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  1. I certainly don’t think so when he won’t stop invading every thread and forcing his alien Christian colonialism conspiracies and pseudoscience in every thread regardless of whether it has anything to do with a topic or if anyone wants to hear what he says, like he is on the volcano thread and won’t shut up about it. One can say “use the ignore option” but when he’s doing obnoxious things like linking Feminism and the Pill to genetics that cause homosexuality and insists he is not homophobic, or talking about colonialism in a thread about a volcanic eruption and the disaster it has created where I am, or comparing his lack of a pillow as part of the fight against colonialism forcing pillows on people to sleep unnaturally as making him a modern day Rosa Parks—it’s too much and suffocates any helpful exchange on this forum. Yes, I know I did something similar to this before with the Everything thread, but enough is enough and this idiot brings no value whatsoever to this forum. I’m not calling for an outright ban, but I am sick of him invading and polluting every thread he meddles in and want to see who is willing to chime in an opinion on him or demonstrate exactly what value, if any, he brings here, because I sure as hell don’t see anything positive.
  2. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    I actually had a chat with a friend and a few others off site about exactly what you say. This level of frustration now is serious enough for me to take a short break from the forum because as much as I’d like to update folks about the volcano and help out the people I’ve attended to here outside of shouting at gendao, it has been more aggravating while choking on a daily basis as we anticipate the next eruption. I posted links for people to follow the news here on the volcano thread and encourage people to please donate to either PETA or Red Cross Philippines. After this post, just find me by e-mail—I’m not going online here for at least a week or so to wash myself of gendao. Anyone who does want personal updates can get my email or get it from one of my friends.
  3. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    Eh? Well, as you know, it’s...Entirely exasperating elucidating how each extremely embarrassing episode he egregiously ejaculates his emphatic epiphanies in EVERY THREAD, everyone is exhausted by his endless exaggeration that he embodies elite, eloquent, erudite, and esteemed encyclopedic enlightenment thanks to his exposure to the essential Sitchin and Icke, who both equate everything with extraterrestrials whom we must emancipate ourselves from eventually.
  4. I am very picky myself, after finding out that not being picky led to terrible relationships. As for what constitutes attractiveness, it can vary widely amongst societies, culture groups, and subcultures, then even individual preference. I knew an attractive young woman whose type is fat bald men, and nobody could explain why. Her boyfriend, my classmate, didn’t care one bit, and he also had a string of attractive women he had dated who didn’t find his type of being fat and bald as their type, but he had a lot that made him charming, such as a good sense of humor and was an artist.
  5. Volcanoooooo

    Lower sulfur dioxide--but no means to celebrate just yet. https://www.rappler.com/nation/249904-phivolcs-advisory-taal-volcano-status-january-22-2020 Here's a video of anxious evacuees: https://www.rappler.com/nation/249889-video-evacuees-anxious-week-fled-homes-taal-volcano-eruption-january-2020
  6. Volcanoooooo

    https://www.rappler.com/nation/249138-phivolcs-advisory-taal-volcano-status-january-13-2020 So my whole area in the city of Metro Manila is covered in ash, and I'm headed out to buy some of those N95 masks. Not sure which song to play sardonically as I deal with some of the more bemusing things that start 2020 for me now, but here are a couple describing where I am (The Ring of Fire) and the phenomenon itself. One good thing to take from this country's culture is people love to use humor to deal with serious events going on, from martial law to SARS to typhoons to now volcanic eruptions.
  7. new member having trouble posting

    He is probably waiting for Sean to approve his membership fully--some other member e-mailed me through a Sifu here because Sean still has to moderate and approve new members. But if he's already been welcomed and that thread is there, then it's probably an issue on his end if not the system itself.
  8. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    Ah, so it's a compulsive need to keep talking, because no, you did not shut up--you kept chiming in, even indirectly, without quoting me. Being passive-aggressive rather than directly aggressive changes nothing. Nobody in the forum likes your presence because you are a pest--you are never on topic and your behavior, as Nungali said, My response is a guy who is fed up--your obnoxiousness does piss me off, and I am not the only one who views you as a pest. I am not a saint or an angel, though I doubt those mean much to you because of your view of Abrahamic religions or even analogies derived from them. A man getting angry for a good reason does not make him "mental" as you are unsubtly implying, but a man acting with false, self-assured rationalism--such as you!--remains deluded, uneducated, and for all intents and purposes, useless. There is an old term that we use to describe people who do nothing but meddle and force their views and opinions on everyone else: a busybody. They are people with all the time in the world because they are unemployable (nobody finds any value in what they can do), they are unpleasant (often the sound of their voice and their own body odor), and most significantly, they are unwanted. This fits you to a T. What value, gendao, do you even bring to this forum? You do nothing but force your uninformed and unrelated views everywhere, and when someone who does have authority (again: someone like Walker or I have language skill, formal training, life experience in respective countries we speak of, and actually talk with the people you've never directly engaged with), it is disregarded by you because it does not suit your conspiracy agenda. I know what value I bring, and certainly, this forum asphyxiates on the dirgeful deluge of your distasteful delusions that dominate and destroy any meaningful dialogue in each thread you disrupt.
  9. Volcanoooooo

    Universities have more space for evacuees right now, as there just isn't enough space...https://www.rappler.com/nation/249861-limited-facilities-hinder-sucs-accommodate-taal-volcano-eruption-evacuees. They need food really badly. The government is forcing people out of their homes to avoid repeat of the disaster when the typhoon struck in 2013 when people returned home prematurely and casualties and losses were greater. https://www.rappler.com/nation/249856-video-government-force-residents-out-homes-taal-volcano-danger-zone And government in-fighting occurs when the VP Robredo is trying to help but her opponents in the government seek to discredit her--opponents who include a former pop singer who was hired on the basis of her fake news blog supporting Duterte to become an official government communications officer. https://www.rappler.com/nation/249877-robredo-returns-batangas-cavite-give-more-aid-taal-volcano-eruption-evacuees. Government politics within Duterte's government and China's opportunistic approach politicize natural disasters and ultimately harm the people who need help. Politicizing any disaster is disgusting as it means turning people's suffering into bargaining tools.
  10. Volcanoooooo

    Reposting this so people can continue to give and ignore the hijacking that keeps occurring.
  11. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    You could see the volcano thread and see why it has come down to this, as it didn't come from nowhere.
  12. Volcanoooooo

    Small vendors are hit hard by the volcano's destruction: https://www.rappler.com/nation/249787-video-taal-volcano-eruption-hits-small-vendors One mayor is pissed and wants the Phivolcs to already lower the alert level so that people can go home, but it doesn't work that way...https://www.rappler.com/nation/249823-phivolcs-advisory-taal-volcano-status-january-21-2020 Mostly because I'm gearing up to go volunteer this week probably if I get clearance to help out.
  13. Animal Companions

    My furry friends who all live here with me and make getting up to face the bullshit of the world worthwhile.
  14. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

  15. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    Cognitive dissonance all the way for you, as expected. Misquoting me multiple times and now accusing me of misquoting you, especially when the actual quote showed how you are dumber than you actually are in every goddamn thread you post in and can't keep off of, you sick, sad fuck.
  16. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    Go read the volcano thread and see how obnoxious he is there and see how that wouldn't get under anyone's skin when he can't keep his nonsense off of it.
  17. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    You asked to post the quote, so no--there is no privacy--you asked for it to be posted. Invalid argument, as your own words here say. And it's a full course of disaster and aggravation dealing with all nine holes in your head and your logic (or lack thereof).
  18. Volcanoooooo

    https://www.philstar.com/headlines/2020/01/20/1986346/number-taal-evacuees-still-rising-now-112000-ndrrmc Evacuee numbers according to Philippine Star: 112,000 and rising. "Over 215,000 people from the provinces of Batangas, Quezon, Laguna and Cavite have been affected by Taal Volcano's unrest, NDRRMC said, adding that some 69,304 individuals are being served outside proper evacuation centers."
  19. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    I've replied directly to every single question and anyone can point it out--it just doesn't satisfy your colonial conspiracy agenda. Hard to misrepresent when everyone else like @ilumairen and others here have seen the bullshit you are saying is and debunking it. The actual quote and your own quotes here I've linked tell a different story and others have also seen that. Here it is again for posterity. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ARTIFICIALLY-INDUCED HOMOSEXUALITY. This is homophobia 101. Good, you admit you still make bullshit comments like that in every thread you infect. Everyone and their mom sees how completely out of context you are in every post. Calling me a "white savior" and your bullshit in the above posted screen capture, as well as your colonialism bullshit everywhere is racist. The idea that you are so "enlightened" that indigenous peoples can't think for themselves as a result of colonialism is itself the same mentality of the white boy who thinks his shit is superior--i.e. the colonialist idiots themselves, Mr. Teapot and Mr. Kettle. I have every reason to be angry when your obnoxiousness doesn't know when to stop, and as I've said: people here are not as vocal about it, but they certainly have not spoken about you as an upstanding individual. MegaMind, however, acts the same as you with dodging direct questions and spamming his copy and paste everywhere even when his precious morepie isn't even mentioned here, dragging me into his bullshit, because as you say here: I WOULD IGNORE YOU, BUT YOU KEEP QUOTING ME IN MY OWN TOPICS OR UNRELATED TOPICS TO FORCE YOUR AGENDA. My blood pressure is just fine. Do everyone else a favor: ask yourself what would the average educated adult would say if you kept following them around and interrupting their dinner with friends to talk about colonialism because you overheard something you wanted to argue, and they continued to ignore you but you kept tapping their shoulder and talking over them when they obviously don't want you. This from the guy who keeps posting things from RT and pseudoscience like American Thinker, a homophobic website? Which is why you invading my volcano thread is what demonstrates your level of obnoxiousness. No, I hate the fact you've got no fucking respect for an OP and keep pushing out disinformation, which as Walker eloquently characterized you as doing here: You've been on ignore for years now; you just won't shut up or stop posting in my threads and quoting me.
  20. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    As I said in the original post (if you bothered to read it), I wasn’t calling for an outright ban. I said I’m sick and tired of this idiot spamming things with everywhere and the question is if he’s worth having here after his bullshit everywhere that you may find examples of that I’ve listed. the climate change and volcano threads were the last straw.
  21. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    You do know that you are seriously trivializing the egregious obnoxiousness of your posts towards me for the past couple years, right? It is not merely "clashing world views", because you did start with a personal attack against me. Want me to document it? It's right here: I shared a missive about personal experience, and what do you do? The point goes completely over your head and all you do is shit on my experience by attacking my work and organization. You even did it again by insisting I'm LARPing and have white savior complex. You are tone deaf, oblivious, and you repeatedly ignore direct questions about what language you speak, what countries you've visited and worked in, what professional and educational qualifications you have--in EVERY THREAD. You have been asked to get off the thread because you want to force your uninformed opinions and facts, then you post homophobic crap and pseudoscience, on a thread for climate change, then compare yourself to Rosa Parks for your lack of using a pillow (which you've curiously edited out once someone pointed out how ridiculous you are). This is not clashing worldview--this is just pure obnoxiousness, and you refuse to admit any wrong while calling everyone else sheeple. Your worldview is also unsurprisingly extremely uninformed on the one hand and peddling misinformation on the other while calling everything else disinformation because it doesn't suit your agenda. And no, I do not have an issue with Nungali--we have clashing opinions, but the difference between him and you is that I respect him, he stays on topic, he doesn't post nonsense nor does he keep doing it after he's been asked to stop, and believe it or not, he called me out when I blew up at you finally on the leftist thread, he didn't attack you at all there. Now if we're going to go with forum rules, how about the rules about you posting pseudoscience, homophobic crap, racist bullshit, conspiracy theories, and spamming threads constantly? "Remove the mote in thine own eye before pointing at what you see in another". Hell, even Sean has told people to fuck off or called them dipshits here, in case you've forgotten. You are now gaslighting me and calling this a "live debate" but you've consistently ignored the questions bolded above many times, constantly pushing your Annunaki Christian colonialism agenda everywhere, and disregarding people like Walker and me, who speak the respective languages of cultures you talk about, live in the countries you talk about, know the history, environment, and politics of those places--but you consistently disregard that. Hell, “live debate” is hardly accurate when Sean removed the right wing trolls, who sound a lot like you, peddling misinformation and forcing an agenda—that’s not dialogue, that’s just resorting to absurdity and being loud and in everyone’s face, your favorite tactic. So if I'm fed up, guess what? I am only the most vocal person on this forum who has open hostility towards you--there are plenty of people here who can't stand you and have let me know how fed up they are with you. I am not popular or well-loved here, but I am on topic and sincere, and more importantly, helpful. You, gendao, are obnoxious, rude, and abusive, and quite possibly compulsive. You undoubtedly have mental health issues and can't seem to get the hint that you are not wanted nor do you add any value, as any criticism levied at you results in you thinking others merely are brainwashed and unawakened. If you were banned or disappeared, there would be a lot of calm from me and everyone else as we stay on topic and discuss what is good, and I have indeed had healthy disagreements here--from sane, respectful, rational people, which are all characteristics absent in you. Hell, just look at how you ruined the Mr. Rogers thread here because you wouldn't shut up and stay on topic. "Live debate" my ass.
  22. Volcanoooooo

    So, it's only hours or days as the estimate for the next eruption. While Duterte is calling for more funds to help those affected (https://www.rappler.com/nation/249790-duterte-wants-supplemental-budget-taal-volcano-eruption-january-2020), he is also curiously ignoring the fact that it's three years in a row that funding for calamities was slashed. There's also a question of where some of that money went. There wouldn't have been as great a need to raise more funds had there not been the funding cuts. Worse is the government does not give a shit about the animals there, so please help out the animals in the links to help PAWS or PETA. I also finally heard from my cousin, who was there when it first erupted and almost died. She is crazy and going back to help evacuees and animals too--yep, philanthropy and being crazy runs in the family, and is no surprise given how much of an ass-whupper she has been since she decided to never take shit from anyone when she used a chalkboard eraser to lay down the law on someone who threatened her in middle school all the way to being the only person who can give me a challenge in combat given that she's a knife and FMA expert, which came in handy when she was in university in the US and a minority.
  23. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    I believe they exist—I just wouldn’t be ready to meet one unless I knew for sure it was there for a good reason. This is a common mode the past few years to blackmail people for old things they’ve done, whether it was a joke on Twitter a decade ago as a youth or someone in the 80s telling dirty jokes. The problem with this is that people can have it done to them too just as quickly as they find allies for unearthing shit.
  24. Is gendao worth having on this forum?

    More like I have a problem with people who spam and force their agenda on every topic when it has nothing to do with the topic, whether it’s people forcing Mo Pai, Drew being Drew, or gendao and colonialism. Of course, you won’t see it because you follow the same behavior pattern.
  25. Mo Pai - Instructions & Warnings

    “There was a man who loved Dragons. He decorated his garments and furnishing with dragon designs to the disdain of others. The Dragon God was highly impressed with his deep interest. So, just once only he decided to show himself to the man as a real Dragon. Seeing him, the man died of fright.” The Hagakure Steve, if anyone laughs about dragons and your communication with them, this story is one of my favorites. Even seeing miniature people once crawling out of the floor and across my room when in deep meditation once scared the hell out of me, and they were just observers, not dragons. I’d probably freeze in fright if I saw a dragon, much less how freaked I was when meditating with my students and hearing the descriptions they gave when seeing my own face morph into things.