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Found 6 results

  1. Looking for the Characters

    Perhaps some of you might recognize these concepts and point me towards sources and the chinese characters and pronunciation for them. Three currents of will: Yi (Discipline) 意 Wu (Theurgic Will) 無 Jing (Sexual Will). 精

    Check out the MIXTAPE Digital Dynasty 42 Hosted by Jeru The Damaja: Me (Tian Men Pai representative) and fellow artist "Aida" on track #9 and my solo track #47.

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  4. This poll is just to see who would be interested among this community of Taobums. If there is enough genuine interest, perhaps representatives of the school would be willing to travel to the United States. They have not said that they would yet...this is all just hypothetical. Thanks for giving your honest opinion! Here is a site that has a little bit of unofficial information about the school: And my apologies for not including people of countries other than the USA in this idea. If you think there are more people in another country (such as Canada for instance) who would attend, feel free to talk about that idea.
  5. Hello everyone! How do you personally interpret Wu Wei - non-action? Do you see it as being passive, phlegmatic, "going with the flow"? Do you see it as being so skilled in something, that it becomes natural for you to do it, without effort? I believe Wu Wei can be accomplished by great practice and learning in a field. When you have a goal or a dream and you are set on it, you must act based on what's most natural to you and what seems to be the easiest, non-agressive and natural way. I don't think Wu Wei denotes passivity or having no plans or goals, but just that you accomplish those things in the most efficient and elegant way. It's simmilar to Occams razor - we examine and accect the simplest, most elegant theory. Wu Wei is accepting the most elegant and simple, most natural action to accomplish something. When one has attained Wu Wei, one does the right thing without much thinking. It is natural to him. It is a higher state of consciousness. It can be called enlightment. Am I on the right track? What do you think? Thanks in advance! --- P.S. If there was a simmilar topic or if this is the wrong subforum, I apologize!
  6. 無爲 Empty Action Hahahahahahaha.. why didn't I see this before? Martial applications Nei Gong applications comments?