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  1. I'm 61 today. Please send money.

    Maca root, ZMA Fuel and PollenAid are my go to supplements. Keeps it all working well!! I have read that LongJack provides a testosterone boost, but haven't tried it yet. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=pollenaid&ref=nb_sb_noss_1
  2. I'm 61 today. Please send money.

    Are the seeds sativa or indica? Indica is easier to grow due to a shorter flowering time. Watch out for pathogens since it sounds like you are growing indoors. Botrytis cinerea or bud rot will devastate your grow and biologicals are the best for controlling pathogens..
  3. I'm 61 today. Please send money.

    Bonsai requires that leaves are trimmed back, but the leaves are there for a very good reason. I suggest buying a grow manual for specifics of indoor growing. Ed Rosenthall’s books are a good place to start.
  4. I'm 61 today. Please send money.

    Panama Red. Very fine bud!
  5. I'm 61 today. Please send money.

    Is this container large enough?
  6. Chatbox for the site

    No way! Some of us remember what happened awhile back with the Jeff crowd.
  7. The Dangers of "Othering"

    ‘Citizens United decision. Justice Roberts a former corporate lawyer was instrumental in encouraging that case to be brought before SCOTUS.
  8. Canna Bums

    Miracle Grow is crap! Synthetic fertilizers are not good for water systems or the soil for that matter. Nitrate runoff pollutes wells and ground water. I also use Gro-Power which is about as close to organic as you can get. NPK is well balanced and doesn't push trees, shrubbery, perennials or annuals, cannabis loves it too.
  9. Canna Bums

    Potted up to larger pots from 5 gal. yesterday. I should have done it a month ago since all were root bound. Made my own mix which should work well. Happy Frog mix, ( Humboldt County) organic compost, composted steer manure. https://foxfarm.com/product/happy-frog-potting-soil
  10. Canna Bums

    Here 6 mature and 6 immature plants are allowed at anyone time. Legal to have whatever each plant produces. Will be making Rick Simpson oil. Removed a precancerous spot from my face two years ago with a concentrate. https://www.marijuanamoment.net/new-mexico-governor-signs-marijuana-legalization-bill-making-state-third-to-enact-reform-within-days/
  11. Canna Bums

    Texas was one of the most draconian states around and from what I hear legalization will happen in the next few years. Austin is the driving force behind full legalization which means big bucks. Already Texas is feeling the squeeze from Colorado, NM and Oklahoma ( medical only). Texans hang out around dispensaries here asking card holders to purchase Cannabis for them. That will change 4-22 when anyone can purchase from any dispensary.
  12. Canna Bums

    Cannabis is fully legal here in NM. Possess and grow your own are perfectly fine. One Santa Fe County Commissioner tried to restrict home grow to indoors only since she was concerned about water usage and odor. Cannabis is very drought tolerant and six plants is a drop in the bucket compared to the insane development of multi million dollar houses in the county. After phone calls from a number of residents the commission backed off. Forget autoflower and starting to cultivate now unless indoors is an option. Cannabis is very light sensitive whereby bud production begins right around summer solstice. Mine began producing buds about a week before solstice and average 3-4 ft in height. Will be potting up to 10 gal containers this week and adding more phosphorus based plant food. A friend of mine grew a 10 ft one last year. Yield was 10.5 lbs. Home grow is a tradition around here going back decades.
  13. Canna Bums

    Unfortunately, Republicans will do anything to stop full legalization There might be a Dem or two opposing. Repealing the filibuster can help.
  14. Cultivating a State of Kindness

    Kindness is fundamental? Put people in certain kinds of stress and that goes out the window. History is replete with human horror.
  15. Discussion Culture and Dissidence

    Given the recent discussion here my post is relevant in that a few here post conspiracy laden BS which is a danger to many! Facts overrule BS!
  16. Discussion Culture and Dissidence

    Latest CDC COVID-19 map. Recent spikes are primarily in ant-vaccine communities. How long will it take for people to wake up! https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#county-view
  17. Anyone have success with the word formulas he writes about? I have Peter Dexheimer's Kindle books on 'Energy Work'. More later. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=ntt_athr_dp_sr_1?_encoding=UTF8&field-author=Peter%20Dexheimer&search-alias=digital-text&sort=relevancerank
  18. I reread it a few weeks ago. Well worth it.
  19. By extension, space both inner and outer space. The Longde series of practices are of vital importance in realizing both. Longde is what I was referring to last year in my response to you, but have never elaborated on it here. Sky gazing which is part of Longde tends to be a bit controversial here among some. Norbu taught regarding mind and nature of mind and he never ventured very far into it, but was a very elementary introduction. Mind and nature of mind could be translated as space and phenomena which are inseparable. Itzak Benthov's book "Stalking The Wild Pendulum" describes it as stillness and movement. His book is well worth reading!
  20. I don't come on here that often anymore, but your post requires a direct response. "Crazy old Norbu"? Exactly, what is your point? I Did you ever meet him and pay close attention to what he was transmitting? What I observed of the crowd around Norbu when I first met him in 1989 were wannabes and hangers-on who followed Norbu across most of this planet in the hopes that Norbu would be a surrogate parent. Lot's of projection and little or no responsibility for their own lives. If you are referring to Dzogchen in your first paragraph, that doesn't even come close to defining Dzogchen, which is without definition, shape, or form. Nor, is Dzogchen about some sort of meditation practice or even quieting the mind. Quieting implies some sort of effort. Dzogchen is all and everything with no limits in space and time. The bold above is for @Steve who asked me to define the key that is usually missed in Dzogchen teachings. Space is not a trivial concept in Dzogchen, but encompasses the continuum of infinite potential as Norbu so aptly stated it, time and time again!
  21. We have a vaccine!

    I covered that in another post. There are exceptions for some that may have allergic reactions and I don't have a problem with that. Perhaps there will be an oral vaccine that has different components. I don't know if you read my previous post a few pages ago, but I quoted the components of COVID-19 vaccine for public information.
  22. We have a vaccine!

    By having a libertarian absolute freedom point of view, then how do most of us live? Public health is at issue and not freedom to do whatever one wants. Others rights supersede my rights and have the right to infect others with impunity?
  23. We have a vaccine!

    In addition to deaths, there are any number of long and short term health problems with infected persons as well as asymptomatic persons. Cardiac inflammation, memory problems, loss of smell/taste, brain fog, loss of limbs etc. Here in the US there have been mandatory vaccine programs, particularly in schools. E.g. smallpox and polio.
  24. We have a vaccine!

    So will I and I was correct!
  25. We have a vaccine!

    Don't correct my logic! The anti vaccination propaganda is widespread as well as anti mask social distancing. The greater number of persons that aren't vaccinated or refuse to adhere to proper health guidelines, the greater number of deaths, which is proven here in this country with over 300k deaths. The virus spreads and that is a fact.