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  1. Jing of Tranquility , another important piece of Taoism , seems never be translated into English ( If I am wrong, please tell me ) before . Written by an anonymous author around 1,700 years ago , it is also a rare , unique piece of works deliberately talks about the relation between emptiness and tranquility . Most people like to boast of how heat , light and sounds appear in their practice as proofs of their achievement, yet seldom do they raise how quiet a status they can attain ,even under very noisy environment ...     老君曰:大道無形,生育天地;大道無情,運行日月;大道無名,長養萬物。吾不知其名,強名曰道。  夫道者,有清有濁,有動有靜。天清地濁,天動地靜;男清女濁,男動女靜。降本流末,而生萬物。清者濁之源,動者靜之基。人能常清靜,天地悉皆歸。   夫人神好清,而心擾之;人心好靜,而欲牽之。常能遣其欲,而心自靜;澄其心,而神自清。 自然六欲不生,三毒消滅。所以不能者,爲心未澄,欲未遣也。能遣之者,内觀其心,心無其心;外觀其形,形無其形;遠觀其物,物無其物。三者既無,唯見於空。   觀空亦空,空無所空。所空既無,無無亦無。無無既無,湛然常寂。寂無所寂,欲豈能生。欲既不生,即是真靜。真常應物,真常得性。常應常靜,常清靜矣!   如此清靜,漸入真道。既入真道,名爲得道。雖名得道,實無所得。爲化眾生,名爲得道。能悟之者,可傳聖道。   老君曰:上士無爭,下士好爭。上德不德,下德執德。執着之者,不明道德。 眾生所以不得真道者,爲有妄心。既有妄心,即驚其神。既驚其神,即着萬物。既着萬物,即生貪求。既生貪求,即是煩惱。煩惱妄想,憂苦身心,便遭濁辱,流浪生死,常沉苦海,永失真道。 Translation: Laotze said: Tao is formless , it gives birth to this world; Tao is emotionless, it lets the moon and sun move; Tao is nameless, it nourishes everything everlastingly; I don't know how to call it, so I reluctantly name it Tao; Inside Tao ,something is pure and something is impure , something is active and something is passive . The heaven is pure, the earth is impure.The heaven moves, the earth stays constant .Man is pure, woman is impure. Man is active, woman is passive; going to the base, it is these elements give rise to all other things. Purity is the source of impurities. Acton is the basis for stability. If people can stick to purity and calmness , all things are available to them ;although our shen like purity, our mind pollute it; although our mind like calmness,our desires disturb it ;if we can get rid of those desires , then our mind can calm down ; if we can clean our minds, then our shen can purify itself; in that case, no emotions and desires can affect us. In fact, it is because of our incapable of getting rid of those desires and greediness that makes us impure. People who can do that, when looking inwards, will find their mind mindless , see their body shapeless , view other things in a distant formless; and if we see no mind, no body and nothing around , then emptiness is the sole thing we can find . In fact, emptiness is void , we can't empty emptiness , nor can we nullify anything in nothingness. Non-doing anything to empty emptiness or to nullify nothingness will make us sense some kind of delicate quietness ; and, through this process, we are led to the realm of absolute tranquility. To the utmost of tranquility , desires can't arise; if no desires ever arise ,then genuine tranquility is attained, which lets us live and interact with all things in a real way ; in fact, it is in this process that tranquility refines itself and leads us to our original spiritual Nature; On our way to tranquility and purity, we gradually find the right way and attain Tao; yet do we really accomplish anything? No , we accomplish nothing; it is to enlighten the mass that we claim ourselves achieve Tao. Whoever can understand this , whomever can be told of the real Tao. Laotze said : Real intelligent guys know no quarrels or contends ,it is those inferiors incline to argue and contend. Those who get superb Te know no ethics and formalities , but those who are inferior know them well and stick to them intentionally. Whoever stick to formalities and ethics, whoever know nothing about real Tao and Te. Why ? Because they get a mind of differentiating true from false, good from evils.., a false mind that is alien to Tao . Having such a false mind unsettle people's shen , and as their shen are unsettled , they become stuck to things around them ; Having entangled by things around can only provoke desires and eagerness inside. And, desires and eagerness can only mean anxieties and sufferings, which then further lead people to loss and humiliation in lives. Eventually people get death and failure to attaining Tao as the results of their lives.
  2. Question on the dantians

    Although under our navel, there are lot of acupuncture points, but we can not pull together the lower dantian by just pressing them , it is the application of our mind that is necessary . You can apply an no-intention mind to dantian after it is initialized . One of the skills is "focus then forget it " , it is, of course , different from " focus then keep focusing ".
  3. Question on the dantians

    Dantian is different from the acupuncture point . The acupuncture points are always there as important , existing energy concentrated points on the meridians even you do not apply your mind to it or just in sleep . For example, one of the most common used acupuncture points is on the Large Intestine Channel: LI4, Hegu( '合谷') , in between your thumb and index finger, where you can sense it by pressing and holding it for 2~3 minutes , then you sense some flow of energy along your forearm . Dantian is something different; if you do not apply a mind , some intention on it , qi will not arise from it to show its existence , let alone rising from the bottom of our body to your head . First you mobilize it by slightly apply your mind to the lower , middle or upper dantian ( apply a mind to the UD , its strength is difficult to grasp , don't careless try ! ) , then later for initializing higher quality of qi, you apply no-mind to one of them , or just "apply " no-mind to nowhere ..
  4. Experience with tcm - Not qi gong

    Both qi gong and TCM herbs use the same stuff to sustain and nourish us : jing and qi . The only difference is by ways of different media . While TCM makes use of jing and qi in treated herbs , minerals ,inserts ..etc that we eat , stick or steam the body, smell into our nose ...etc , gi-gong practitioners use mind , intention, focus or just no-mind or no-intention to initialize , first qi inside our bodies , later qi outside of our bodies , to do the same job . Some TCM herbs , same as qi-gong , do replenish our kidney -yin as qi-gong does .
  5. Ching Chin Ching, "The Classic of Purity"

    Maybe you can see this : https://www.thedaobums.com/topic/40698-jing-of-tranquility-清淨經/
  6. Yeah , for both Taoist and Buddhist practice ,things like avoid nocturnal emission of jing , not drink cold or icy water or abstain from getting angry with trivial matters are all important . But the reasons why those prohibitions are significant Buddhists never state it clearly . It is in Taoist jing-qi-shen or TCM's context that they are fully explained .
  7. Buddhists do not talk about jing and qi , which does not imply that they are not the source of the human spirit . Quite the contrary , with the identification of them , it lets us solve many problems in our practice much easier.
  8. Jing and shen are closely related . Deterioration of your jing will definitely weaken your mental ability . Any mental activities, whether it be calculating your monthly expense , playing online games overnight , try consolidating an emptied mind for hours ..etc all lessen your spiritual power, then drain your essence . People may not sense it in a short period of time or in their youth , but in the long run, in their old age it can be sensed clearly . Most old people lose their creativity ( delicacy and creativity of spirit comes from jing ) in jobs or no longer be capable of learning new things are also proofs of this . Lack of jing definitely will lead to a dull mind , in fact, various layers of emptiness , that kind of delicacy , can not be sensed by old guys , which sadly makes them doubt the truth of Taoist or Buddhist truth . So, unless they can do their emptied-Mind job well that enables them to tap energy from that emptiness continuously, hardly can they maintain that level of spiritual competence in their old age.
  9. Likely what we come across in modern society are Zen or Meditation classes, vulgarized forms of the original preaching , mainly tailored made for office ladies or business men to kill off their spare time or to make their mind peaceful . Hardly can we meet sharp and penetrating , on some occasions even bloody, say chop off an apostle's thumb or cut a poor cat into halves , ways of forcing people into confronting what the Buddha Mind is . The aspiration to grasp the reality of the cosmos is lost, and replaced by those mediocre tastes of a modern citizen.
  10. In fact, sitting there straight , try consolidating an emptied Mind or singing the name of Buddha , all these activities drain our jing and shen day after day . So, unless the shen and jing we get daily from the emptied Mind overtakes the shen and jing we lose every day, never can we attain everlasting life. Besides , even we can get an not so bad emptied Mind in our youth , we likely will loss it in our old age . Another important thing is how to assure that the emptied Mind we get is something yang, not any unproductive , forcibly formed, looks seemingly emptied Mind , some kind of pseudo Enlightenment ? One of the proofs is whether there is sex pleasure in that mindless status, the other one is whether there is embryonic breathing ...; these are Taoist criteria to check Buddhist claim of achievement . Generally speaking , Taoists know Buddhist way better than Buddhists' understanding of the Taoist jing-qi-shen framework .
  11. Both Buddhism and Taoism emphasize the importance of the emptied Mind, in fact , it is the core of both systems. The main difference is that Taoism knows well that to attain such an emptied Mind directly from people's existing status ( entangled in a weak physical body with various stresses and drives ; dominated by an overwhelming analytic mind..etc) is nearly impossible . So better adopt an indirect way of initializing qi from jing first , then from qi lets people grasp what an emptied Mind ( shen ) is . Besides, once qi is initialized and upgraded , lets it settle the fluctuating minds is more easier than asking the minds to settle/ empty itself as qi and mind gets yang and yin attract-to-each-other relationship in between . However, any good way can be vulgarized , not because Taoist is inferior to the Buddhist , but because some not so clever people incline to make thing superficial so that they can grasp it . Remember that any attachment to qi , to some glow, even to emptiness itself will block you from advancing . Building a boat to cross a river, but then you have to abandon it, is the metaphor always quoted so as to remind people of not being entangled by any attachment ; it is true even you have just attained a great , laborious achievement one second ago .
  12. " Beings would visit me and I would have spiritual conversations with them. Sometimes some would come to challenge me, but I seemed to know inherently how to deal with those challenges..." It seems inappropriate to respond..
  13. I think real Buddhist masters know the importance of physical health as well , maybe sometime they look ignoring it is because Taoists talk too much about jing and qi ? Taoist view of Zen's way is : It starts straight by cultivating Shen at the top level and in one stroke also solves the middle ( qi) and bottom ( jing ) levels issues. It is just a concentrated , non-gradual way to doing jing => qi => shen in reverse order , which likely be possible only for gifted people . That means if you do your emptied-Mind well, you simultaneously can get a diamond -like body in both physical and spiritual senses . However, if you seemingly do your Emptied- mind stuff well , say attaining some kind of foretelling ability or capable of driving out some spirit , yet still get a weak , sick or aging body, then definitely you are only polishing some type of yin-qi or yin-mind . And, polishing a yin-typed of mind well is nothing or not much worthy of boasting of .
  14. About the no-way is the best way stuff, people may wonder how it be possible . Assume that you are a native speaker of English, do you pay attention to any grammatical rules when you speak English ? You just speak it out straight from your mouth those words ..If you have any attention to those rules, never can you speak it so fluently . So, our mind does have a special ability to squeeze a bundle of rules to no-rule , and makes it work . Similarly in the world of qi or Buddhist practice. At high level, you just start with no-way ; if you pay attention to stuff like how to control your breathing, whether your qi being circulated correctly or how to get rid of those fluctuating ideas ( the harder you try, the more they pop -up )..then hardly can you upgrade your practice for those attachments always entangle you ; A no-way emptied Mind is what you need for your practice ; in fact, high-quality qi ( pre-heavenly qi ) arisen only after your capable of consolidating such a Mind .
  15. The reason why we have to do Micro Cosmic Circulation is that the qi accumulated at the lower dantian ( fire nourished from water ) , if not rising up to the head , will very likely changed back into the form of jing and released , downwards outside of our body no matter how hard we try . It is only after having it risen to and entered the head, the upper dantian, having an intercourse with stuff there , now called Yuan Jing (元精) , hardly can the sublimation of qi be secured and locked. No Western theory ever discovered this mechanism , nor the Indian system points it out ( If I am wrong, please tell me ). It is therefore no strange that most other celibacy theories is either superficial or doomed to fail in vain . The reasons are 1) No other cultures, except the Taoist , discovers and identify qi , its varied , changing forms and movements , so clearly . 2) Compared to initializing qi, Yuan ing (strangely from top) is much more difficult to meet or nourish . (參同契: " 元精渺難睹 ") . The Buddhist system uses other mechanism to solve it even without mentioning jing and qi, but it doesn't mean jing and qi not the underlying , important factors affecting the process .
  16. Different systems get different emphasizes and criteria to judge their own effectiveness . Qi and Jing are mainly for Daoism , not for the Buddhist cultivation . Likely the Buddhists , especially those followers of Zen's , will condemn Taoist putting emphasize on jing and qi as some kinds of attachment , barriers to attaining the Enlightenment. Light, its size and brightness, should be the main criteria for the Buddhist system as it starts straight from the emptied mind stuff, with exception if you follow the Esoteric or Pure Land school . In fact, asking silly question like "Who am I " , singing the name of the Buddha and paying attention to some kind of glow are all varied kinds of attachment that should be condemned . The best way is no way , the best path is no path , it is true if you get the mind to handle that kind of paradox .
  17. Jing going still? Help

    " I got into some parallel universe and have no more afflictions or attachments, or even base desires. " The cleanest way likely be Zen's as it does it in an one-stroke, no-step and no-form way . Otherwise, likely most people in the end fall back to their original state. Besides, aging in the long run secretly makes people mediocre regardless of whatever great spiritual experience they ever came across.
  18. Jing going still? Help

    It is much easy to fall than to rise , to degenerate than to sublimate ; Another question might be if all your jing turned into qi , it happens whatever qigong you adopt if you do it well , then of course it means your having suspended your reproductive ability unintentionally . Fortunately it is not irreversible , mainly because degeneration is always what people incline to . On the contrary, maintaining at a much higher spiritual/ energetic level needs persistent efforts , which always ends in failure . People need to know the mechanism , always said to be the key(s), to lock such a conversion .
  19. The one-stroke, thorough solution to all jing-related troubles is the attainment of an emptied Mind, which can be nourished from the jing => qi => shen process ; all other ways are trivial and unlikely to succeed .
  20. Immortality Physical and NonPhysical

    Before proving whether physical immortality is possible or not, people need to try stopping and reversing the aging process ; if people can't reverse aging , then it is senseless to talk about physical immortality . Fortunately , to prove whether aging process can be reversed or not is not that complicated and only takes you few weeks time , say , you indulge yourself few weeks in overnight wine drinking, sex , online games..etc , then you get a withered face with some wrinkles .., then you try using Taoist way to reverse it..; so the success or not of that reversing method can only cheat you few weeks not long ; besides, the proof of whether physical-immortality feasible is more reliable than those spiritual-enlightenment ways as you can see its effects easily , hardly will it waste you years of time , even a whole lifetime . A very long life span also grants you enough time and energy to explore the spiritual arena , the secret of the universe and complicated issues like time, dimensions, gravity , AI ..etc, which are all related ; the so-called Meng first, Xing later principle is really more significant for most people .
  21. Thousands of quotes can be found in traditional Taoist writings, which I am not going to quote here. A big trunk of Taoism is related to medical qigong, which can easily give people some curing powers, then by using it to affect others , to initialize a movement or uprisings , which repeated appeared in the Chinese history . This is one of the reasons why Taoists are reluctant to meddle affairs in society .
  22. I think as long as the contents are not quoted by others in a polemic , it is okay to do so . Taoists have been persecuted by different kinds of regimes in its 2500-year history, no matter it was from the Communists or from those Emperors ; as long as qi really exists , some people will discover it , refine it and make use it to discover the secret of this universe. Its secular expressions or feedback , whether it be a philosophical theory to be loved by scholars , or as a medical system used by doctors to cure patients , even as a religion to be worshiped by the mass , in relatively not so important .
  23. I think traditional attitude of Taoism towards this issue likely is quite different from what people think . No meddling with politics or earthly affairs is what they adopt. It is same as an attitude of a field biologist adopted not meddling with affairs among those groups of chimpanzee that he is studying in a forest despite his understanding that the chimpanzee might be his close relatives. Nor there is any necessity for him to show off his skill of controlling a drone flying through the dense forest to them .
  24. Confucian Qi gong

    Mencius says : " 萬物皆備於我矣" ("All things are there well prepared for my coming.. " ). How splendid such a saying is ! Yet hardly can it be true for most people unless he is a guy who is born in a royal or a very rich family ; in fact, most things and forces around us when we come to this world appeared as things hostile : Strong wind and rain make you uncomfortable , bacteria makes us sick ; people jealous of our achievements discourage us , having no jobs for few months makes us starve..etc. However, the guy who says this is no liar or superficial guy for Mencius , the second saint next to Confucius , is a person who claims himself nourish qi not solely for circulating around his own body , but qi that is special as he tells us : "吾善浩然之氣, 至大至剛..塞于天地之間" ( " I am good at nourishing expansive qi, so immense , so strong ,..that it fills the whole universe ") If all things are composed of qi , then by using our own qi in quest for qi outside , making them serve our purpose with ease because of their similarity ( "同氣相求") ,we can say that things exist there well prepared for our coming.
  25. Confucian Qi gong

    Same as Taoist and Buddhist qi gong , Confucian qi gong is another important school in the Chinese tradition . Instead of starting from emptiness (Buddhist ) or jing (Taoist ), the Confucians starts from morals. Capable of transforming people's moral drive ( e.g, courage to rescue the people in danger , the determination to stand out and criticize all those evils...etc ,) into qi , hold it and expand it , is the main characteristics of the Confucian way. The upgrade of your moral level will enhance the power of your qi ; a good man is also a very powerful man . What in the West is only handled by philosophy and religion , and, always entangled by those philosophical and theological reasoning , morals , when being put in the hands of the Confucians , are used for initiating qi .