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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Everyone, My name is Paul Christian Kreitz. I'm a student in the online classes of the Dao De Center in Russia, practicing the Yu Xian Pai and Wu Liu Pai methods. I'm an official disciple in the Yu Xian Pai lineage and have practiced for almost 3 years. I'm an instructor for the beginning level practice of the school, called Dao Gong. Dao Gong is similar to Qi Gong in that it works with the body and energy channels simultaneously in order to achieve a balanced energetic state in the body. The main difference from Qi Gong is that the methods are designed to prepare the practitioner for Taoist Alchemical practices. Dao Gong was created by the Head of the Dao De Center using all of his deep knowledge of Alchemy from the Wu Liu Pai and Yu Xian Pai Schools and also Martial Arts and Medicine Schools of China. Its creation was supervised by the Patriarch of the Wu-Liu Pai lineage. I am the only instructor in the United States, so I'm in a unique position where I can offer online classes to anyone in the US due to having a similar timezone. On that note, Michael Fedorov (opendao), my Master, Alexey Khokhlov, as well as my instructor Arkady Shadursky, have been active on The Dao Bums for some time and I'm sure many of you have heard about the Dao De Center. So, if anyone in the US is interested in experiencing the methods for themselves, now is the time to start. I sure hope to hear from you soon. If you have any questions please write a comment and I'll be sure to answer.
  2. Dear Forum Members, About me My name is Alexey Alexeevich Khokhlov (A.A.Khokhlov), I am a Chief Instructor of Taoist Center "Dao De". I've been practising Taoist Alchemy methods for more than 10 years, learning the traditional teachings of WuLiupai and Yuxianpai Schools. I've been to China many times and had a good fate to study from outstanding Masters, and the most important among them were: Teacher of Single-United Yang, Patriarch of WuLiupai School (transmission in 9th generation), a descendant of Great Teacher Wu Chongxu Zhu Mingxian, Patriarch of Yuxianpai School (transmission in 20th generation) I'm permitted to teach, in person and online, highly effective Neigong (Qigong) and Taoist Alchemy methods of Yuxianpai and Wuliupai Schools. About the Taoist Center "Dao De" Taoist Center "Dao De" was founded in Saint-Petersburg, Russia in 1993 by Dmitry Aleksandrovich Artemyev (D.A.Artemyev), a disciple of Teacher of Single-United Yang and official representative of Wuliupai School in Russia and on the West. The Center was created to build a bridge from true Eastern (Chinese) masters, knowledge and culture to the Western world. 3D view of "Dao De" Center in Saint Petersburg (press left mouse button to turn the view; double-click to go full screen). In our Center we study and teach Taoism and Taoist Alchemy, internal martial arts - Taijiquan, Xinyiquan, Baguazhang, Yiquan, Chinese medicine, Chinese nutrition and many other subjects. Originally we were teaching only Russians, but later students from other countries started requesting trainings in English, so this year we've begun special online classes and seminars for foreigners. If you would like to join us please don't hesitate to contact me. Communication Here I would like to share the experience and knowledge I've obtained by studying Taoism for more than 10 years, answer your questions and introduce the opportunities our Center gives to you. I am willing to answer your questions on Taoism, Taoist Alchemy and Chinese martial arts. Best Regards, A.A.Khokhlov
  3. This poll is just to see who would be interested among this community of Taobums. If there is enough genuine interest, perhaps representatives of the school would be willing to travel to the United States. They have not said that they would yet...this is all just hypothetical. Thanks for giving your honest opinion! Here is a site that has a little bit of unofficial information about the school: And my apologies for not including people of countries other than the USA in this idea. If you think there are more people in another country (such as Canada for instance) who would attend, feel free to talk about that idea.