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  1. Neigong at the Beach!

    Just signed up!
  2. 达摩先天功 Damo/Bodhidharma's Xian Tian Gong

    Thanks Snowmonki, hope you are doing well too. Now I'm gonna have to go back and re-read Cartmell. It's been a while, and my perspective has drastically changed since I first read it. Really appreciate you posting this stuff!
  3. Qi revolution

    Thanks Ya Mu! That might be a good solution for accumulating CEUs for me as well. I'm going to check the NQA website and see what's available in the area.
  4. New Bum saying helo!

    How ya doing Bryan! Welcome aboard! Thanks for helping expand my gustatory horizons a couple weeks ago. We're actually planning a homemade sushi dinner on Sunday (my daughter, home from college, will be the sushi chef). Hope to see you again down the road. Don
  5. Hi all

    It's a visual thing. It was great talking with you over the weekend. And see, I told you if you posted, I would follow!
  6. Hi all

    Thanks Brett, I outran the storm on Monday, but it was nipping at my heels, an incentive to keep the pedal on the metal the entire trip. It was great chatting with you at the workshop, hope we cross paths again down the line. I'll check for that material that we discussed this weekend, and scan and send it to you if I find it. Take care, Don
  7. Hi all

    Hi all. I've been lurking for a while, but feel some posting coming on.