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  1. Pale Blue Dot

    Such an awakened scientist. One of my workmates for a couple years, working in feature films was a close friend of Carl Sagan's. I endlessly prodded him and hung on his every word of the private aspects of this man who influenced my young mind so much! One of the greatest speeches about our human mypica... our obsessive leaning toward self importance of a priveleged position in the universe. Our entire biosphere... but a speck in the inky sea of lights. So vastly impacting to me, and yet, so utterly inconsequential in the grand scheme... how exquisitely lovely the paradox!
  2. The Mahāsiddha Field - My first novel

    Sweet! Been waiting for this option. Ordered my copy. Peace!
  3. Hey Gang. A new member sent me a pm asking about trouble they are having posting/replying, even in Welcome section it seems. Been a while since I joined and i don't recall how much, or what type of restrictions exist for new members, or how they may have changed. name of the account is 'braungohed' cheers and thanks...
  4. Tai Chi practitioners should know about mitochondria.

    It's been addressed already by @steve with clarity and respect. But I feel compelled to share on this (to me) very false notion of human bodies being one system. How to seperate meaningfully (not arbritrarily) the clear dividing line between my body and the environment? The avocados I just ate, are from a farm about 45 miles north of here. The bacon was from a farm about 500 miles away. The air I'm inhaling originated who knows when? Tens of thousands of years ago? Eons ago... and been in the lungs of millions of other humans, animals, insects and plants. My body is an amalgam of the ten thousand things, all recycled and recycling with no clear dividing line. Those avocados and the flesh of those pigs, is not turning me into pig and avocado. They are transitioning into human, even though if you look in my body, you will not ever find a 'human element'. My body is made of the same elemental parts as all the other aspects of reality. It is only the arrangement of those parts that we identify as human. The pattern is recognizable... as is the pattern of a whirlpool... But is a whirlpool a thing, when you consider the molecules flowing through it every second? Is it a system separate from the river? Any attempt to distinguish organism from environment is to me a practice in myopia... and utterly dependent on the level of magnification of the perceptual mind doing to perceiving. We are all of us, flowing verbs. Proven with each inhale/exhale. My one body, is a collection of 5 trillion individual life forms, each with a tribal affiliation and its own life force, process and cycle. ok rant over... phew... that came on suddenly... may just delete this soon, but as I said, compelled to get this out.
  5. It's maddening if i tune in on a certain level to it... incessant thoughts being bandied about... even the 'well thought out' ones, become like gnats after a time. Just noisome, flotsam, stream of babbling word salad. Like if you've ever played that game of repeating a word, until it loses relevance and reveals its inherent absurdity. Many conversations become this when I try to share my more esoteric interests with folks who have no interest in it. The eyes glaze over mid sentence and I realize... 'ope... tuned out. time to move on'. My gal and I were having a conversation last night and the phrase of overdosing on other's thoughts was shared. I find lately, I have less inertia, gravity, desire and patience for thinking thoughts made of words, or any thoughts, be they mine or another's. In particular, the thoughts of others and thoughts born of my own 'storyteller' are growing wearisome, repetitive, often from their manipulative and coercive intentions and their projective, illusory nature. The power of thinking is the power of creating your experience of reality in mind. Buddha was pretty clear on this point and from the moment I heard it, it's resonated. What we think is our experience of reality in that moment... Which implies, I said to my wife last night, that 'As long as I can keep you listening to my words, I am, for those moments, in control of the experience of your mind.' Whether you agree with the thoughts i share or not, the act of your mind tuning into my thoughts and words, is paving and coloring your mind and its experience of reality. My wife and I don't talk much about the house lately. There are no words spoken just because a thought happened. We share when something arises that resonates, or when something requires communication. But all the extraneous over talking and over sharing and constant stream of consciousness babble, has come to a very natural end for us. Among those close to me, an interesting trend has developed, whereby in the middle of a sentence, in the middle of a story i'm sharing, i'll realize... 'i have no gravity for these words, or this sharing'... and I'll stop and say "na... nevermind. tired of the sound of my own voice." and I'll go silent. "hey, why'd you stop? i was listening!" I'll get asked. 'not every fart deserves a name.' is my common reply lately. Some folks sigh in relief, glad it's over, others were engaged and cutting off the stream of their mind the way I do is jarring. for me, it's a realization that the words being shared are not worthy of sharing... they are word salad... or talk noise. Even the well intentioned and highly thought out words and stories... lose their relevance and importance often before being spoken. Our mind is our experience of reality. To influence what others' minds are focused on, is a great responsibility, opportunity and endeavor... greater than i heretofor imagined until last nights' conversation, i am coming to register. This hit me like a train of realization... which explains the plethora of words I'm willing to use in direct contradiction of its premise now... These words seemed to carry significance, worthy of being shared. Every word, every action is a seed planted in the awareness of all those we affect with them. We are all of us Gardeners, wittingly or un... And I've just streamed a host of these words and thoughts into the mind of whomever reads this... for that i don't apologize, but in the interest of giving you back your mind... i'll shut up now. For it seems i've said my peace on this.
  6. Xing and Ming cultivation

    Thank you. This light experience manifested for my wife and I rather recently (within last few years). I've shared the question several times, you're the first to offer a description of it. *bow* thanks again.
  7. Best Online Neigong Training? (Non-Religious)

    Wang Li Ping gives regular in person training, if you can travel and has published several in depth books to augment in person study between retreats.
  8. I don't have the sense that humans are running things on this planet with control and intent, any more than I have a sense that I am running this body and awareness with anything approaching control. So much is simply influenced beneath the threshold of conscious, localized awareness... so much is influenced by co-arising conditions far beyond the scope of the ken of my perceptions... in every being I meet there is trance and hypnosis, near fully automated robotic responses to stimuli born of conditioning, not often do they seem present, i am included in this, with a few brief windows of my own experience and a few not so chance encounters with some bright, rare gems in human guise, and not-human guise, along the way. But that's just me, not selling anything, nor seeking to sway... much like @Taomeow alludes to... there's a word missing... or even a phrase. Can't and am not interested in putting any effort into any manner of proof... but sharing, now that's worth some effort.
  9. words used to provoke are like an act of violence, aggression. certainty is the framework of rigidity and easily lends to harsh, provocational words, defensiveness and lack of listening with the intent to understand, but with the intent to respond, coerce and manipulate... rigidity is the way of decay and rot. manipulation is deception coercement is aggression each word, each action is like a seed, planted in the awareness of all those we affect with them. so, in a manner of speaking, we are all of us, Gardeners whether, wittingly or un... A question that often arises these days when I'm considering sharing is... what kind of seed am i planting? does any seed even need to be planted?
  10. What are you listening to?

    The experience really rocked my buddy and I both... know nothing of russian, but it was like a thunderbolt through me, hearing that song. He took it in stride though. Though a stout pragmatist, he was unphased by the spiritual when it arose... just shrugged and accepted it. The bard tradition you describe in Russia... sounds very familiar. The Skalds of the Nordic folk were central to life and inspired deep admiration and adoration for their songs and stories. Must be a symptom of looooong winters held in tight quarters to develop a deep tradition of song and storytelling. My acting and singing days came naturally to me, unsought, it was a driving force of my life for a couple decades. So much lives in the blood. In the memory of the body. [email protected]~!~~
  11. What are you listening to?

    My buddy remembered it. Black Tulips. wow... just crushes me, this song. Lyrics in English, for those interested.
  12. What are you listening to?

    @Taomeow about 25 years ago... I was hanging out with my Ukrainian buddy. He was playing a Russian folk song and I became overwhelmed by sadness, it was sudden, intense and brought on tears. I asked him what the song was about. This is what I recall. "It's called Black Roses. It's about the Afghanistan war and the black roses that are being brought home to be planted in their graves... the sons sent off to the war, coming home black roses." Do you know this song? Perhaps it was Black Tulips? anyway, it was a visceral and deep resonation from a language I have no local awareness of, but fully connected with, in spirit. I'd love to hear it again.
  13. "I never take myself too seriously... cuz everybody know, fat birds don't fly." ~Fun Lovin Criminals
  14. Xing and Ming cultivation

    What about white light manifesting when no one's body passes on? Extreme white light manifestations with multiple witnesses?
  15. this is a very strong message and lesson. I'm a hearty plus one to Earl's lesson here. I forge my own chains. When they are woven of desires for food, sexual release, cars, clothes, admiration of others... they are said to be chains of lead. These chains are coarse, ugly and unpleasant. When instead chains are woven of desires for siddhis, healing abilities, astral travel, psychic insight, third eye visions and the consort and admiration of higher dimensional beings... they are pretty, smooth and pleasant chains of gold. But a chain is a chain... whomever places it upon our mind and heart space... they are limitations to potential. Cutting off vast swathes of our innate power. In short, your very act of seeking, of adoration of a mental object, be it a pretty one, or a mundane one, is the very act, forging your chains of whatever type and keeping you from experiencing the great freedom of life, now, in this moment as a flowing aspect of the unity of all life. Chains of lead, or chains of gold. You are binding your potential self through your addictive and obsessive mental process. It doesn't really matter what you worship, it will occupy your time until your time is up. To answer your question @Heartbreak in my opinion there's nothing wrong with choosing siddhis over materialism. Nothing at all. Either one, will fill up your lifetime with pursuits, achievements, results (of some kind), and ramifications (of some kind). Will they lead you to what you are holding in your mind in this moment as your goal? who can know? For many years, I worshipped my judgement of things. Things I considered to be wrong were met with fierce anger and rage... justified because it was 'wrong'... I allowed myself to be utterly possessed by this obsessive notion. The more I fed it, the more I found myself noticing similar aspects of life, which created more avenues for me to express my rage at the wrongness I was finding... everywhere. Eventually, through shear exhaustion, I saw that I was not solving the worlds problems, or mine, through my justified worship of being upset at what I found ugly, wrong and ill in the world. All I was doing was filling my mind and heart, with anger, which then caused me to become the very aspect of life that I was seeking to lash out against. My friends would ask "why are you so pissed?" Instead of hanging out and enjoying the present moment with loved ones, I was obsessing over what wasn't right, what needed fixing and how I would go about fixing it, or even worse, lecturing and mentally obsessing over what I thought others should be doing to fix it. Eventually exhaustion won out and my inertia for this died a loving whimpering death. I realized that the words of buddha whether he was real or not, rang true for me. "be careful what you allow yourself to think (worship). This becomes your reality." I have only so much energy in any one given day. I can use it to focus on any aspect of reality. But whatever I focus on... that will be my experience of reality that day. I can spend it all on rage and what is wrong, I can spend it on loving and nurturing... I can spend it on going within and isolating from the world, I can spend it on reaching out and expanding my sense of self through connection. Which is best? pfft. who can tell you? It's for you to discover your authentic path and what fulfills you. What you want to focus on... totally up to you. Nothing wrong with seeking siddhis, or sex, or a great career, or cars. But in my experience... seeking a thing, was not the path to it. Seeking in my experience was the final obstacle in my way of manifesting and experiencing the reality... which is... it's all here already. My process has become one of release acknowledgement and effortless embodiment of awareness. but that's just me. I hear the pain in your words friend, and in your name @Heartbreak. For whatever you want to find in life, I would recommend you start a practice daily that calms you and relaxes you. For without these, whatever you seek, opportunities to follow it will be harder to notice and engage, when your mind and reality are full of seeking thoughts, instead of awareness of where and how you are being right now. I wish you peace and healing mate. I've been in the long dark several times in this life and share much empathy for the pain of it. It is utterly hell.
  16. Bums I am missing

    holding space for you regularly friend. much much love!
  17. Bums I am missing

    Been coming across old posts thought to make a place to recall some Bums who are wandering elsewhere and are missed. @gentlewind he and I joined same day I believe. He has published a couple ebooks of poetry since he left. @BaguaKicksAss her direct insights and pure manner always kicked my butt in the best way. @GrandmasterP we lost touch with him when he retired and moved to the coast. I imagine him watching the waves. @Brian I know he is thriving, but man I miss his unsight humor and his humor. And his humor.
  18. Pale Blue Dot

    That iconic pic, taken by Voyager 1 will be 30 years old tomorrow. ha... timing.
  19. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    it's nothing without the sound...
  20. Weather Magick

    I wouldn't mind a conversation about the history and any pertinent experiences folks may have had with humans influencing weather. We seed clouds for rain, using science, which is based in alchemy. Druids were notorious weather influencers, as were the Nordic Wind Talkers, coveted on open ocean voyages. Indigenous cultures have been mentally and spiritually tuning into natural rhythms for eons. How much we influence it? No idea, but it's certainly not a threat to talk about it... is it? Why all the vitriol for this guy wanting to talk about weather magick? Perhaps we let folks have a conversation?