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  1. I believe all lockdowns that have schedules for when they end are ludicrous at this moment because an expiration date is meant to placate the masses so that they believe there is an end in sight. In all practicality, I don't see this ending before a vaccine is developed and approved to be used on people, distributed and considered safe. It won't make people happy, it will give those holding into power an justification to stay like Netanyahu, but it will unfortunately need to happen even as the economy crashes due to how dangerous the virus is.
  2. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    He will say anything to look better and justify is action and inaction as being part of an imaginary master plan that his followers and supporters believe that he has. If one looks at the actions themselves in retrospect empty of his boastful words, it all looks quite ridiculous, but his acolytes will keep trumpeting him and justifying him like a gospel of coprophages. Look at how George W. Bush's supporters have forgotten him but were the loudest and most vocal at the time of his regime. Nixon of course has his apologists, but we need not go there as the man was a miserable little pile of secrets and insecurities.
  3. Yes, tsk tsk, just like how science is used to do all sorts of things disproving some of the sillier ideas posted here... 🤠
  4. FYI, Seasonal Affective Disorder studies show that people with excess daylight and almost no night time are more prone to suicide, as seen in Alaska and some Nordic countries. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/brain-babble/201501/reverse-seasonal-affective-disorder-sad-in-the-summer
  5. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    Makasih, teman-saya.
  6. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    Ah, I thought you were still back in Europe as you mentioned you were living there; didn't think you returned to Malaysia already. I have friends in Kuching and KL, so please take care of yourselves...over here, being ethnic Chinese isn't helping me either as they don't distinguish between Chinese heritage and Chinese mainlanders here....
  7. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    Sorry, where is here in Europe for you now? Belgium, was it?
  8. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    And all this time, people thought I was wasting my time training in the internal arts and strength to perfect health, longevity, and martial technique. It is going to come in more useful now as fights are going to go beyond arguments over hoarding at the market. Getting way more dangerous everywhere now...
  9. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    Over 3,000 now. https://www.rappler.com/nation/256900-coronavirus-cases-philippines-april-3-2020
  10. Do you think GSmaster has screw loose?

    Honestly, pausing even for a minute is great. You're also doing a shorter version of Gurdjieff's 24-hour rule that he takes before responding to anyone. Your scapegoat feeling actually is eerily similar to mine, but makes no surprise because that highlights our karmic issue our conflict brought out for us. If it weren't for our conflict, then hey, we could have continued further down the spiral. As for the beta-test--it works. Like I said, Gurdjieff did it in a similar manner too.
  11. Do you think GSmaster has screw loose?

    Nice observations. I admit honestly some days I'm indifferent, other days I feel like helping, and it all depends on where I'm at in my training. I of course have my moments of stupidity and anger--remember, our first interaction here, you and I got off on the wrong foot and then became friends. So hey, people can change and sometimes it's easier when one or both sides or all sides figure something out because we have to meet partway.
  12. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    2,633 cases in the Philippines now: https://www.rappler.com/nation/256766-coronavirus-cases-philippines-april-2-2020 Also, unique in the Philippines is that the Vice-President is elected separately from the President. Duterte has a contemptuous relationship, to put it mildly, with the VP. https://www.rappler.com/nation/256769-nbi-urged-probe-robredo-helping-frontliners-competing-government-coronavirus-response Amusing, given that many people fear death from hunger over dying from coronavirus--more broken promises. https://www.rappler.com/newsbreak/in-depth/256695-poor-filipinos-fear-death-from-hunger-more-than-coronavirus
  13. Do you think GSmaster has screw loose?

    I will assume good intentions even if my view of his time as admin is lukewarm, but hey, moving forward, things can be better. What I read there in the PPJ from CT was that he was one of a few people here who wanted to use the opportunity to nudge you to dial things back a few notches, and what I read there from you was that the thread is for technical discussion only, no bringing up other things in that thread. As for bax44, he has his views on current events, though I wouldn't bother with referring to your cultivation skills to deal with him since it's like talking about one's battle scars in Afghanistan and how that made someone a wounded warrior when the topic is why people are getting sick, as though you're indicating you have insight because you've experienced every illness due to surviving a war. It's nice, but it might end up confusing some people even if the discussion ends up being irritating with some of the things other people say, as absurd as they may be. Okay, let me share a few things here I've learned about my recent history with trying to put up threads to ban Everything and @gendao. I'm tagging him because maybe he'll share some insight about what we learned from our conflict on top of what I said. Let me first say that I'm trying to reach out to you here publicly for everyone else's benefit too, otherwise, I'd stick with PM. I also want to say that as angry and hostile as I was towards gendao, a few people offered me patience, understanding, and considered what I felt, and were willing to overlook the really nasty things I said and did. I haven't hidden or edited those posts because they serve as a reminder to me how stupid I was, and I personally feel people here want to understand and get along with you if you give them a chance. Here is a clip I will use for reference for my next example: In this clip, a very powerful necromancer (or Devil Forgemaster as he is called) is talking with the ship captain about his desires. His main desire is to destroy humanity because it's rotten and people are rude and not worth it. The captain counters that he obviously has met some good people, and doesn't doubt Isaac's power. The captain then notes something significant: with all his power, he could do a lot better trying to teach and improve humanity than he possibly could by simply giving up on them and exterminating everyone. By that token, I believe that with your skill, you could potentially teach people to be better instead of throwing them to the side for pissing you off. You and I didn't start on the right foot, but we managed to do okay after. Another example, since you love Zhan Zhuang almost as much as I do. Recently, I was meditating on how to deal with this and it came to me that this forum is like Zhan Zhuang: every time I want to reply to each shitpost targeted at me, I have given up and dropped my arms instead of making it the full hour or so. Every time someone is provoking me, I treat it the way that I would an itch and refusing to scratch it until it goes away on its own so that I can get my full standing time. Those are two approaches that I have explored recently. As for what LL says here, he's trying to reach out, and yeah, the forum isn't in great shape, but why not try to do a little better by working a little of your magic and possibly even teaching a bit, if even directly from your PPJ? Just a few thoughts. I do see you and see your potential. Even if that same patience and understanding wasn't offered to me here before, I offer it to you in hopes of appealing to the part of you that will grow tired of the same dance here. See you in the PPJ.
  14. Do you think GSmaster has screw loose?

    Translation: LL doesn’t mind GSM if he would be a lot nicer and isn’t going to caste a stone or a vote. Translation: LL is trying to be amicable, and if it’s not interpreted that way, he won’t force it. Translation: ST is showing empathy and wishing GSM would understand potential self-harm. Translation: ST is explaining his view that the current course of action is harmful. Translation: ST genuinely wishes well even if the message is not understood. Translation: Hannes is saying everyone is a little crazy, but everyone is worth being given the benefit of a doubt and have better moments, calling for acceptance and compassion. Translation: dawei is praising GSM skill but notes that self-reflection might be a good skill to cultivate. Did not quote Nungali posts, but the summary there is that Nun is doing verbal Aikido and playing the mirror of the joker, hoping GSM will either eventually see the point he and others are trying to make, and how others see what GSM is saying. Now why is Earl Grey providing translations? Because I am using this as a preamble to what I wish to say about GSM. First, I will not vote because I already learned from prior threads I had created in the heat of anger and error. The lesson i learned was that asking to ban someone is the opposite of the spirit of community and becomes as dangerous as having a gated community that creates a sense of separation. Anyone who wishes to stay or go must decide for themselves. Second, the community as a whole for what I read may not be at GSM’s standards of skill and expectations of conduct, but it is not necessarily hateful towards him. If anything, what they want is to get along. Here are some obstacles that keep coming up though: nasty reactions to a post or bringing up the same issue in an unrelated thread, and GSM is not the only one doing this. He is fully capable of having a good conversation and dialogue. It is also evident some people are interested in engaging him. Might I request to GSM as a friend and to all of you as a friend as well to instead consider taking a break from sniping? GSM, perhaps we could stick to the PPJ section for a couple weeks and focus on cultivation there as everyone else avoids sniping, and return, GSM, is it not unreasonable to ask you to consider posting after you’ve met your daily cultivation goals first? I find when i stand in Zhan Zhuang for at least three hours that I am not bitchy, but then there are times when I’m being blunt that people misread as being angry and vile, for example, Heartbreak. So this way, you’ll have more accomplishment and not need to have a hair trigger reaction. Otherwise, Gurdjieff would usually not respond to things that inflamed his passion like anger for at least 24 hours. I obviously can’t tell you what to post and not to post, but I’m attempting to appeal to a possible exchange and see who is willing to give these suggestions a try. If not, we all have the freedom to stay or go, ignore, keep doing the dance of fighting words, and so on so forth, but until a mod comes, like it or not, we can’t stop anyone from posting crap nor can anyone be surprised if someone posts crap and they get shit thrown back in response (referring to the forum in general, not GSM or anyone specifically).
  15. nCov19 Development and Prevention Discussion Only

    Healthcare professionals speak out and get fired while idiots keep saying this is no different from the flu. https://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/doctors-online-reveal-bold-loud-coronavirus-truths-200401130420720.html