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  1. My parents also divorced when I was a child and somehow my mother was able to turn my head against my dad. She also went through a major mental breakdown and has never gotten over it (stopped working, disconnected herself from the 'bad world' around, kinda contracted hersef). That happened when I was around 11 or something. So I didn't have any kind of healthy role models to look up to. Years ago my life totally crumbled to dust because of my non-existent upbringing and I'm still in the process of trying to find something, actually anything healthy and confident within me. I don't quite know is it even possible to grow something out of nothing. Lately I've been having experience(s) of yin/feminine, intuitive side waking up, which feels very supportive. I'd say that if yin gets frozen it can wear down the yang. In totality I think these issues seem so god damn complex and multi layered, and when it comes to how to be a man, and what it actually is, I don't have a freaking idea and even wouldn't know from where to start.
  2. michael winn online courses

    Hi, I have many courses of him but for now have settled in deepening just the 5 animals and 6 healing sounds from fundamentals 1 as the main practice and consider myself as a utter beginner in this path. I also sometimes do the fundamentals 2 qigong forms, joints & tendons qigong & standing stillness postures from fundamentals 4, and primordial qigong. Imho, the good thing about having a lot of practice material is that you can pick whatever you resonate most with, or need the most, and then begin to learn how they support together, but thats only my take of course.
  3. Acupressure Mats anyone?

    Hi, I have a acupressure mat and have used it only couple times in the past. I wasn't very sensitive energetically when I tried it so can't say much about the effects. Felt a lot of heat and increased blood circulation, and kinda relaxed (when I got used to the feeling of spikes on my skin). Dunno about healing effects. I might try it sometime again, and maybe report something here, maybe Also, you can stand on it too... I remember that being pretty hardcore without socks, but with socks was easier.
  4. For me, so far the most beneficial thing has been doing some basic stretching.
  5. Good Places For a Beginner to Start

    I recommend: Qigong & neigong techniques which work pretty nicely together, and comes up with theoretical understanding such as yin & yang, 5 elements, etc. and: Trunk's
  6. Essence of Spirituallity

  7. Sayings of past spiritual teachers!

    "practise, practise, practise and all is coming" - Pattabhi Jois
  8. Liberation?

    "What does profound, unobstructed liberation mean?" - Living more fully!
  9. sex with entities

    If you have lost everything, then you have nothing to lose. It is a valid reason to keep an open mind towards anything... Like Santi said, follow your heart. You can't know for sure if there is or is not a solution for you, unless you've personally investigated _everything_ there is. Never giving up is the spirit... You writing here suggests you haven't given up
  10. How about monkeys... They might be able to learn some chi kung forms by mimicking, and maybe even teach that stuff between each others --> planet of the apes!
  11. My experience is that healing sounds (& 5 animals) can drain you a lot, if done excessively. Maybe you were aware of that possibility already