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  1. Light of the Golden Sun - a Bon gift

    Moonlight on water, reflecting on Mountain's walls. May we all reflect.
  2. Retrograde orgasm (Mature conversation)

    Yea, it's odd territory, sublimation and reversal. Not without benefit in certain conditions, but... buyer be wary. I'm a naturalist in regards to these things. To me, two rivers that meet should merge and both flow toward the sea... one shouldn't randomly turn and flow upstream to its connector... besides, if you manage to back the flow of the semen river into the bladder... what do folks imagine happens when you purge the bladder? ok, enough peepee observations for a while... ciao all.
  3. Retrograde orgasm (Mature conversation)

    I had to invest a bit to get passed the fact that Romeo is asking about avoiding orgasms... Romeo. It made me chuckle. Landing on the side of you're not just getting jolly by talking about touching your nedster online... l echo liminal_luke's take. Retention practices, Sublimation, Abstention can all cause major issues (particularly in younger men) even among those who've built a directed practice on a foundation with an in person, dedicated teacher. I have practiced sublimation and retention when beneficial, but for me, it has always been for a set duration, (usually three cycles of the Moon) and only during a specific phase in my process with a directed purpose. It is not and never has been a life long practice to me in any of my learning (aside from a handful of monastic folks throughout history and their calling seems too obsessive in my opinion) At the least, it should never in my experience be undertaken willy nilly, or cuz you read in a book that it'll supercharge your energy practices. It will supercharge a whole load of shite if you have uncleared blockages in your system. Our forum is rife with folks arriving here asking for help reversing damage due to tension filled retention practices they followed out of a book. As a side note, now into my 50's, looking back I have become aware that in certain phases of life I found myself inadvertently abstinant without consciously intending it. It arose naturally, of itself, tzujan. There are times when sexual union and orgasm have simply fallen off my radar for months at a time. Sexual union and arousal in particular, are utterly natural, so overtly trying to throttle this is grounds for problems... above all, if you go into it, try not to turn it into a 'success/failure' model in your mind. This will breed tension and tension is more an enemy than any orgasm. Becoming aroused and having orgasms is an utterly natural function of our form as human, particularly younger men. Taoists had wives all throughout history. Wang Liping is married and has a son. Calming the mind and breath are much more worthy pursuits in my case. The struggle, if there is one, is your first sign you're off the rails. There should be no struggle, fasting of any kind should arise in joy. If you are fasting from food and find yourself grouchy about it and thinking about food constantly all through the day, you're treading water at best and bleeding off the merit as you gain it. Fasting and denial steeped in struggle and tension is backwards motion in my experience. Cultivate clarity, calm and simple joy first. And if you can, find a dedicated teacher to lead you when the timing is beneficial. Asking strangers online about when to stop stroking your nedster... well that's just humor to me, particularly when your chosen name is Romeo.
  4. Asking for feedback

    Yes that's much clearer, thank you. Clever idea for revealing the moving lines using the matching symbols and I like the use of rotating the top card 90o to form that relationship. How many cards comprise the entire deck?
  5. Asking for feedback

    The design is beautiful. With my limited knowledge of the topic, I'm curious how one would use the card to cast a hexagram in response to a query. I'd be interested in knowing that process if you care to explain further.
  6. It is known

    He projects weakness to me.
  7. Archons and egregores

    Synchronous, happening upon this topic this morning. Egregores and Tulpas were a rare show as a topic of conversation at work yesterday, due to a co-worker's inquiries into fellow workmate's beliefs, or non-belief in angels/demons and other similar beings. He was mostly interested in stirring up debate about beliefs, but when he got to me, my response surprised him as it was neither 'yes' or 'no', it was both and conditional and he was intrigued by the concepts having never heard of them before and it primed me for some more exploration myself. I've almost no study on Archons, but Tulpas and Egregore are a fascinating realm of inquiry to me. Glad you found it too and had a bit of time to respond @Zhongyongdaoist, i always appreciate your contributions here, moreso due to understanding how challenging it is to approach such topics when busy... you've always done admirably in my opinion, engaging with depth and insight even when being brief. Any recommendations for authors in this realm would be welcome (lately, acquiring engaging reading material has been like gathering mist with a net).
  8. Year of the Buffalo main page logo change

    a bit of ban and a whole lot of self exile...
  9. Looking for tips on reducing pride/ego.

    Yes English, with its built in premise of nouns that cause verbs has been problematic for me since middle school. How utterly absurd it is, this notion that a static thing, could somehow be the cause of a process. There are no static things, at least I've never perceived one. Every 'thing' I perceive reveals itself as a process unfolding, never a static thing at all... but a constant, interconnected flowing... a beingness. A thing may have a shape that maintains for a time, my friends still recognize me after three decades of friendship, but I look almost nothing like my 20 year old self. All form to me is like a whirlpool which maintains a shape for a time, yet is comprised entirely of flow. Humans are like this to me. As are homes, animals, clouds, pebbles, mountains. The shape is recognizable and stable for a time, but in any given moment, like the whirlpool, it is comprised of the motion of its innate being. Constant flowing, unfoldings of interconnected process. I appreciate the word being. Human being. It implies a fluid process. An unfoldingness. When I walk through life, I see beingness, everywhere. Stone beings, insect beings, building beings, human beings. All form is being in flow. To trail it back to the OP, Ego arises in my experience, as one current among many.
  10. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    But tomorrow, dawn will come the way I picture her, barefoot and disheveled, standing outside my window in one of the fragile cotton dresses of the poor. She will look in at me with her thin arms extended, offering a handful of birdsong and a small cup of light. Billy Collins
  11. It is known

    I've ceased participating in any form of news broadcasting directly again and instead, just deal with the filtered versions that arise in conversations with work mates. These will end in another week or so when our show officially wraps, but in the meantime... any bits that make it to me, just cause me to shake my head and say fuck, fuck, fuck as my worst suspicions begin to pale compared to what is actually playing out... and the implications of what may yet come.
  12. An inside view of the situation in India

    What is the sound of the color 9?
  13. Bums I am missing

    Been coming across old posts thought to make a place to recall some Bums who are wandering elsewhere and are missed. @gentlewind he and I joined same day I believe. He has published a couple ebooks of poetry since he left. @BaguaKicksAss her direct insights and pure manner always kicked my butt in the best way. @GrandmasterP we lost touch with him when he retired and moved to the coast. I imagine him watching the waves. @Brian I know he is thriving, but man I miss his unsight humor and his humor. And his humor.
  14. It is known

    Zoos are disgusting to me. Nauseating business.
  15. How to step back and rest?

    Yup. That's the one.
  16. How to step back and rest?

    Someone referred to time spent in nature as Forest Bathing and ever since, that's how i think of it.
  17. Looking for tips on reducing pride/ego.

    Strong points about not demonizing egoing. For some time, i no longer experience an ego as if it's 'a thing' that 'i have' or possess, or carry, or am burdened by... my experience for some years now has been that ego is a verb. Egoing is a verb, like dancing. It is not a thing, it is experienced as a process that is engaged with, not some notion of an animated puppet, or mini-crappier version of my higher self that i carry with me or am burdened by, (which is how I grew up and lived much of my adult life). That kind of thinking seemed burdensome when i reflect back. Egoing seemingly arises unconsciously when conditions draw me into it. It has a natural, useful function and when realize i am egoing this no longer bothers me, it's just a dance. Shifting from egoing to another process like simple presence and raw being occurs as well. These processes arise and drop off naturally, cyclically. When egoing ceases, raw being, emptiness, bouyancy are more readily experienced, though these never seem to pause; egoing like a whirlpool manifests and drops off... much like all other manifestations and mental modeling. On, off. Arise, recede. Tao is as a bellows. Nature dances in cycles. Nature follows Tao; i follow my nature. Naturing is also a verb to me... (everything is, there are no longer any nouns in my experience of life, but that's another long and likely convoluted post) In terms of benefits, i'm relieved that i no longer manufacture, or hold a sense that egoing is bad, unnecessary or a burden when it arises.
  18. Looking for tips on reducing pride/ego.

    Service to nature/others.
  19. What are you listening to?

    This. Entire. Album. like lightning on a clear day...
  20. Relationship advice

  21. Teachers and political opinions

    The health of a tree is revealed in its fruit.