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  1. An opinion or observation of madness

    that "someone" is full of bullshit unless they meant certain neo-nazis or white supremist types who have openly advocated and or carried out violence... also your twisted enjoyment of being a fanatic devils advocate any which way is not hilarious but kind of sick
  2. An opinion or observation of madness

    if you are advocating for Russian forces just come out and say it instead of putting down western forces, also if you are a citizen of a western or Nato related country you can renounce your citizenship and move to Moscow and get citizenship there where it sounds like you would feel at home.
  3. An opinion or observation of madness

    saying it's "hilarious" is a truly ignorant, flippant and shallow statement being that a mis-step by either side during such encounters could result in a serious and deadly regional conflict involving whatever forces are present at the time of such incidents and which could also escalate much further! Does that mean the US has not also tested Russian boundaries with military forces to whatever extant, no but if we had done as many careless close encounters as the Russians it would be all over international news!! (with undeniable photos and verified reports like we have of them pulling crap, including what they have pulled on other countries besides ours)
  4. It is known

    yikes, that is one fierce looking ant! Btw. instead of throwing them meat scraps how about throwing fresh green peas? Encouraging them to be veggie ants instead of meat eaters might be safer ... Now I remember a movie called, "Sand Kings" with Beau Bridges. It had super intelligent ant like creatures that were in and brought back from Mars soil samples. Beau smuggled out a small sample of them from a secure lab and then they got loose into the environment via his at home experiment's with them that went very bad! I kind of like tarantula's and trap door spiders but have trouble with many other types like the fast aggressive ones, especially when they move into the house, thus I think I have a lot of spider karma coming back someday
  5. It is known

    I turned over a 12"x12" brick a couple of months ago in my backyard around noon. Underneath was an army of small ants and hundreds of their ant larva suddenly exposed to bright and hot sunlight. I put the brick back over them for shade but told them they had to clear out from that area asap. The next day I lifted the brick back up to check their progress and there was not a single trace of any ant or larva, they tunneled deep and completely vanished.
  6. An opinion or observation of madness

    umm, that is very optimistic lerner....trumps love buddy in North Korea kills whenever he pleases and is perfecting his missiles , trumps hero Putin kills whenever he pleases and is sending his ships and jet fighters to dangerously harass our military, trumps pals in several other places are killing whenever they please, trump has indirectly killed an "x" number American citizens with lies about and through downplaying covid 19! Btw. trump is inciting violence in one way or another almost everyday, some of which has led to horrible deaths, trump is destroying the environment 24/7 which is leading to suffering and early deaths, trump is trying to destroy American democracy and has done so with many good American institutions which will and has lead to suffering and deaths...anyway there is another 100-200 examples of further details, thus I see nothing to be thankful to trump for including him taking credit for or giving blame to things he has no control over, or does fake PR for at his violent rallies ...
  7. An opinion or observation of madness

    Natural's post got me to reminiscing: climbing fruit trees and gorging on apricots my first transistor radio 3 channels on a low resoulution black and white TV John Glen and the mercury capsule Wheaties the breakfast of champions prized Micky Mantle baseball card JFK giving a speech at SD State long perfect summer days at the beach seeing nests of black window spiders in an abandoned house down the street playing with mercury from broken mercury switch's crashing skateboards that had cheap metal wheels caught pilfering candy bars at the 7-11 and getting slapped by the clerk way shy of girls and sometimes being tormented by my older sisters building tumble weed forts with buddies and chasing lizards for hours pinning an assailant in a headlock and scissors combination until he said uncle almost passing out from smoking cigarettes, Winston's were good, not so much for Camels only getting caught a few times out of several dozens of incidents (no details) seeing a painting of Moses thinking he was God first time I heard the "flight of the bumble bee" in our music class getting the paddle at school and more so at home drive in movies with bad speakers hanging from the car door window... and on and on...
  8. An opinion or observation of madness

    trumps base moves on with an extremely short or even no memories of his reported criminal like acts (some proven in court) and words. Sheep for his slaughter but dont' tell them so or you might be slaughtered yourself.
  9. An opinion or observation of madness

    also look at trump, and his family and inlaws nepotism, tax dodging and just all around corrupt business deals, including with Russian and German bank money thus probably a hundred to a thousand times worse than that of all other cases of gov. officals in American history combined, which I believe is part of the reason trump often has a dumb ass grin on his face for getting away with that so far...
  10. An opinion or observation of madness

    it is not really possible to isolate large groups of people in the world from each other in many or most ways, for the world (so to speak) is getting smaller by the hour! There is no place for millions and billions of us to go for total or even much in the way partial privacy! (anyone here walked the crowded streets of Mumbai or the driven I-5 at rush hour ?) People in smaller groups might still be able to find a few relatively remote and livable places left on the planet but even those areas are not isolated from needing some types of interaction like trading and certain supplies, and then there is the ever evolving climate changes and movements of people in the not to distant future. Anyway an "us and them" gets more blurry by the hour.
  11. An opinion or observation of madness

    I'd say in some cases yes in some cases no and hopefully in the end mostly, thus carefully and wisely as possible case by case and not just based on corrupted or misused politics or on "ugly American" ideas or mistakes. And there are also the horrible military mistakes like bombing wedding parties of farming people, etc....lets also ask about how many Kurdish fighters and civilians have died because we deserted them and also the genocide and or the sexual slavery that happened to the Yazidis !! (to name just two groups out of dozens!) The CIA has god only god knows how many skeletons in their closets but on the other hand they are not lining up various civilians and journalists like isil and cutting off their heads with knives while being filmed for the whole world to watch in horror. A hundred years of debate about the complexities of who did or caused what, when, where and why is one thing and mistakes related to that very definitely need to be learned from and not repeated, but on the other hand western forces and intelligence agencies have also done good in helping or saving lives!
  12. Locking threads, discuss it here

    next up: a fascinating and consuming counter-point of eternal and immutable truth, where are you Hawkeye? (serious and valid concerns don't mind me i'm just being a smart ass)
  13. Locking threads, discuss it here

    remembering a friend: "...He who knows how to live can walk abroad Without fear of rhinoceros or tiger. He will not be wounded in battle. For in him rhinoceroses can find no place to thrust their horn, Tigers can find no place to use their claws, And weapons no place to pierce. Why is this so? Because he has no place for death to enter." from Chapter 50
  14. An opinion or observation of madness

    don't remember too much on that but it is very informative. I do remember eating chow at the USAF chow hall in Texas with Iranians who were once our allies! (believe it or not)
  15. An opinion or observation of madness

    in the manifest realms most souls are identified as separate individual beings with karma, ego, etc., and there are countless numbers of us, while in the un-manifest or absolute, indescribable, there is no separation and only one of us without karma, ego, etc.. Anyway to me idealistic thinking about individuals (aka. the "ten thousand") that still have limits per evolution as a soul not yet returned, or not cleared of karma, ego, etc. also needs to be recognized as that - even if ultimately there is only one of us that never really left. (edited to clarify hopefully)