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  1. Is Daoism a subset of Reality? If so there may be more to find. If Daoism is not a subset of Reality then I do not need to connect the chakra intelligences to Daoism as they are already a part
  2. How do we know?

    Fortunately the standard human is also equipped with higher chakras
  3. Chakras are intelligent. Often the sacral chakra intelligences have been traumatized. Such humans are often prone to physical accidents as their coordination is poor
  4. Vedic Christianity

    Or half a million years in our past
  5. In my observation The Source of All uses subtle bodies, including human, as a means through which to experience separation
  6. How to recognise a taoist master

    Isaiah 6:10 Make the heart of this people dull,[a] and their ears heavy, and blind their eyes; lest they see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their hearts, and turn and be healed.”
  7. My own experience of Existence (Reality) is that there is a spectrum from what humans call Spirit to what they call Matter. The duality of spirit and matter occurs only from the anchor point of the observer's awareness. The real duality seems to be Beingness and Existence. During the Mahapralaya all Existence ceases and only Beingness is. Then the question is: do humans reside in Beingness or Existence? How to test?
  8. How do we know?

    Perhaps it is time to reclaim your thought-freedom. If you call this entity "god" it seems you have given your intruder permission? Often there are passive/hidden permissions. For example, walking past bullying without at least objecting emotionally, is a passive permission for the entry of adverse intelligences. Are you able to disable/repudiate all improper permissions?
  9. How do we know?

    So the entity that claimed to be the Sephiroth and "all that is" - quite different statements, one about Existence and the other about Beingness - takes charge of you through your genitals and brain. What a degrading entry! If I had such an entity hanging around I would immediately remove it from my light body
  10. It seems that many of the ancient texts were rediscovered in the Middle Ages, translated and the originals immediately lost. This might be just commercialism in the monasteries except that a lot of the "discovered" material is outstanding. So another possibility is that the Renaissance occurred through the entry into the human race of some exalted beings that came to rescue the failing European civilization. These exalted beings found it useful to attach ancient authors to their new writings to encourage acceptance. If so, the question of continuous traditions may be superfluous. It may be better just to test the writings
  11. Unfortunately most humans cannot control their thoughts and thereby are often targeted for misleading beliefs including misconceptions of their own nature
  12. In my observation, group karma is like electricity - it follows lines of least resistance. Accordingly it can often be moved to other parties in the group. Further, since "our god is a god of love" almost all karma can be released through establishment of right relationships. Once this is established, it is "merely" a matter of petitioning the Lords of Karma to release the now no longer necessary karmic energy I have seen a few demonstrations of the above process
  13. What is wrong with experiments and tests? Does one size fit all?
  14. How do we know?

    In my limited observation, the most important precondition to escape from the Oppression System is Anger. Are you angry enough to fight back?
  15. Reconstructing prehistoric rainfall

    Lucky that Google does not censor its searches Still at least the web archive still has the original texts for those that prefer originals