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Found 3 results

  1. Trying to make this post less obscure: I'd like to know if you believe in NLP or something that's called magic(k) or black tantra... if you believe in that, I'd like to know if there's a decent way to get aware of such stuff if one is susceptible to this stuff and to repell this influence and how that is possible. (and no, I don't wish to go into the abyss of reddit and read occultist works!) This is because when several women mentioned specifics of sexual abuse in a town nearby, there were men who spoke up and said, they might have been psychologically manipulated via hypnotherapy or neurolinguistic programming and this sounds just very disgusting and I wondered if that might be a real thing and how those could be helped, if that wasn't in their benefit but for egoistic purposes of the perpetrator. Maybe those men had no idea, was hoping for a 'reality check' on the daobums. Thanks a lot!
  2. Understanding this theory is an invaluable tool for some people because alongside accessing and integrating the shadow comes the insight that it's not just dark, it's also golden. Integrating the Shadow can also be seen as analogous to what some religions label enlightenment.The practical application of this understanding is what leads to access and integration.
  3. The great cosmic wheel, its essence weaved, the rainbow sheep rejoice! But wait, they flock to the dates, the fates they whisper of new cake. Sirens galore "look at the gates"; The Green Sheep, she leaps ~21/06/2020~