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  1. Karma/Kidney connection

    Frequent urination appears at a certain stage of the cultivation practice. It' ll pass by itself (as a symptom. Probably evolving into something more subtle to detect) , but I'm not aware of anyone who actually investigated the causes. Before talking about karma, I think it's better to consult a physician.
  2. Let's Scry!

    It's not going to work without the coned hat. Remember how Saruman ended his hatless Palantir experience.
  3. Karma/Kidney connection According to various self-help medical sources, it's probably a symptom of inflammation in the urinary tract. It's common for meditators of the chakras/Kundalini styles.
  4. Neidan ( all experiences and opinions wanted)

    This is the spirituality megastore where your soul's needs for fancy concentration exercises and intricate pantomimes will be taken care of. Just pick the system that sells better.... errr... the system that resonates with you. If it resonates in a quantum manner, it's the best! You'll have plenty of time to try many of those cultivation systems, so you might as well start with the cheapest.
  5. Was the Buddha a Genius?

    Over the course of the centuries in Asia, anyone who came up with a brilliant understanding was often asked "Who taught you this thing?"... and the answer was inevitably "the Buddha, you don't need to question the validity of this idea. The Buddha said so, it must be the truth, just accept it". We used to have something similar here in the west. Have you ever heard the expression Ipse Dixit?
  6. Helping ignorant spiritual people

    Hi, I'm Joe and I have ISPS (ignorant spiritual person syndrome). None has the spiritual knowledge that I want and I don't care how spiritual things should be done. The important thing is that my spiritual side serves my life well. Also, I think that you don't understand compassion at all. You don't have to be compassionate because it will help Jesus to love you more. You can choose to cultivate the emotional feeling of compassion because it can grow stronger than the most pleasurable sensations that you currently have. It doesn't really matter to have compassion for everyone: the important part is how strong your compassion is. Actually, to have an uncontrollable feeling of compassion for everyone is a subtle mental disease.
  7. There's too much reality for a single philosophy to explain everything.
  8. Why do so few qigong masters radiate vitality?

    Yes, there's qigong for cancer... but it's secret and none knows about it
  9. Why do so few qigong masters radiate vitality?

    ...aaand it doesn't work. No, they don't. You don't really need to do anything to appear considerably young until 40. The real feat would be to appear in your 20/30, when you're over 50. Before delving into miracles, why not cure myopia and baldness with qigong? Because it doesn't work.
  10. Why do so few qigong masters radiate vitality?

    An old master (50yrs +) who looks young (20/30 years old) could prove the efficacy of his methods by his mere presence. Maybe in 10 years or so, we will have one... but for now, there's no such a thing as qigong for longevity, IMHO. As for vitality, it's a matter of good diet and normal physical exercise ( jogging, etc). You can't find exceptional vitality in qigong masters.
  11. when time runs out...

  12. Why do so few qigong masters radiate vitality?

    One may ponder about the general effectiveness of qigong and taichi ... ...but if at some point, one starts to think that a legion of dark yin-qi wizards has taken over the industry, that's just too much
  13. The daoist way to understand the TTC would be to perform a magical evocation of the author himself...
  14. Reincarnation

    I tend to wrestle with the idea of reincarnation most of the time and currently I'm at 50/50 belief/disbelief. But even if we could demonstrate that a certain individual has gone through the process, we still can't assume that everyone does. From a purely pragmatic point of view, I feel that not to believe in reincarnation/paradise/whatever will make for a better existence.