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  1. @ChiDragon A lot of people naively think that having more money and more energy will solve all their issues in life. Think about money. Energy and money is similar. Wealth can have a lot of positive impact and give you powers in the material world to do good things. You could invest into research, build a lab, develop technology, invest into health, limitless opportunities. But for many people, when they get rich, it turns out that they end up paying for whores, drinking whiskey and smoking cigars. That is all they see. In a parallel reality of an imaginary degraded world, they also end up teaching people and building persona cults. Unfortunately, that is how money works. Without internal development, obtaining higher quantities of energy or money ends up badly. You have to develop your mind, intellect, and wisdom. Otherwise, wherever you gain energy or not, the path is certain into the abyss.
  2. Looking for good teachers

    The article that is on the website is outdated. I can't be bothered to update it and don't have time for it, but there has been a lot of information coming up about both Damien and Mizner. People come to us and share their personal experiences; they don't do it here. These people don't have high standards for cultivation schools, and self-development because they never trained with qualified people, and they still find a lot of things off with this behavior and egg-boy muscle car mentality, who spends half of his day ridiculing all the teachers, teachings and ancient cultures he comes across. While he is the only chosen Light in the universe, landlord of Daoism tradition, speaking the absolute verified truth for his fellow brainwashed cultists. Do you think such an article is possible to write out of nowhere? It is based on a recollection of research and investigation conducted by a group of practitioners on a closed forum over a long period of time. All this information would never go public. Damien students, who take after him in arrogance and disrespectful attitude (some of whom have multiple suspensions even on this forum) and seemingly suffering from some mental ailments from bad practice. They made a poor choice. We are not in competition with whatever he is doing. It is like comparing McDonald's takeaway with IT university. Our teaching starts with visualization practice that Damien does not comprehend. We also don't talk for 1000s hours and don't produce endless weekly videos for the entertainment sake. Our program is challenging and demanding, much more than "click" your next video lesson. My part of the work that I did was a third eye scan of Damien's spiritual attainments and all of his instructors, and the results were beyond horrific. I have lab-tested abilities, confirmed on a dozen offline closed retreats, which are much harder to access than "wait 3 hours and the teacher will come back". Cultivators sitting on Facebook.. drinking whiskey and smoking cigars.
  3. If you don't feel and observe benefits after a few months of practice, it is kind of silly to think they will come after ten years of doing the very same method. Some techniques may lack potency and impact. Energy is only a driver of evolution, and it is not an evolution in itself. Just having more energy won't change who you are and won't transform you or bring forward any enlightenment. In fact, a lot of people, when they gain more energy than normal, become worse than they were. Having fuel in a car is good, but where you drive the vehicle and how is what matters. Otherwise, all these practices are kind of worthless.
  4. Looking for good teachers

    He says a lot of things, that is his job. He also says that he is not running a cult.. repeatedly. "Hey, I am not robbing you, yes, I am taking all your money, but it is not robbery? Why? I said, so." People clearly don't know anything. Esoteric and Exoteric teachings are different. You can practice Exoteric for your whole life and will never know the difference. Exoteric teachers drink, smoke, behave like monkeys because they are monkeys. The teaching is incapable of changing who you are. Even if we don't look at the value of the content and study materials. Damien is a discounted version of Andrew Tate, his dream is to make Hustle University. You are confusing prerecorded echo-chambers lectures with live platform teaching and master personally checking students reports. There is not a single minute of Damien personal time spent into you studying in his Academy. He does not know 99% of "customers" in his online netflix. Just to be clear here, I am not interested in Damien's students or followers. I have only responded to your association of Damien and morals/ethical conduct. Also, I like Damo, the Bodhidharma one. Zen teachings of Bodhidharma is a book I often recommend to beginners.
  5. Looking for good teachers

    It exists for over 30 years, and there are no results. Persona cult is a factual reality, I have observed a bunch of students of Damien, and they have been clearly showing signs of being brainwashed. It is the opposite state of mind that you want to see in practitioners and adepts of esoteric arts. I have seen Damien's original writings - they are ridiculously bad from cultivation standpoint. If he had teachers at some point they were very low level. Imagine stealing name from a historic figure to present oneself as qualified in the field.
  6. Looking for good teachers

    Perfect ethical conduct, smoke cigars, drink whiskey, sell scam, run a persona cult and deceive people.
  7. N/A

    Physical fitness and good diet. While some abilities may transfer through sexual energy exchange, it is not a good path to pursue. It depends on a school, but training process certainly takes 5+ years and is by no means possible over a weekend. We would not advise any spiritual work for people with unstable mental health, and avoid "magic mushrooms" or any psychedelic substances, as they erode and weaken the mind, you will end up worse in the end.
  8. Martial Arts derive their name from the words "Martial" and "Arts," both of which imply competition and a skill ladder to climb. Martial Arts originated from combat. Separating fighting from martial arts is akin to visiting the grave of an ancestor and spitting on it, then boasting about your greatness. Engaging in "advanced" martial arts without ever having experienced fighting with a skilled opponent is a dangerous detachment from reality, creating a delusional ego bubble. It's comparable to offering business coaching without prior experience in running a business, managing a company, or holding any significant work-related management position. Likewise, claiming to be a Daoist teacher without having experienced Qi, let alone achieving the internal balance of Yin and Yang Qi, which is essential for attaining the Dao state, is deceptive. Armchair philosophy might lead someone to believe that fighting is inherently evil and destructive, but skilled individuals can spar effectively without causing lasting harm while simultaneously making progress and rectifying mistakes in real situations. In fact, if you speak with fighters, you'll find that they often have a better quality of life. You are making yourself stronger, you are helping others to make themselves stronger by competing with you. For some reason, many people who are interested in martial arts take a misguided path, similar to those pursuing spiritual development. You can never make genuine progress in these disciplines if you are solely driven by selfish desires and ego. If you a real martial artist, your limbs are deadly weapons. A basic ethics code would be not to fight untrained individuals. A martial artist could spar safely and productively with someone close to his level of skill. Imagine, having a gun or a spear, and using it against unarmed people, that is degeneracy. Same thing with martial arts. Imagine having a 120ms baseline reaction speed vs 350ms average. Three times faster, a martial artist could knock out untrained individual before his brain is even able to process the visual information.
  9. Electric chi

    "But he knows dao the best in the world". There in the article we cover both pitfalls affected, ego/dunning kruger syndrome and bookworm/bookshelf sickness. The problem that the more years inside a pitfall, the deeper is the trap, the harder is to get out. It is the opposite of a usual, the more years spent in cultivation = the higher level of wisdom and skill. As far as electric qi goes, that is something I have experienced on the very first practices with teacher. It is just a quality of Qi once it gets to a certain density it can strongly manifest itself. In my case it was not only electric current, but also a gravity mass, that was bending the fingers unnaturally. The experience of electric Qi is one out of hundreds among practitioners (not forum coach experts who never once touched practice). I have seens and observed reports. There are experiences of strong pressure, burning heat, and even choking. (don't think of star wars reference, although it is quite similar). But of course in the world of average citizen, consumer of tv and mass media propaganda, reader of junk books it would be all "mystery, mystical, supernatural". For most getting out of their cozy ego house, and going down even to the local third-tier bioenergetics class, would be a mind-shattering activity.
  10. From Fiction to Fact

    That is a good point, and most internal and genuine cultivation experiences will sound like a fairy tale or cosmic fantasy to an uneducated non-initiated bystander. And the further you advance in practice, the more bizarre the gap between normal people's reality and cultivators. I think the ability to see Qi with your own eyes and the ability to interact with the spirit world directly is like a waterboard between the world of mortals and the world of spiritual development. it is not possible to explain those concepts in words, and not possible to pass through the wall without a guide or a teacher transmission. (And a lot of training)
  11. Ancient Masters

    Individuals have the freedom to ask questions within the appropriate channel. However, this thread was not initiated by us and has been plagued by trolls ever since.
  12. From Fiction to Fact

    "Fireball" is the name of a core technique used in magic practices, as evident from its name. Without delving into the specifics, it revolves around the qualities of the fire element and energy manipulation in the form of a ball. I have yet to encounter people inquiring whether the "Dragon Yin" method will transform them into actual dragons, complete with scales and tails.
  13. From Fiction to Fact

    There is one thing more outstanding. Desiring to become a powerful Immortal, but being stopped by a 100$ price tag, not per day, but per month.
  14. Trying to find the next level

    Chi (Energy) work will always be a somewhat mundane practice. If you genuinely seek higher-level experiences, then mental/arcane work is the path to pursue. The most significant limitation of the body is its mortality. With death, all the accumulations in the dantiens are disassembled and lost.
  15. Lotus Nei Gong process; how long?

    If you want to fix back pain, swimming pool and manual massage (Find experienced chiropractor) are proper tools. As far as doing 4-hours of practice a day for 5 years in that particular system, I have only observed and heard of detrimental results.