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  1. Should I or shouldn't I ?

    Maybe you need it, but you don't know it yet. Maybe it's the materialized form of a special spirit that wants a role in your life. But most importantly, if you buy it, you perform your duty as a consumer and contribute to the economy.
  2. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    We're too many
  3. There's a book that seems written for you about tantra from preliminaries to meditation, through sacred sex to clear light, but I can't remember the title. It was made available for free by the author. I'll post the title when I can remember it, but maybe someone else know what I'm talking about.
  4. Citta

    I don't think that the practice of buddhism is wrong, I just tend to believe that it's mostly ineffective since in this Path, experience doesn't lead to understanding. On the contrary, some people realize Anatta while others discover that buddhism is advaita vedanta, which -as some scholars believe- was developed specifically to counter buddhist philosophy in India. Now my level of interest in buddhist practice is below zero...
  5. Citta

    During countless years, people have practiced Buddhism to discover Anatta, the absence of an immortal self. The term Rebirth has been created to differentiate the concept from Reincarnation. The Buddha left methods to uncover the true nature of reality: in general there are many instructions on how to reason about the absence of a Self and then meditate on whatever understanding comes from it. Also, he left methods on how to uncover Anatta through pure meditation in order to perceive reality without the medium of a conceptual mind. I personally think that the Buddha relied on experience of transcendental states rather than on philosophical speculation, but maybe that's just an idealized Gotama in my fantasies. Now, the idea that people can rely on that same Buddhism to discover the immortal within, forces me to question the efficacy of Buddhism itself. It starts to appear as a palliative, a placebo set of exercises that gives you the impression of perceiving whatever understanding of reality you prefer.
  6. Indigo children - fact or load of crap?

    Are indigo children immune to AIDS?
  7. Citta

    My guess is that if the methods are the same, the result must necessarily be the same.
  8. Citta

    How to practice this form of ancient Buddhism ?
  9. Humans Without Souls

    According to the Bible's teachings, we know that in human beings to have a soul is equal to be alive. Therefore, only a dead body doesn't have a soul. Since this thread is also about theosophy, it's relevant to mention that in dvaita vedanta there's the same biblical concept, but extended to all living beings. In shamanism, it's more about "Spirit" than Soul... even though the terms are used interchangeably. Spirit is something like Consciousness: to be conscious is to have a spirit... you are conscious because you have a spirit. For shamans, literally everything have a spirit: the cat, the dog, the car, the train, etc... I've heard that there's a guy who actually buy human souls, but he can harvest them only at the time of death.
  10. Ouspensky and the forth way

    Sometimes people start with the FW and end up following Dzogchen classes.
  11. Why would you lose respect for a person who is not an ideal conventional stereotype? Women cheat as much as men do.
  12. Because a few decades ago Mantak Chia demonstrated that there's a market for it.
  13. There is more than enough information on how NOT to become immortal. Therefore, the best strategy would be to invent a totally new method (this is harder than you may think because people are experimenting since time immemorial) and to sincerely hope that it works.
  14. What exactly is Cultivation?

    Spiritual cultivation is the training of the mind with specific methods that are practiced every day for many years. The goal is to achieve moral perfection and emotional mastery as well as extraordinary health.