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  1. An opinion or observation of madness

    time before trump's karma comes knocking full force, too many days, months and years in the human view.
  2. John Chang - Jesus

    I'd say that sometimes some of us have been granted visits to higher astral (or even causal ) realms but very few of us have major access or the present need to such access - being that most of us have not attained "moksha" or the great freedom and are dealing with human karma''s and issues and thus are largely "earthbound" souls. So imo it is dubious for us to be speculating about whether or not the higher astral realms (and or causal) exist or not along with the Beings who have attained those realms. Even various spiritual schools and their teachers who supposedly have major access to such realms and beings do not agree on the subject or on the Beings, thus to me they just see their particular take on the subject and often double down on it as being the only truth. (or the highest and more or less deny the all the rest)
  3. An opinion or observation of madness

    don't let the child fool you: those evil dolls and trumps administration are worse than watching some clawed creature feature!
  4. John Chang - Jesus

    source from, "In Search of the Miraculous" by P.D. Ouspensky, page 97. "....It was not bread and wine at all but real flesh and real blood. A magical ceremony similar to blood-brotherhood for establishing a connection between astral bodies"
  5. An opinion or observation of madness

    where's that 5,000 dummy?...not here with 5,000 x 20 = 100,000 and counting, with an easily and horrific 50,000 or who knows how many more? As for masks they do and are proven to help if properly used so stick that up your snotty nose. He was right about narcissistic traits, with trump being a extreme and destructive example who by all reasonable accounts has earned a place at any state mental institution asap!
  6. John Chang - Jesus

    going by that response apparently none...I believe the information source was from Mr. G (the fourth way) which I'd have to dig out the book for a quote.
  7. John Chang - Jesus

    how many traditional Christians could handle the idea of actually drinking some of the blood and eating some of body (of Christ) as being part of or derived from certain old (secret) shamanistic practices for astral connection? I don't know much about it, just came across that info years ago.
  8. An opinion or observation of madness

    there could be another two or four dozen lists like this one on all of trumps and his admin's disgusting disgrace and forms of corruption and forms betrayal like crimes against the US. Just twisted sickness beyond belief and not easy to keep count of since he has been at it 24/7 and 365 days a year since before and after being in office!
  9. John Chang - Jesus

    I'd say knowing that we don't know (very much nor the unknowable beyond duality with a dualistic mind)...is not doubt in the regular sense of gnawing or panicky doubt...
  10. John Chang - Jesus

    Hey Edward, you are right about universal ethics and morals as being fundamental spiritual laws to be started with and to be followed all the way through our lives... The the wild wild west parts of this site are often not easy to deal with but I think you were trying in a decent way. Btw. and in case you didn't know (?) Buddhism does not give primary importance to or belief in God or a personal savior, so that can get real wild for those who do and who also try to make comparisons or correlations across such different ways. Just a warning analogy for trying to mix water and oil. Jesus is definitively a real living being to me, more real than flesh, bone and blood or mental speculation or doubts, but religions can be tricky with there being 10,000 interpretations one can get caught up in or lost in along the way, yet in the end Spirit still comes through and works. I'd say our minds work a lot like changeable and programmable computer RAM but our hearts have the eternal ROM code of Spirit in them, RAM And Rom are supposed to work together but software does crash a lot, thankfully we can reboot with ROM. Good luck to you.
  11. John Chang - Jesus

    it is inferred that god has to maintain an eternal hell of suffering for the dammed, who else could? (which is not in Satan's power) No doubt Jesus is a great golden soul, but he is not bound by the dictates of human religion. Nor is he interested in being worshiped, what real brother would be?
  12. An opinion or observation of madness

    well Bax44 or is it bat-shit crazy (?) several people here have been extremely patient and kindly rational with you in explaining obvious human realities yet you keep doubling down with your twisted and irrational crap? You have been given some positive, helpful and first hand information to consider and do something with...so what in the hell is it going to be, more of the same strange BS or using the noddle between your ears?
  13. "Custer died for your sins", but....

    read trumps lips if you are deaf
  14. John Chang - Jesus

    in the Book of Revelations some are blessed and others are eternally dammed; and god is taught as a Being that has the energy to maintain an eternally dammed realm for an untold number of beings to suffer in (aka hell) thus such a god is not a god of final reconciliation or love. Spirit is Spirit and faith and hope are important but it does not need a creation of god in our image.
  15. John Chang - Jesus

    the Bible does not put it that way, the Bible does not accept masters of other traditions as being equal alternates, right? Thus Christians can not have their Bible the way it is presented and also interpret or cherry pick it however they want as individuals or in groups. You mean well but there can be no peace in or from a Bible and its teachings that is based on absolute contradictions