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Found 11 results

  1. Hi I had a question about something I wanna make it clear cuz there is alot of deffrent opinions about it Before starting cultivation should one train his physical body to a good point first or no ?? I have heared and read from some people u should train you body as it would tighten the medirian and make qi travel harder and block it etc ........ At same time I heared you should train you body well to near limit to your body can handle and store qi and when body reach limit it have enough reserves in Dan Tien to start cultivation and store qi So which opinion is right and thanks
  2. Hi I was asking if someone know a source or something to start building the foundation I don't want any practice or foundation that just do the job I want almost perfect roots and foundation and yes u am serious about niedan and cultivation wish someone could help with that )))) a question how does people do those online chat healing or watch disciple s improvement and problem and guild em
  3. So guys I will be honest and open minded since I read all kind of stuff and people was open minded wouldn't luagh or offend someone so 1- I started training long ago and was doing lil inner training and cultivation since until now I didn't find any source all would agree 100% and I really wanted to do a good start a cultivation with really excellent foundation my goals I will be honest my primary goals isn't immortalty wisdom engi or healing they are just sub goals my main is for inner martial arts get stronger and for that I know important of basics and foundation so I can advance well since I do martial arts but I really can't find any real life master and most of master in online can't really trust one 100% and they all do for yourself not that u would have that very good foundation and stuff so would anyone have a book or topic or anything can help me start it's been years asking searching around get experience bout qiqong niedan etc but it took too long and until now can't risk with something I am not sure of and thanks guys wish you help)) sec is I had some questions 1- is that phone and video treating really a thing how qi could be send from a distance or control patient 2- could a master see your qi flow and your mistakes etc throw online video chat )) and wish you try help me start my path for cultivation for real. Sorry again for my long topic
  4. I hear high pitched sounds in my head as well as a faint bell sound by my right ear. I feel great sensitivity and qi in my solar plexus.. where some call the 'Yellow Court', but I feel nothing in my lower belly. I just feel my consciousness drawn to the area between my belly button and solar plexus. I feel the impulse to breathe there. But, at times I don't feel like breathing and putting my attention on that area.. I just feel like feeling sensations around the body, occasionally breathing into them. Can I generate qi and jing in my solar plexus at the diaphragm level or does it have to be in my lower belly below the navel? Yours Truly, William
  5. Dan tien/solar plexus/tinnitus

    I hear high pitched sounds in my head as well as a faint bell sound by my right ear. I feel great sensitivity and qi in my solar plexus.. where some call the 'Yellow Court', but I feel nothing in my lower belly. Can I generate qi and jing in my solar plexus at the diaphragm level or does it have to be in my lower belly below the navel?
  6. Any good tips for awakening the lower Dan tien I've only managed to feel my Dan tien properly once it felt like a perfectly warm ball sinking slowly into to my stomach (say if my stomach was a block of butter the Dan tien would be a warm ball bearing slowly melting its way deeper into the block) . That's Probly an odd description haha buuut anyway.. Lately when I try to feel my Dan tien all I get is a major amount of heat that seems to mostly gather on the surface of my stomach I was wondering Is this heat still beneficial? And if I continue to practice and play with this heat will I eventually feel my Dan tien?. If anyone has any tips or has found them self stuck in a similar situation it'd be great to hear your input Thanks
  7. Hello, (apologies if there's another thread that covers this, but I couldn't find one) I was just wondering what the basics/typical LDT cultivation consisted of? Microcosmic Orbit seems pretty universally similar: inhale up governing or conception vessels, inhale down governing or conception vessels (depending on fire or water orbit), but so far I've come across differing descriptions for LDT cultivation. If people could post what they consider to be the standard basics of LDT cultivation and/or what the following authors say about it, that would be much appreciated. I'm interested in what the following people have to say: Ken Cohen Michael Lomax Jerry Alan Johnson Michael Winn Mantak Chia Glenn Morris Chunyi Lin Bruce Kumar Frantzis Terry Dunn Yang Jwing Ming and anyone else you think is worthy mentioning. Cheers guys
  8. Hi all, Those that have read my posts before may be aware that I began meditating due to chronic anxiety and insomnia. Although overall my condition has improved, I notice it comes back in waves. I am going through a change right now with promising yet risky career prospects on the horizon. With this, and Christmas coming up (my parents and siblings are totally disbanded which is sad and difficult for me as I'm therefore responsible for keeping three different branches happy) I know this will be causing it. The interesting thing is, when I shut my eyes at night, I am not conscious of what is causing my anxiety and insomnia. I can be relaxed, and mindful of my breathing, yet my mind is screaming all sorts of things and being very disruptive. Like I say, all sorts of things...nothing particularly related to something I am consciously worried about. That is the background anyway. I don't expect any answers but the context might help people understand where I'm coming from with the next question: ------ So anyway, I am practicing breathing into the Dan Tien. I find that anything else is too advanced for me and I need to return to basic breathing practice. I have noticed that I am doing this successfully, and can gain peace from my motor-mind. However, I also notice accelerating heart-rate. Again, no idea what is causing it, something completely subconscious. But I will sit, and feel good about being sat in meditation, but slightly weirded out by my heart panicking by itself. Is anybody able to give me an insight into what is going on? Thanks in advance.
  9. Does anyone have any idea of what it would feel like to tear the lower dan tien? I know most people adhere to the 72 hour (some say one week) rule, because after all no one wants to risk tearing their dan tien but are their any stories of people who have?
  10. Hi bums! I thought i should start this thread as its a confusing topic. Why do some texts/teachers put the MDT in the heart while others put it in the solar plexus? My own attempts at deciphering this have failed, including just following my own experience. When I cook chi in LDT there comes a point where an abundance of chi rises to my solar plexus, yet other energy movements will stimulate and open the heart, and the heart has that 'middle' kind of feeling to it, at least for me... Are these locations related in some way, Is one just wrong, or is one used for certain things while the other for other stuff? Please illuminate!