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  1. I would be interested and try to attend if it was in the northeast.
  2. Why is the sage so useless?

    So do you know of one of these sages or are you simply describing a sage that does not exist. The "performing work in realms that we don't understand" part sounds like a new age poser to me. Is this so called sage a real person or fictional?
  3. Hi Grady what I am having trouble understanding is the benefit of a one time diagnosis and herbal treatment when there will be no one around in a month or two to give a new herbal prescription as the body changes and then the herbal formula has to be adjusted. I have a chronic kidney problem and take tibetan herbal medicine but need a new formula every 2 months and some people need to get new prescriptions every 2 weeks my doctor told me. I live in Boston am not able to make this but I just am curious.
  4. TCM Food Combining

    Never said anything was wrong with it just don't care for calling soy juice (bean juice) soy milk when it is not milk. Seems like more of a marketing ploy and a little dishonest. Personally I drink cows milk but I ferment it with kefir grains and it has loads of healthful probiotics and the kefir grains supposedly transform the milk so that it is often tolerated by people who cannot tolerate dairy. Almost like it is no longer considered a dairy product but a probiotic drink. Ultimately I would like to go back to making kefir with raw goat milk as I think this is the most healthful. My response was mainly to recommend coconut milk or almond milk, also not true milks, as a non dairy alternative instead of soy. Soy seams to have a bit of controversy as a health food as well and I just think if it were labeled "Bean Juice" which would be truthful advertising people would not buy it near as much.
  5. EMF Pollution Protection II

    Can you use an earthing mat or device without having to put a rod into the ground. I rent a room on the second floor and cant just stick a rod out my window and into the back yard.
  6. What are you using to magnetize water in a vortex?
  7. He is one of the authors of the paper about the external Qi of his own system so there is a vested interest in a positive outcome. Because he is one of the authors most people won't see this as unbiased is my point.Did he actually ask the observers to leave the room in one of the studies? Would love to know if this is also true.
  8. My point was that someone with credentials as a scientific researcher without a vested interest in positive results or negative results would be much better. Why would a phd researcher have a vested interest in getting positive results from an external qi experiment. See my point? Much better and more trustworthy than having the guy himself testing his own external qi or system and then calling it scientific proof.
  9. Well if he is the author what do you think the chance is he would say his own chi or his own system is ineffective? Seems pretty ludicrous that he is the author of this study and not a PHD medical researcher with the proper credentials.
  10. Microcosmic orbit and Chia.

    How can we tell whether or not we are using post-heaven chi or pre-heaven chi? This is starting to sound like an impossible dream. How many people here can actually feel these 2 types of chi's, tell the difference and circulate both?
  11. Why not just contact the foundation and ask them?
  12. Vegetarianism and Cultivation

    I think you are correct I don't know where he got the idea green leafy vegetables are yang they are yin. Also meat is yang I think beef is yang instead of neutral but I am not sure. Anyway the greens are great and balance out the yang foods that he listed so the advice is still very good but go easy on the meat the problem with meat in this country is we eat so much in one sitting. This pollutes the blood with nitrogenous waste and then stresses the kidneys I think only 3 or 4 ounces per meal is more ideal and only once a day. Not having any meat gives gives the organs a rest, assuming we are not eating crap junk food instead.
  13. Science will measure chi? How? Science deals with the physical world using physical instruments. If you work with qi and get results who needs science anyway lets not hold our breath.
  14. I have done both juice and water fasts and had very little energy with the water fast so I do not recommend it. The juice fast I think you will feel much better and benefit more from. I was not practicing any cultivation at the time but you certainly can if you have the energy and keep in mind your practice will give you more energy and probably compliment the benefits of your juice fast. You also will sleep less I onlly needed 4 hours of sleep so you may have more time on your hands to cultivate. I would stay away from strenuous exercise though.
  15. Why natto are you making a joke? I heard it is strong tasting but the proteolytic enzyme activity really cleans the blood and arteries. Do you eat the stuff and does it help you?