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  1. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Good news regarding my condition. All is well now, even better than before i got sick. Meditating a lot on compassion did the trick.
  2. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    An unforeseen accident happened to me when practicing 4 days ago. I was doing monk hold pearl on the balcony while it was getting dark. It was quiet and secluded, and I thought it would be safe. Then 15min into meditation i heard a thud nearby as if someone was there. It scared me and sent a shiver down my body. I ended the exercise immediately with 3 breaths. There wasn't anything around when i opened my eyes and I didn't feel any bad that evening. The day after however i experienced my knees being quite painful and inflamed while walking, accompanied by a certain moodiness. Then later that day i felt extremely emotional and vunrable and when i woke up the following day my whole body was aching and cold, as if I had gotten a flu, but without any stuffy nose or sore throat. In addition to that my gut had trouble digesting even simple food. The day after that all the aches were suddenly gone and i could eat again, although my body feels quite weak and I still feel a little emotionally vunrable. And now today i am feeling a little bit worse again. During this time i stopped practicing. I suspect I might have damaged my energetic system a little, which might have caused disease to manifest. If this is because of some energetic damage, some reassurance as to how these things tend to stabilize and what can be done would be much appreciated. Takeaway, don't practice in the dark if you think you might get startled by unforeseen noise.
  3. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Here's the copy I made of the thread for offline reading. I hope the other newcomers like me will benefit from it If some time goes by and several more pages gets added to the thread, then someone else can follow the process above and create a new copy. Update: If your phone has a file browser then you can also view the copy and it works in mobile view. However you can't navigate the pages in the browser and have to use the files to switch pages.
  4. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    If any of you guys wish to download this whole thread and read offline I figured out how to do it using WebCopy. It's only for windows though Here's how I did it: 1.Download the program. 2. use this link as the website "" 3. press "Rules ..." > add > check : exclude + don't crawl content 4. Type in "Expression" : do= 5. Add another rule > make this just a Query String > check "include" and set as high "download priority" under Advanced 6. Type in "Expression" : page= 7. press Apply, then OK 8.To the right press " Forms and passwords" > Check "Log in using web-browser > apply > ok 9. Press Copy in the top right 10. Log in to Daobums in the web browser 11. Once you can see the thread press Copy in the top left 12. let the program work for a while 13. once finished open the file location, topic/12639-flying-phoenix-chi-kung , then open any of the index.htm files in chrome. Then you can go through the pages as normal. It didn't seem to work flipping through the pages in Firefox. but chrome works. While writing this I figured, I might as well include the copy i already made. That way it will be quicker for you. I will post it after I have uploaded it
  5. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    Today I received Vol 1 & 2 and started of with learning BTB. It felt great! But a question came up. Is it ok to wear gloves when practicing forms where the fingers usually touch? I like to practice in the forest, but it's getting colder nowadays. So without gloves my hands get a little cold. That in itself is not a problem for me, but i suspect cold hands might be bad energetically while doing FP.
  6. Flying Phoenix Chi Kung

    I am currently considering to get into Flying Phoenix. My main issue is some emotional trauma, mostly feelings of woundedness, stored up as a lot of deep seated tension in the body. Sometimes it is causing various health complications like poor digestion and loss of vitality. For the last 6 months I have only been practicing loving-kindness and acceptance of what is arising in my heart. Now feel I have come to place where I really have the the mental side of things sorted out very well, so I am now looking for something to assist my body in healing and releasing the last bit. With that in mind I am curious what the practitioners here on the forum have experienced in FPs ability to release such trauma in safe manner.
  7. New member, in search of teacher

    Hey! I started to become interested in Qigong 3 months ago and have been lurking around on the forums a little bit. What i am looking for on this forum is to be pointed to a good teacher according to my problems and needs, with the help of fellow forum members. My goal is to be able to heal myself physically and emotionally, practice safely and then eventually gain some mastery of Qi, such that I can help others come out of limiting materialistic views I intend to make a post describing my problems and a little of my background. With the hope that fellow forum members can suggest suitable practices and teachers. In which sub forum should i post this? Thanks