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  1. well if you are asking folks here could suggest a thousand+ things to help with boredom....
  2. Um, there isn't a language called Buddhism right? Anyway take care and maybe later...
  3. "fairly easy" how convenient for the experts. Btw I don't buy into all your Buddhist jargon usage as an end all.
  4. on some of the points, Btw. "non-dual insight' could also be an intellectual projection which most anyone could make...thinking they are enlightened since they have it down intellectually.
  5. "I can see" sounds nice but which I is that for if I no longer exists per its Total dissolution then who is talking? (could be a more refined whatever)
  6. no, if it it used in the way or context as a pointer based on 1st hand experience, thus not just blind faith/belief. (as it sounds like you also implied?) agreed on the agreement good point on it doesn't go anywhere per certain levels, although if it no longer exists per total dissolution it is gone and can not be picked back up. Looking at a sunset with a calm peaceful mind is still a mind and sensory based event.
  7. "A belief is something we construct" yes and or no. bare naked reality is only known (so to speak) by bare naked reality, thus not by the mind where it does not exist except as another concept. To crossover is not to bring the mind along to the side of "bare naked reality" since it can not pass there and still remain. To quote again from Chapter 43 of the TTC: "Only Nothing can enter into no-space". Few of us are ready, myself included, for such dissolution of our personal mind to no-thing.
  8. Healing the wounded child within

    I'd quote or paraphrase the idea that, "The Tao goes far and returns", even though it never really left. I tend to have a non-dualistic yet not in denial of dualism take. How well that crosses over into more Traditional Taoism I'm not sure, although at some point I'd say that (apparent) differences are not always hard and fast rules of definition.
  9. Healing the wounded child within

    its a tough one like trying to think of evolution to the non-evolutionary (aka The Great Tao) Anyway I do not dismiss the process of evolution as some schools apparently do nor the non-evolutionary. Btw, an implication to me is that the "child" can not gain or lose the non-evolutionary that is more or less hidden within its core, "standing..." uncreated and unchanging for if it could be created or changed then it could also be destroyed, so then we can come back to question of does the child have to exist for the uncreated and unchanging to exist? I'd say No, yet to manifest as much as possible through all realms, Yes . (for me pointed to with, "to be far") Btw there is the saying in chapter 43 of: "Only Nothing can enter no-space" indicating to me an evolution to non-evolutionary (wherein nothing is gained or lost)....along with being a saying that mind can not really wrap its head around. (a partial analogy: In electricity a small generator must first be properly synchronized with what is sometimes called an infinite electrical buss before they can be joined together. (as an entire system, if not something must give way and it won't be the infinite buss))
  10. Healing the wounded child within

    some clips from chapter 25 of the TTC. to ponder if one so chooses.... "...to go on is to be far to be far is to return..." mankind can not really say Why (the Great) "Standing alone without change" thus there is really nothing gained and nothing lost, per all of our striving not exactly on topic but one could ask does the "child" go far and return but ultimately gains or loses nothing?
  11. Who or what is "satan"?

    I edited my post to read, consider changing the strange parts...
  12. Who or what is "satan"?

    Sure, but it can be hard to see "unity in diversity"
  13. Who or what is "satan"?

    "A crankshaft is a mechanical component used in a piston engine to convert the reciprocating motion into rotational motion. The crankshaft is a rotating shaft containing one or more crankpins, that are driven by the pistons via the connecting rods". We need to have our short block right, then the long block, then everything attached to that, and lastly the timing should at least be in the ballpark to get going...
  14. Who or what is "satan"?

    you play strange Daniel, apparently that turns your crank? Our "conversation" was a very short one since my crank turns differently from yours... I suggest consider changing the strange parts....
  15. Who or what is "satan"?

    "boring" is a boring presumption. (about a very important Hindu deity!)