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  1. Am I doing something wrong?

    Please publish your book🥺. I can read everything you say and never lose interest. Could probably read cover to cover in one go with all the insights.
  2. DK Yoo vs Bradley Scott

    I didn’t see the fight so I’m going by what you say. My experience with karatekas and jiujitsu folk has had various responses, which is why I figured Yoo may have had something similar.
  3. DK Yoo vs Bradley Scott

    Considering the way the MMA rules basically limited a lot of his techniques, this is a net positive for Yoo because he had to fight with the delay in his mind thinking “Can’t do this because it’s illegal…” and is common when sparring. That split second you’re about to do something like an eye gouge or throat jab and finger locks: realizing the set up you instinctively do has to be changed midway affects your reflexes. Yoo adapts and based on what you described, he can take it all night long.
  4. Wuji Posture

    Better, thanks. Doesn’t matter if I come across as a know-it-all though because I do teach this stuff professionally, but people are free to disregard my professional opinion since they aren’t my students after all.
  5. Wuji Posture

    It’s actually a reference to trolling on another thread where he was warned. No passive aggression if you have an issue with me, please.
  6. Help interpert results to find my lost item

    Do this instead:
  7. Oh look, I got covid

    Yeah, I got it a few days ago. I'm so happy anti-vaxx or Plandemic talk is no longer public. Stay safe and healthy, people. Delta is very real.
  8. Oh look, I got covid

    Friends respect boundaries, which you could consider how you're breaching them at this moment. Please stop.
  9. Oh look, I got covid

    Your response was to Kyoji. At no point is there any reference to prior posts I've made or the flow of discussion here, instead, continuing off of your previous posts earlier rather than the focus of this thread. I think it's time I request the mods to close this thread instead, because apparently, the section, Healthy Bums and the focus, my experience with covid, is no longer being respected.
  10. Oh look, I got covid

    Can you please review the OP and look at how this thread was originally about my own experience getting covid and reflections on it instead of pushing your agenda? @dwai already cleaned up unrelated posts and I'd like to not have it be hijacked, and if not, perhaps this thread should just be locked.
  11. Wuji Posture

  12. qigong mixed with neidan?

    It's also the "nei"part that one is so used to saying again and again and then it slips as I did.
  13. qigong mixed with neidan?

    Yes, good to clarify.
  14. qigong mixed with neidan?

    I really don’t want to get drawn into another long thread, but I do want to point out that qigong is just an umbrella term as is neigong, and you are best focused on looking at systems and getting guidance from your teacher because you will certainly harm yourself with such a vague and overly generalized view of qigong and neigong. tl;dr don’t mix and match, qigong is not the same amongst systems and styles, nor is neigong.
  15. Canaan: Land of Milk and Honey

    Yeah...normally, someone posts a topic because they want to talk about it, but in the OP here, it seems more like he wants others to talk about it as though we're a television program he can observe and then criticize for not aligning with his expectations.
  16. Canaan: Land of Milk and Honey

  17. Some snippets of wisdom from Robert Anton Wilson, formerly used as a personal reminder in my old signature: "Everyone has a belief system, B.S., the trick is to learn not to take anyone's B.S. too seriously, especially your own." "Of course I’m crazy, but that doesn’t mean that I’m wrong." "Only the madman is absolutely sure."
  18. Favorite Quotes from Buddha.

    Not long ago (which every mod in the past couple years can attest to), I wasn’t much different from him. If he’s really studying and practicing Dharma as opposed to just finding quotes expressing his current understanding, he’ll eventually come around and his amicability with others will reflect his practice. Give him time, because he isn’t giving himself time to look inside as well as around.
  19. My parents make me sick

    same… like you, content and quality of thought transmits easily.
  20. Favorite Quotes from Buddha.

    I suppose someone would like to find a quote relevant to the importance of virtuous speech after reading all this?
  21. ...

  22. My parents make me sick

    I have the same problem. I also use creativity waves. If I write, sometimes my fiction takes weeks to perfect a 2-3 page short story, or I may even get 15 pages in two hours and a first draft that doesn’t need many changes.
  23. My parents make me sick

    Thanks for sharing a preview of the contents of your next best seller!
  24. Oh look, I got covid

    So I’m fully recovered and now want to share something about living with Covid-19. My unpleasant neighbors who don’t mask, don’t vax, don’t distance, and don’t wear a face shield somehow still disdain me, but are also throwing parties every night. And yet, I’m the bad guy for getting Covid as they continue doing passive-aggressive things like locking me out or leaving notes about every little thing I do such as feeding stray cats OUTSIDE the property in front rather than inside. I also found out a friend of mine died a couple weeks ago, someone who makes me immediately think of how the Covid-19 discussion led to more bad blood between people here than Trump could ever hope to accomplish. Our friendship was a bit strained because he was a pro-Duterte authoritarian and CCP propaganda shill, who then naturally evolved into a bully who ridiculed me for believing the vaccine con and was a proponent of ivermectin. Our friendship the last few years was passive sniping in Telegram, on political issues we both disagree with and links that neither of us would read or respond to, and now, his widow responded to my last snipe today that he died after two months in the ICU on life support after his medically induced coma and blood drive due to preexisting conditions. Can everyone just PLEASE GET ALONG? I am too exhausted to argue any point anymore no matter what anyone believes because all this polarization and bad blood means I never got to enjoy my last few years with a friend. Granted, it was a tough position given that he was a bully and condescending, but what kind of choice is that? To put up with ideological abuse to maintain a friendship or cut ties because I can’t stand to have my own struggles disregarded by an old money lad? Someone who never rode public transport, never learned to wash his own clothes, and never had to decide if he would eat or his pets would eat? That decision about what to do when you can’t see eye-to-eye and have a good faith disagreement anymore is something that needs to STOP everywhere in the world, but until people learn when they should remain silent and when people should speak up, I don’t want to imagine if things can get worse and want to hope that it will all get better. Mic drop.