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  1. ancient jews as bedouin ?

    Not really. We don't know for sure that we're talking about "Jews". The term "jewish" would imply that they're all from the tribe of Judah, an historically inaccurate hypothesis . In fact, there are those who prefer the term "Israelites" to say that they come from the 12 tribes and the "state of Israel" is definitely not the "state of Judea". But in ancient time, when historians (and writers) talked about the "jews" who inhabited the region, they used the word "hebrews". For example, the apostle Paul wrote the "Epistle to the hebrews" and not the "Epistles to the jews"... and he was a Jew and he was writing to his own people. Where does the term "hebrew" come from? Noah Other children Sem, his people were the Semites descendants Ever, his peopel were the Ivriim or the hebrews (from here, they're all hebrews) descendants Terach Nacor Aram Abraham Isaac Esau Jacob (Israel) The bible talks about the pact between God and Israel. Everyone else is outside of the pact, even Jacob's twin brother. But they're all hebrews.
  2. the "music that open your heart" thread

    This. The singer is famous for his Joik, traditional sami stuff to evoke the essence of a person, a place, etc...
  3. @idquest they're just sitting. That's not ZZ.
  4. Snakes, insects and reptiles in general perform the effortless stand... I've heard that even horses may sleep standing. But our genetic family of sexually addicted apes don't. It's unnatural. To imitate a tree is as unnatural as imitating waterfalls and jumping down the cliff or imitating mushrooms and living in the dirt.
  5. If man was to follow nature, then he should avoid standing still.
  6. what practices to start with ?

    I've practiced those things for 10 years and I regret every second. The most you can get from meditation is relaxation and stress reduction: 10 minutes a day is more than enough. My advice is to cultivate other things in your life.
  7. Can you deny this?

  8. Enlightenment is the myth of perfection according to a specific philosophy. We used to have many of those myths before Christians destroyed the various Greek schools. For example, see what's the ideal of spiritual perfection according to the Stoic school.
  9. Lower Dantian / Hara vs. Third Eye

    Each one of us has a standard for "good methods". It's so fascinating to focus awareness in the body that many people think of it as the standard of effective methods. Then there are those who don't practice "methods" at all...
  10. Lower Dantian / Hara vs. Third Eye

    I'm sure you can find other great ways to vent your frustrations without that facepalm smiley
  11. Kaliyuga and chanting

    That "saying" comes from Hare-Krishna (and generally Pushti Marga sects) sources. It's attributed to Lord Chaitanya who promoted bahjan practices. If you're interested, you'll find plenty of explanations from the same ISKCON sources: ask in their forums or read Shrila Prabhupada's books.
  12. Lower Dantian / Hara vs. Third Eye

    Why not placing awareness in front of your eyes, stop clinging to the various "magical spots" and actually forget your body for real?
  13. Vampire

    Vampires are definitely as real as the Buddha himself.
  14. Chundi mantra

    Same sort of superstitions in my opinion.
  15. Chundi mantra

    Is Chundi more powerful than the Virgin Mary?