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  1. not site tech. GFCI breaker related.

    a couple of more electrical issues I've come across: 1. All LED light bulbs are not created equal! For instance I've tried generic brands that have burned out faster than the old incandescent bulbs, and those particular bulbs were advertised to last many years. 2. Be careful about using LED bulbs that are not designed to be dimmed. 3. LED bulbs may not work correctly with self illuminated light switch's. They will still light up but the little indicator light switch will not. (like on a 3-way switch circuit) 4. the base of some LED bulbs seem to run much hotter than others, not sure why? 5. The lower wattage usage is a big benefit! Regardless of what, "you know who" says. 6. I'm still waiting for the prices to come way down for automotive LED replacement bulbs! (they are sky high) 7. LED work lights (or high wattage flood lights) can't be beat compared to the old dangerously hot running ones ! 8. LED shop lights are very light and will not break like the old long fluorescent ones. (nor hum and flicker or need warming up for full light)
  2. umm, I quoted some sayings of Jesus which I feel are universal and at least partially apply to or have some relation the the OP.* (but I'm not a "Christian" per say although I believe in many of its sayings that are of universal import thus not limited to fundamentalist interpretation, which btw there are about 10,000 sects of which define Christianity with minor to very drastic differences! Anyway I relate more to the core meanings given in the Upanishads and the TTC. along with several other forms of spiritual teachings to a lesser degree) So back to the OP. The following paragraph is what I was trying to comment on: "If you do what is right, irrespective of what the other does, it will slow down the mind. If you are working in an office and one or two are doing something against you, you will always be tense. Your sleep is destroyed. But if you have the policy that you will be thinking, speaking and doing only what is in accordance with your inner voice, irrespective of what others do or not, then how does it matter what the other does? You sleep well. And thoughts become less." This too in a way can fall under the saying of, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" and I feel is warned about by the sayings of Jesus which I brought up... for their can be several and also conflicting inner voices in "students" saying this or that is right and that is wrong depending on lots of "inner" and also outer factors, so to speak. Also: I agree about the problems you mentioned that arise with nihilism and or just pure materialism.
  3. Retro Tech

    no battery needed: been a long time since I used one of these...and I still have one. and these are still in use:
  4. Retro Tech

    best to replace that ancient wiring , Btw. I once worked on an old house with lath board and knob and tube wiring, ... it might have almost been easier to replace the house
  5. Voices from 'Murica

    Texas related....
  6. Dark chocolate question?

    mainly the 72% stuff which is about all it says on the label. (and I don't think i get that much vitamin k...)
  7. Dark chocolate question?

    that was a whole lot of info Steve, I've read about 1/3 of it so far ! Sounds like I could improve my chess game (among more important issues) if I ate the correct amount of dark chocolate. Still not sure about the bleeding mentioned in the OP?
  8. Always have qualified electrician involved if you are a diy'er and unsure of electrical issuses! FYI and per this experience I'm not a certified or qualified electrician so its on you to do electrical things right: I was changing out a GFCI outlet device today and had never known that if one gets the line and load sides mixed up that its little green or led (power) indicator light can still come on even though wired incorrectly. (which mine did) I had never noticed this before because i had never gotten the line and load sides mixed up before and their little trip and reset buttons had always worked which is of primary concern and should be tested per oem recommendations. Thought this info might help save some time for a diy'er in making sure the line and load sides are installed right per oem specs.
  9. Dark chocolate question?

    no I don't know exactly what the quote meant by that or what ingredient they may have meant? (btw, some bars have artificial flavors while others don't) I brought this up because I (and probably some other people here) sometimes over indulge dark chocolate and that I also wonder if my small occasional nose bleeds could be related to that?
  10. "Does chocolate increase bleeding? They found that the specially enriched dark chocolate significantly increased bleeding time after six hours in both men and women, possibly caused by the metabolites that our bodies produce from flavanols.Dec 21, 2012" Has anyone heard of or know of this about chocolate?
  11. Retro Tech

    Wow and wild!
  12. Retro Tech

    isn't that the truth about safety back then! I once cobbled an unsafe bicycle together. It had the long banana seat and butterfly handlebars on a medium sized frame, a 3 speed hub spoked into big rear rim with a knobby tire along with having a small front chrome rim with a skinny tire. What made it unsafe was no brakes, one just stuck their foot against the side of the front tire to slow down which hardly worked, yikes! (so I had to always be looking way ahead to slow down in time to prevent a wreck, and since I couldn't get handbrakes to fit I soon put the bike aside even though i liked it looks.)
  13. Retro Tech

    but is it retro or retro recycled and kept alive like my 45 year old truck?
  14. Retro Tech

    we had this type of skateboard as kids, if the steel wheels ran into a small peddle it often acted like an instant brake which could send you flying off the board and into the unyielding concrete which removed patches of flesh or knocked out teeth or pounded your body an "x" amount. (all in a day of fun and daring, ouch)
  15. Retro Tech

    that sounds like a very fine cabin Nungali ! In my old cabin days I used to do sponge type baths or wipe-downs after heating water on the stove top. And since I was in my early 20's back then I also sometimes snuck into a men's university dorm in town to steal a truly wonderful and blissful hot shower. A hot relaxing bath was mostly a pipe dream which I almost never was able to get...and I do mean almost never. Btw, a girlfriend of mine who later became my good wife absolutely refused to move into one of my shacks until I installed a nice shower that had hot water (after I also had to install a hot water heater) and was located to side of our rustic kitchen. (the plumber in me became motivated)