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  1. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    the following just arose in awareness: as above, so below heal the heart, heal the whole
  2. Life flows. Never static, always flowing and unfolding in presence. No thing is unchanging and beyond shift. Reality expreses plural and mutable.
  3. Klonk ...

  4. Klonk ...

    You had me at "I always wanted to be a turtle..." Welcome to the Bums friend. Your name makes me smile.
  5. Bums I am missing

    Been coming across old posts thought to make a place to recall some Bums who are wandering elsewhere and are missed. @gentlewind he and I joined same day I believe. He has published a couple ebooks of poetry since he left. @BaguaKicksAss her direct insights and pure manner always kicked my butt in the best way. @GrandmasterP we lost touch with him when he retired and moved to the coast. I imagine him watching the waves. @Brian I know he is thriving, but man I miss his unsight humor and his humor. And his humor.
  6. The Cool Picture Thread

    @rene I recall March in Minnesota. Relentless is the word I'd ascribe to it and on average it starts with a glimpse of Spring to come, then is the heaviest snowfall month of the Season. I never minded Winter all that much, but March was an endurance test. Those drifts are very real. Respect. It was all worth it for me when those Earth shaking Thunderstorms in April kicked in though. Gaia how I miss those!
  7. What do you sleep on?

    My wife and I sleep on a queen size, cotton outer shell, rubber internal air chamber mattress. We each set to maximum firmness, though on occasion my gal will adjust her side to accomodate residual back issues. The mattress rests on a platform of wooden planks. No metal aside from a few screws in the framing. When possible, I prefer to sleep in pitch dark. I have come to deeply and increasingly appreciate complete darkness over the last decade. We have heavy curtains in our bedroom and for the last several years, I sleep with a mask to aid in creating a light free sleeping environment.
  8. Bums I am missing

    Hello My Friend! How I appreciate your images and words. Thank you! One of the most wonderful aspects of any vacation for me... is the moment of opening the door and returning home. Exhale and settle. Here and now. Such simple bliss. Such treasure! How wonderful, to seek out the unfamiliar, only to rediscover everywhen, the familiar. Home is always here and always now. And it's so good to be home.
  9. Full Lotus Posture and Energetic Meridians

    These preperatory and maintenance stretches are invaluable to me.
  10. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    my son and I at the museum. walking by an oil painting of adam and eve at the apple tree... with the serpent. my son: Dad? me: yea? my son: why do they always paint adam and eve with belly buttons? what were they supposed to be attached to? me: i love you.
  11. Call to Vikings!

    The previous series led me to this gentleman Shawn James, who completely by himself has built a log cabin deep in the woods of Canada. While it's not Viking design, his techniques and skills are very high level and I found so many valuable tips for my own woodcraft through watching him. Figured you might pick up some beneficial stuff while you work on your meditation cabin. Skol!
  12. Call to Vikings!

    Recently broke my media fast, one of the first things I encountered was this series on youtube of some wonderful Canadian guys building a semi-traditional Viking long/log house in BC I believe. Immediately thought of you @rene and this thread... so here's the first episode in their series. Three guys, hand tools, ultra simple methods, pure awesome.
  13. On the nature of creation - Ramana Maharshi

    why not just install the profanity filter while we're at it... sheesh.
  14. On the nature of creation - Ramana Maharshi

    I for one, deeply appreciate an authentic fuckin' potty mouth. Particularly the Irish and Scottish varieties.
  15. What are you listening to?

    Been raining on and off since about an hour before dawn. I love Deuter. But he's particularly awesome on overcast, drizzly days.
  16. Internal Alchemy - Where and How to start?

    Hi ben. Welcome to the Bums. Two of my three teachers speak almost no english. And my chinese is limited to phrases and words. As there is not always a translator present, a fair amount of my training has taken place without explicit verbal instruction. While I deeply appreciate this aspect to how my training has unfolded, I have found the words of Dr Yang Jwing-Ming and Damo Mitchell to be particularly resonant and beneficial. I find their words to be based from deep experience and to be very clear and direct in their descriptions of processes, practices and energetics. I recommend any works by either of them, but particularly from Dr Yang... Embryonic Breathing and The Root of Chinese Qi Gong and from Damo: The Dragon Dao Yin Exercises stand out for me. I also still routinely spend some long wonderful hours perusing old conversations here and highly recommend that as well. Either entering a particular term or concept, or simply ambling along through a section. There's no stigma here against reviving old conversations. Cheers mate!
  17. Enlightened movies

    I so agree! Highly recommended. This film is stunningly well crafted in story, acting and photography and sound... and resonates long after viewing. A simple, beautiful story, told with subtle, artful grace.
  18. I don't move much at all while I sleep. This is how it is for the last decade or so... The only movement that occurs is when I wake in the middle of the night, I'll roll over to the other side. I carry the chest pillows with me, resettle my legs and I'm back out in moments.
  19. kôan / kung-an

  20. What is spirituality

    full, authentic presence complete release in the now... as it is playful bouyancy... blissful loss of self in action and raw connected presence a softening of the notion of a boundary between a self and an other a dissolving of certainties a sense of awakening after a long nap
  21. old dead zen dude quote.

    Shunryu Suzuki! How I Love that old dead zen dude!
  22. Human Brains Shrinking for 30,000 Years

    whales have the largest brains on the planet and seemingly spend the majority of their time, flying through water and singing... i'm convinced.
  23. Tao and the Laws of Nature

    I can close my eyes and cease all input of light. If only I could as readily close my ears and stop the input of sound for but a moment of true silence, in which to saturate... Ears are always on, while eyes completely shut down regularly. When working with Wang Li Ping... the most challenging aspect of turning within for me, without a doubt is to turn hearing within. Think about how often in your life, you hear something approaching, and then turn to see what the potential incoming natural force may be...