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  1. Inner smile practice: Problem of authenticity

    Read about it in 'Internal Alchemy' by Livia Kohn. It is too long to type here but the end result is the following
  2. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    Yes it is the same. It is just that some confuse the word immortal with someone whose physical body never dies.
  3. Medicine Buddha

    Join the Medicine Buddha puja Oct 27 From the website:
  4. Damo Mitchell Free MCO Course

    If you want to look younger try Flying Phoenix qigong. It even has a free meditation on YouTube by GM Doo Wai. For grey hair reversal it probably requires hours of meditation per day but for reversing wrinkles and other minor things it doesn't need that long per day.
  5. Cultivation Systems and books we'd recommend

    Garchen Rinpoche Offers free empowerments and teachings on YouTube.
  6. I found another description of the rupakaya (your form body) Recognition of the nature of the mind = xing. The path = transformation of the gross body = ming. Tantra is a path you could follow to transform the body.
  7. Ming then xing can be critized as being too slow and focused too much on energetics rather than consciousness. Xing then Ming can lead to arrogance and dry insight where the body is not transformed. The non dualistists are famous for this and easily sniffed out if you have good intuition and sensing skills. Emptiness feels bodily wise relaxed and hollow like and is safe to practice from books. If merging with the Dao = goal of nei Dan means end of subject / object = non duality as your reality all the time this is no easy task. I haven't reached that yet.
  8. I would say clinging to samadhi is probably a sutra thing. In dzogchen the key is relaxing at least according to ChNN. Real relaxing can occur when you do guruyoga with a realized master if you ask about a specific technique.
  9. I'm no expert but googling found this from dharmawheel So realizing emptiness and dependent origination should result in the same transformation. I guess the focus on emptiness transforms the body in one way, the focus on dependent origination is different and results in a different transformation. Depending on lineage it might involve different techniques (sutra / tantra / dzogchen).
  10. All paths are not the same. Anapanasati does not lead to creation of the golden elixir which Nei dan does. It might lead to embryonic breathing but I find flying phoenix qigong leads to that on its own without focusing on the breath. It is true that Anapanasati transforms the body due to the qi changes but I don't think the changes are identical to Nei dan. Anapanasati and zuowang are more similar.
  11. Do you only need the basic course in SKY for learning it? or is more needed?
  12. Energy Blockage on Neck

    Try focusing It is a gentle way of working with blocks.
  13. Your opinion about reiki?

    I have communicated with the founder of Reiki Mikao Usui through the crystal and through that and the results I see when I use it I have no doubts about how it works.
  14. Your opinion about reiki?

    Then it's not Reiki but something else. You can try this form which doesn't suffer from the limitations you describe Since Reiki is initiated by an thought directed to a reiki crystal in your heart.