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Found 1 result

  1. I somehow missed the theoretical importance of collagen, recently 'discovered' it. Basically, collagen is the main protein for the entire continuum of connective tissue: fascia ~ tendon ~ ligament ~ bones, which is a main component of what gets developed in qigong, internal martial arts, Daoist internal arts. A friend of mine mentioned that she'd been taking collagen for a while and her hair was noticeably softer. The reviews on amazon: people notice better hair, faster growing nails and joint pain disappearing. These are signs that a lot is going on on the inside that is *very* relevant to connective tissue growth. from Wikipedia I'm pretty sensitive to this stuff, and I start anything new with microdoses. Disclaimer (and I'm not kidding): Health is an *extraordinarily* complex and personal thing. Impossible for me to tell whether this'd be helpful or harmful to any of you. Be discerning.