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  1. De-caf question?

    so I looked in the fridge today and found a container of organic regular instant coffee that I had kind of forgot about. I read the label and it warned of containing acrylomide, a potential carcinogen. What the hell, hopefully the peas and carrots we grow in the backyard don't have something potentially harmful in them....(then again the soil could)
  2. The taboo of enlightenment

    of course THINGS change, but the source of things does not.
  3. An opinion or observation of madness

    Who knows how much stephen miller has set up but it has to be a hell of a lot! He is one diabolical and dangerous snake in the grass... many of our citizens are under massive mind control techniques in operation by trump and corrupt right wing media sources (as often played on fox news and by hannity types) and if you mention that to those folks watch out ! ! Trump pushed for states to open early and what happened..., now he pushing for schools to open early in the sense that most are not ready with all the safeguards needed and guess what will happen? Apparently and unless a family member or a friend of those in denial of covid and safeguards against it dies then many don't hardly give a dam. (and or even party hardy)
  4. An opinion or observation of madness

    well helping the N.R.D.C. (National Resource Defense Council along with a few other organisations) in their fight against the hell driven, multi-faceted destruction wrought by trump and his enablers on what is left our critical environmental conditions and health issues (besides trump golfing at his resorts) who imo have sold their souls to a very dangerous and unhinged madman, and for what, a few lousy bucks and their greed for the twisted glory of short term political power instead of working for the common good of all the citizens in the US !! There are a several hundreds and more examples along these lines and if we survive it will take decades to sort out the mess and division heaped upon us all, (that has also gone on for many decades besides the further and great debasement that trump has brought) and more so for the middle class who will pay a very high price although not the kind of suffering and life and death price (except for that from covid 19!) that the less fortunate and poor will pay that has come about through often corrupted gov. and the "powers that be greed" who have bought off a lot of our government!
  5. De-caf question?

    Right, I can relate...I'll try some light roast caffeinated next and see how things go. I drank gut-rot coffee at work for years just because it was there, besides being in perpetual jet lag from shift work and needing caffeine at 3:30 in the morning for a boost. It was the same with many of my fellow workers; btw. there was this one guy who said he could not handle eating Mexican food yet he could drink down that re-percolated crap all day!
  6. De-caf question?

    could be or just making the old one bigger and uncontrolled, yikes - run baby run... ( btw. no problemo with star bucks "double shot" and its 1/2 of pound of sugar except for the sugar !)
  7. De-caf question?

    unfortunately we can not trust the usda or fda very darn far !
  8. De-caf question?

    I too had a bag that said, "swiss water process' but it also ripped me a new asshole? So maybe i have other problems going on ? I do know most teas don't bother me at all or pop with stevia in it.
  9. De-caf question?

    Thanks a ton for the information! So I take it that even if the beans were originally organic the packaging would not reveal the chemicals you mentioned for caffeine removal ! (besides your important point about the synergistic effect)
  10. De-caf question?

    Does anyone know if there is something about de-caf that is harder on the system than regular coffee? I've been buying organic de-caf thinking it might be healthier yet it still causes troubles in my lower tract to the point where I may have to give it up. Thanks for any info.
  11. The taboo of enlightenment

    what can be seen as a particular weaving of pure light, thus not the grand cosmic field of light.
  12. The taboo of enlightenment

    soul is awareness individuated...such evolution is not an error although egotism makes for a harder trip.
  13. The taboo of enlightenment

    another take is emanation instead of creation per-se., and with emanation there is also a return to its source. As for gods and angels or deities they are undeniable when one one has stepped out of materialism and seen them in more subtle realms, which btw includes the witness of same given by the historic Buddha. As for "God" I'd say that nut can't really be cracked until one knows death dies.
  14. The taboo of enlightenment

    a loaded question...but we do know that toe nails need trimming now and then.
  15. An opinion or observation of madness

    the level of near total blindness, arrogance or "normal" people being grossly misled by trumps propaganda machines makes his followers dangerous and shows a corruption of common sense and decency almost beyond belief! Not unlike the followers that hitler had leading up to WWll ! So its great to think nice thoughts but freedom still requires eternal vigilance and the discernment of evil forces which will stop at nothing unless met with will-power and wisdom against its dark devices. Chamberlin thought he could appease hitler which was foolish to the max, most of GOP thinks trump is their boy but they too are being foolish to the max! Millions or billions could die in a trump caused war just so he would have an excuse to stay in office and be in the best bunker in the world, all of which would be fine with him! (as long he had tens of thousands of cheeseburgers stored there for eating at his leisure)