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  1. asanas,qi-gong, tibetan rites for youth and longevity

    I think that what could constitute a breaktrough in this direction is a deep undestanding of the workings of the mind and the ability to strongly influence it.
  2. I feel that the shaking practices bring a subtle layer of physichal and mental tensions which need to be released with great care after each practice session
  3. Is life long celibacy even possible ???

    Yes, it's possible since the human body has the ability to adapt. I've been celibate for many years. In certain animals, to post-pone reproduction has the effect of prolonging life-span... but that's certainly not the case for humans (nor for bees). Celibacy won't be better in itself than a moderate sexual activity, imho.
  4. Theosis: Becoming Like God

    I feel that your understanding of Christianity is somehow naive. Why don't you read a catechism (for example, the catholic one which is available for free online) to get an idea of the real thing?
  5. Theosis: Becoming Like God

    No ambiguity. The idea is to get your physical body back and resurrect like Christ ( who happened to keep the scars of his crucifixion as a proof for his apostles of being that precise physical body). Christian theology is very clear on that.
  6. Our Lord Poseidon the Great God can never die.
  7. According to a number of spiritual traditions, to sleep less is an important aspect of spiritual cultivation: the nath yogis and even the contemporary Buddhist teacher Nan Huai Chin used to sleep only a few hours per day. Even Gurdjieff used to sleep 4 hrs per day. But today's science tells how harmful is sleep deprivation.
  8. It gladdens me to know that I have a skill of which some teachers speak very highly. If I were prone to superstitious ideas, I could even dare to follow such teachers. But we are who we are. Nothing special.
  9. I can sit in full lotus for hours and I can tell you that it's just a comfortable posture for meditation. It allows you to sit on a hard surface for a long period of time without pain. It's a fundamental skill if you are a buddhist wandering ascetic who has taken the vow not to buy a cushion.
  10. sex

    Activity always has some energy expenditures. Why should sex be an exception?
  11. Long hair and feeling connected to nature

    She's so beautiful
  12. Long hair and feeling connected to nature

    Why the Buddha would do something so counteractive to the spiritual growth of his disciples as turning them into shaved mendicants?
  13. What about the future moment? What about death? As a human being, you're worried by death. The moment you accept a theory or the istant you get an understanding of the great unknown, you're doing something. Maybe you believe in reincarnation and the atman to get relief... and this is doing something.

    Although I believe that the rhythmic repetition of sounds is a valuable exercise for the brain functions, it's completely outside of my personal experiences to be able to either meet the specific divine being of the chanted mantra or to cultivate the spiritual qualities of the heart solely by the mantra practice. The mani doesn't create compassion in my heart, the manjushri mantra doesn't generate wisdom and have no effect on my memory, the Hare Krishna doesn't produce detachment from material desires, etc... There are visualizations to get those results, but one can really use any mantras or no mantras at all. There are a few accounts of accomplished masters who weren't able to pronounce the mantras correctly, so the sound vibration myth is somehow exaggerated. My conclusion is that out of a portion of true benefit from training the mind with a mantra, hundreds of superstitions came forth and passed down through the centuries.
  15. Training your dragon

    Are there any scientific studies on this subject ?