sex with and to teach him about life. That bond would be defined with the philosophical concept of eros, but today we should probably rely on the more pragmatic psychological definitions of pedophilia and child abuse. Considering that, I don't think that it's desirable to rely on an ancient definition of something that we can currently experience, observe and define with our own cultural standards.
  10. In my opinion, that's just the general shallow understanding of love which permeates our most basic human nature. The causes and general process of falling in love are explained by modern science. So, to contribute positively in this thread I'll just say that one doesn't need much more than a photo to understand if he/she wants to have sex with a particular individual. We have this shallow understanding of love, a brief talk and a little step further would be to formalize the intention of not having sex with those outside the relationship. Love is born. That's what people call love: when you feel something missing in you and you expect to get it from someone else who happens to be the object of your sexual desire. Real love is something else.
  11. Could people start contacting their clones?

    Jesus was the son of one of the Elohim. The greek word for "God" is Theoi and it has roots in the greek word for "guardian, observer". Elohim was not a single individual, but many; Elohim were leaders of nations. The face of Jesus is not like an Elohim because is half-breed. Elohim created a lot of issues on this planet. Jesus was actually a person that went from the heavenly system call-center office (lifetime telephone marketing device operation office) to the baby program. Every clone of Jesus usually holds 6th rank higher clergy rank after 66 years(with at least 49 (7*7) good consecutive years on the evaluation). Sometimes he get violations on his evaluation. Jesus was remotely killed by Alexander the Great. The Alexander operation that the call-center office has on the server. Alexander the Great killed Jesus so he could be named "the great" like Charlemagne. There were a number of individuals named "the great". They all come from the same heavenly office. Did you verify with your phones or tablet ?
  12. Could people start contacting their clones?

    Reading the history of Siddhartha Guatama, I see that this person was definitely a little bit unconventional, but I'll surely verify that with my phones. I love the history of Siddhartha Guatama. Shiva/Elohim are 303 different individuals, Shiva being one and Elohim being 302 different gods. They created a lot of things and paths on the planet. The only things that exist for sure are the yellow eyes/orange eyes/white eyes and the sleep levels. All of these paths involved moving in a certain direction. The movement builds muscle mass and purify the body. Jesus got thrown in jail just 200 decades ago for being the leader of a bloodthirsty messianic movement by using the illusion office from the heavenly system. He usually calls in the mass ritual. This person is an issue for the minds of many; he went bad a long time ago. But I love the history of Siddhartha Guatama.
  13. I'd like to be an Enlightened Immortal Healer Sorcerer Wizard, but not an Enlightened Immortal Healer Sorcerer Shaman Wizard.