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  1. Real and Supernatural World

    Just speaking to my neighbour who was complaining about his difficulties sleeping. So I spoke to him about how I placed my bed off the Hartmann grid otherwise whatever part of my body was on the grid would hurt and wake me up. As usual he complained that our conversation was "too deep" and stopped. Deep conversations are uncomfortable.
  2. We live by concepts

    Women often prefer the heart to the mind. The heart can be used for direct perception - not using conceptual filters This becomes operational as the human nears first stage enlightenment
  3. AI and the illusion of self

    The mind and the brain can operate separately - e.g. in sleep and severe dementia. And skilled humans can manipulate energies and machines in ways that others cannot. Thus it may be that AI structures can be used directly by intelligent entities. Some non-physical entities I have met are artificial - containing no spiritual light. Can they capture AI systems?
  4. "But consider the Tao..."

    Outside my house is a tree that several people have stated carries energy from Sirius (blazing star). Recently a source called the tree a "family tree" as it carries energy from a Sirian group related to a woman that visited here once. When I slide back on the timeline, the Sirian family energy arrived 4 years before the house was built and 5 years before the visit of the woman recognized by the Sirian family. The woman has the same experience of time events. How did that energy know which tree to choose - long before that land was subdivided for houses? It seems that time is not as linear as humans are taught. Various OTO magicians were supposedly connected to Montauk
  5. Desire is the spice of life!

    It seems to me that effort is a stress in the personality. For example when I rest my spiritual intent (atma) upon achieving a particular outcome, there is no stress in the personality.
  6. There is a tradition that long long ago humans on this planet were oppressed by snake beings living inside the planet. Perhaps that is why many modern humans are afraid of snakes. Fear of spiders may have a similar cause There are however positive snake beings. Both Egypt and China are said to have been civilized by humanoid snakes: Osiris and Isis, and Fuxi and Nuwa - both brother-sister partners
  7. Visualize/intend a bunch of timelines above, below and around you with this physical timeline in the center, stretching before and behind you. Now move a snake dream near the various timelines. With which timeline is the dream associated?
  8. For what its worth, the Buddha sitting under the Bodhi tree was likely to obtain the assistance of the elegant nature spirit that sits in the top of most mature healthy Bodhi trees. The Bodhi tree has fruit (fig) that is open to the air through the hole at the end. The element of air is particularly connected to the heart and it is access to heart (buddhic) energies that allows the human to lift above the mind. The local botanic gardens has such a Bodhi tree with a very nice nature spirit in the top. The gardeners have placed a seat underneath that gets much use.
  9. In my observation the human has three primary steps to first stage enlightenment involving control and refinement of the physical-etheric body, the emotional body and the mental body. These steps require right relationship internally and externally (including parasitic connections), release from personal karma, and proper alignment of subplane energies. When that has been achieved the final internal step is the will to be at one with all that is. Well-chosen meditation is useful but not essential.
  10. "But consider the Tao..."

    As result of a strange dream and later experiments I find it useful to distinguish Beingness from the intermittent Existence. Beingness provides the life force (the Hindu five electricities) that penetrates and maintains Existence. When Beingness has had enough experience, it ceases Existence and the Mahapralaya continues until the next Existence is caused. The standard human contains a thread of Beingness that is the source of its spiritual authority when the human approaches first stage enlightenment.
  11. "But consider the Tao..."

    Better to think of the personality mind in that way. The higher mind has access to higher intelligences
  12. Life is suffering.

    Pregnant women are well known to have cravings
  13. Life is suffering.

    Most humans have physical and emotional cravings. Some have heart cravings. Do these exist separately from the mind? What about the cravings of infants for food and love?
  14. Emotions are the path

    In my observation the lowest layer of the solar plexus chakra is anchored just above the navel in women and just below in men. Do women sense the difference?