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Found 4 results

  1. May peace find those of you who, this message may reach. I would like to open a discussion regarding sufi cultivation here on this page. I welcome all fellow cultivators from all different paths *bow*
  2. I've progressed in my spiritual development and meditative practices and discovered myself to possess Astral Blindness that is a rather persistent problem over the years. Does anyone have any recommendations or practices to begin working on this?
  3. What are some good ways to induce sleep paralysis?

    I really want to astral project. Has anyone discovered a good way of inducing sleep paralysis so that it will happen when you are conscious?
  4. Just looking for giveaways or cheap buys here. Any books on the subject of dreams, especially consious and lucid dreaming, and anything on astral projection or OBE (Out of Body Experiences.) I am especially desirous of getting my hands on Slyvan Muldoon's, "Projection of the Astral Body." PM me or post with any offers. Thanks!