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  1. Is it possible for castrated person to cultivate?

    From a physiological perspective, a castrated individual has a different hormonal balance: testicles are glands with specific roles in a whole system. If your view of cultivation separates the physical from the spiritual, then it shouldn't constitute a problem.
  2. I have the impression that the Kriya yoga legacy has a lot of premature death stories. Am I correct?
  3. We tend to believe that we can outsmart the rest of humanity with a few tricks. We love the idea so much that even when it's evident that the plan is a failure, we keep going without even considering to change direction. That's how talented people devoted to harmful practices end up shortening their lifespan, IMHO.
  4. Teachers who accept money vs. teachers who teach for free

    Yes, it's a service and there's a conflict of interest. It's the nature of business. That's why there are supervisory authorities almost everywhere. Assuming that your spiritual service is not "quantifiable" by any objective means, to request a payment as the sole pre-requisite to access the teachings doesn't make you a fraud, but surely it doesn't help if the student is trying to understand if you're genuine or not. That's why Buddha's meditation instructions were supposed to be given for free to anyone who requested them.
  5. Teachers who accept money vs. teachers who teach for free

    C. O. I. It stands for Conflict of interests. A paid teacher in the spiritual ground (where there are no restrictions, no rules, no categories) is incentivized to: -be as exclusive as possible; -control and limit the making of new teachers out of his disciples; -make up new teachings to generate a new income; -set up a personality cult; -accept even toxic people in the group of students ; -never to admit of being wrong; -eventually lie about his/her past and the teachings; -not to teach the most advanced stuff (if present) to set himself/herself apart; -more Idc if it's traditional to get paid. I believe that the genuine approach is to teach the people you love for free. If there's some quality in what you teach, your students will adjust things for you be repaid of your kindness.
  6. About Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality

    Do you want to hear about the wonders of that book or the phallacies of its philosophy?
  7. Chundi mantra

    I believe that even if you can solve all of your life problems with a magic spell from the Middle Age, the power to do so is still in your own mind and not anywhere else.
  8. The only real, tangible and scientifically proven benefit of Buddhist meditation is to get rid of suffering and all of its paraphernalia (stress, attachment, destructive emotions). The goal of neidan is to achieve a transcendental state of spiritual semi-material immortality after death and to ride golden unicorns on the rainbow and singing with magical cerulean dragons. But the most you can get with it, is just strange tactile sensations that will trick you into believing that you are into something. If you want to specialize in neidan and actually have a chance not to waste your time with it, you need to find John Chang junior.
  9. Step 1 : define if it works or not Is there any actual scientific evidence that when the lower dantian gets filled with qi, the individual get access to a series of benefits described in Taoist classic texts ? Step 2: understand how it works...
  10. Ying yang eyes

    I can see etherium things
  11. On one side, you have the big belly Tai chi masters legacy... On the other, you have the various qigong specialists shaolin monks who don't have the big belly. Both groups perform Dan tien meditation.
  12. Padre Pio The Story of the Saint

    What if padre pio was a fraud?
  13. unbelievable , Hitler was a vegetarian

    There's a YouTube documentary about Nazis and nature that describes their effort into recreating the ancestral forest in middle Europe (Poland Also). Think about Nazis coming at your door and saying "we're going to create a special nazi hunting reserve here, we take your lands". Yes, the idea was to introduce the ancient Auroch, a sort of giant wild bull for Nazis elite to enjoy the mighty hunt. Like the legendary ancient German tribes.
  14. WARNING !!!!

    Do you remember S&p500 low at 666?
  15. Yan Xin PDF from the CIA website

    Questionable statement