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  1. This is simply wrong. Drinking cannabis tea (less than 0.5 g) results in more complete relaxation than any qigong I have tried so best to judge by yourself. And it feels so much more natural where qigong feels artificial and forced. It is a question of chemistry in the brain (search for cannabinoid receptors). Qigong manipulates energy that is then supposed to change the chemistry. My experience is that it doesn't work that way and cannabis tea works so much better that I was completely amazed by its results.
  2. The necessity of thought.

    There are two types of thoughts: "bla bla" automatic thoughts that cause suffering, and planning / calculating etc thoughts that do not cause suffering. The first type is the one to eliminate, eliminating the second makes you non-functional.
  3. Potent Systems

    The Union of Three Hearts from Sheng Zhen is a super simple meditation giving good results. So far it feels better due to not invoking "the feeling-being" which meditating on the lower dantian does (in my body). The feeling-being is all about the "me, my self and I" structure and meditating in the middle of the head cuts that off completely starving the feeling-being away. So a quick way to realization of no-mind I think.
  4. The psychology of conspiracy theories

    Huang Po: "There is no truth, beware even of this truth". Trump uses the first part to steer people to his version of the truth. There is also the thing about psychics, that do no fit into the world of fact-checkers because humanity is still suppressing psychic information. So conspiracy theories are more attractive because they rely on the UNSEEN. I see this "war" between psychics and non-psychics as yet another play God has written to make evolution go forward.
  5. The psychology of conspiracy theories We have not evolved to see objective reality because then we would have been extinct. Thus we live in a human generated reality however some of the things we live by are real in a sense like gravity. So the human is built for generating its own version of reality hence conspiracy theories can proliferate.
  6. The psychology of conspiracy theories

    There is active Russian disinformation going on using people's dislike for anything to destabilize society. More chaos equals freer movement for Putin and friends. Then there is also growing up in a society where money is the object of desire fueled by American social media. The hyper focus on lack and the overly simplistic tools on how to fix that lack: cars, houses, career, 'the secret'. After some time you get the feeling 'the system is rigged' and 'somebody is controlling the system' which it is in a way. Basically the young ones are inherenting a system that is exploiting and controlling them, at least that is one way of interpretating the gravitation towards conspiracy theories. Also I think the current way of using facts to shut down how people feel about things is counterproductive. If people still feel the system is rigged then surely those facts have not solved the real issue? The fact checking way relies on suppression of feelings and so-called 'scientific evidence' rather than a resolution of said feelings.
  7. The taboo of enlightenment

    I think the idolization of teachers usually come from liking the teachers energy or personality rather than actual results. If you measure where people are in terms of quietness of mind, and nondual awareness then numbers will tell you something else I would presume. I have idolized teachers in the past, but when I look on actual results then it was a combination of things that paid off. I listened to a call where Adyashanti had students calling in and I could hear confusion because people didn't know what to look for and Adyashanti couldn't correct them. It was more of a making people feel good call it seemed from my perspective.
  8. Potent Systems

    Courses on Sheng Zhen online are free at the moment I tried enrolling in the Awakening the Soul course and felt the transmissions of the contemplations and the Qigong, powerful and shifted some deep blocks in my system. Also the Union of Three Hearts seem powerful, a big light in the center of my head appeared.
  9. On Spontineity

    Forget you have a self includes forgetting others have a self and then there is only the functioning of the Tao, nobody doing it.
  10. Search for 'feldenkrais free mp3s' and do the exercises even if they are not related to the area you are targeting. Another way is body scanning where you scan the body up and down. Search for 'Goenka body scanning' for the instructions.
  11. Remaining Centered - Simply Be

    Find your objections to the notion that you are already the Self and remove them, see what remains.
  12. Best books to introduce myself to inner alchemy?

    Inner alchemy that only focuses on the body could lead to a biased perspective. Reading TTC and other Taoist works, eg this one: is good for refining the mind. If you just sit Zuowang / Zen style, the Tao will present itself each moment since this is all there is.
  13. An opinion or observation of madness

    Indeed, no one has any choice. There is no doer of action, as someone who has free will, as one that could do any different at any point in time. The point is anger arising at actions that one doesn't like is perfectly fine (biological anger), suffering is optional. Suffering as blame that goes on in time as thoughts in the head of the human and uncomfortable sensations in the body can fall away as blame falls away.
  14. Internal alchemy for everyone

    There's a new book discussing the practice of Internal Alchemy. Anyone got this?
  15. Forum member "spotless". Missing messages.

    It seems freeform is under some sort of delusion that spiritual teachers are saints, a direct manifestation of God and always are polite, always do the right thing etc. Who told you so? Nisargadatta got angry. So did Ramana Maharshi. So did Buddha Shakyamuni. If a Dao Bum met these today, they would be called "not ready, charlatans, fakes". Nobody can do anything different than they are doing right now. This moment is it. The problem is the thinking mind wants things to be different, it cannot accepts things as they are. Then suffering arises and the doer runs after it and gets upset "No! Things got to change! I cannot accept this!!!".