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  1. Citta

    I originally began listening to this guy, due to his ground shattering insights on the true nature of light and magnetism. Then I happened upon this seven year old video of him, talking about his exploration of citta in the original texts. He's something of a savaunt it seems, translating for enjoyment, ancient latin, greek and sanskrit. I've little to no experience in Buddhism, but as I've found his insights in physics and natural philosophy to be intensely brilliant, I'm intrigued what buddhists here think about his take on citta...
  2. Citta

    simply staggering... in the original pali there are... no words for nun, monk or buddhism so what did gotama teach? my teachings are to be deemed brahmayana 'the path to the brahman, the path to the absolute' whose citta is devoid of defilements... is deemed a brahman... such a one is crossed over, tathagata... become brahman the highest apalachian in doctrine of earliest buddhism is the attainment of brahmanhood wholly liberated brahman. wholly awake. has become liberated. wow. just wow.
  3. Citta

    Very glad to see you've returned my friend. There does seem much synchronicity with our current processes from my end as well. Many of your posts ring with resonance for me, particularly over the last few months, as things on my end have been amping up to a crescendo. And I deeply appreciate any exploration and conversation regarding this topic and the search for absolute reality. When I happened upon his take on citta from the ancient teachings, it really rang my bell... rather gob-smacked was my reaction... as you say, it runs contrary to much of what I've encountered in buddhist sharings. I was sincerely hoping someone with experience would respond and take up the conversation so I could gauge my reaction from theirs. Thank you. I was originally drawn to this guy for his insights on Natural Philosophy regarding the nature of magnetism, light and dielectrical nature of phenomena (which are nothing short of incredible by the way), only later, did I discover his work on ancient sanskrit and buddhist studies and my impression of him flowered to deeper respect. On my way to meet some friends for a day of museum hunting and conversation. But the moment I'm home, I look forward to checking out the rest of the videos you linked. As you say, this stuff is too important not to share. I also love his extremely direct if somewhat gruff manner of sharing info. I find it refreshing. Cheers!
  4. PSA- Frying pans and shrinkage

    lol I so love you Brother! you nearly made me spit coffee all over my monitor with that one. I still enjoy a nice sharp white gruyere swiss from our local alpine village market now and then... If I am cheesing at all I usually go with aged goat cheeses. My wife, can't tolerate even a bit of dairy any longer, no matter the source. Her body, after taking a break from it, flatly says no every time now. She still grieves this.
  5. Imprinting your desire on an atom

    Robert Saltzman in his book The Ten Thousand Things describes the illusory notion of choice far better than I did for anyone inclined to look further. It also addresses many core tenets of Taoism in a very accessible (to me) and direct manner as well as being filled with a selection of his photography.
  6. PSA- Frying pans and shrinkage

    Yea cow's milk is a strange one, looking back I wonder that it took me as long as it did to climb out from under the propoganda thumb of "milk does a body good". It doesn't. Cow's milk in humans is a hormonal shit storm as it's a reproductive growth enzyme from another mammal's endocryne system that even that mammal no longer uses when it's digestive system matures as an adult. Took a while to convince my gal.
  7. Imprinting your desire on an atom

    I hear you brother and I empathize with your sense of it. I've rejected any notion of 'conscious choice' pretty much the whole of my adult life. In my experience, humans do not make independent choices. We respond to stimuli in predictable manners based on our behavioral models created between the ages of 0-7 and running in the unconcscious, then afterward we explain that unconscious response and apply some conscious control to it. As I've experienced myself humans are compelled to action, or non action in response to stimuli, not based on some calculated consciously directed intentions. Ask soldiers what happened when they reached out to save a buddy in battle and you'll constantly hear echoes of "I didn't think, I just did it." or "I only thought about it when we were out of the shit." Stimulus, response, action. Any choice occurs on the preconcscious level. We apply standards and stories later. By the time an action is in process, the motivational/behaviorally conditioned responses have long since unconsciously already been established and the action or non action promulgated. Our 'decisions' to me in life are as predictable in nearly all circumstances as chemical reactions in a petry dish are... After the response/action/non action, we then often analyze with the conscious mind and apply rationalizations couched in the language of "I chose to help that girl" when the reality was, no conscious choice was made in the moment in response to stimuli, a compulsion to act or not rose and was carried out almost automatically. A girl fell and before thought was possible, I reached out and helped her... only afterward do I apply notions of conscious choice storylines in my estimation... this mainly I feel, give us some semblance and reinforce notions of illusory control in a great soup of energy knowns as absolute reality.
  8. Who are your favorite Comedians of all times?

    Oh Jeez... how'd I not think of... Don Rickles! Johnny Carson Jonathan Winters Danny DeVito Andy Kaufman and Miss Betty White!
  9. Dark Night of the Soul

    Boy this rings the bell... some words are just words. and some words ring with presence... like a tuning fork. your phrasing and manner of sharing often results in sympathetic resonance in awareness. Thanks again for sharing here Spotless. Deep respect and appreciation.
  10. Shambhala

    Nice topic and really appreciate the pics Starjumper. That Mountain really sings, as does the valley and that gem in the last one... woof! I'm a crystal/gem hound and a blade collector from way back. Been very keen on their presence since childhood and the setting for that stone is pure awesome. Tesla spoke of the awareness and presence of crystals at length. Would love to hear its story if you feel like sharing. Incidentally, I have two Wakizashis in my collection (stainless blades not high carbon) with identical habaki, tsuba, tsuka and kashira to the one you're holding. Though I swapped out the tsuka ito changing the nylon cord from the factory with soft leather for durability and grip.
  11. Who are your favorite Comedians of all times?

    I find comedy and humor to be high skills for internal development. Being able to transmute anger to laughter is perhaps one of my most cultivated skills this lifetime. I spent years traveling and performing comedy myself with a troupe and solo. George Carlin - number one for me. He always struck me as more of an adroit social commentarian than a pure comedian, particularly his last three decades of work... and as I've come to read more Chuang Tze, I view George as a modern version of him in the way he uses humor to point out social absurdities. Gilda Radner Lilly Tomlin Carol Burnett Jane Curtin Phyllis Diller Lenny Bruce Jack Benny Bob Newhart Richard Pryor Robin Williams Bill Hicks Eddie Izzard (few make history so funny) Doug Stanhope (king of irreverent humor) Tracey Ullman Madeline Kahn off the top of my head. eta: Rea Pearlman Tina Fey Lewis Black
  12. What are you watching on Youtube?

    fixed link
  13. Did The Sun Come Up ?

    sun rise? or eiye rise? or sun r(eye)se or i r(eye)se great open questions mate.
  14. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    Intriguing how these observations mirror each other, one from a sixties counter-culturist and the other steeped in the deepest oral traditions of Tibetan Buddhist realization.
  15. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    How many times... have you encountered the saying, 'When the student is ready, the Master speaks?' Do you know why that is true? The door opens inward. The Master is everywhere, but the student has to open his mind to hear the Masters Voice. Robert Anton Wilson
  16. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    "Certitude is seized by some minds, not because there is any philosophical justification for it, but because such minds have an emotional need for certitude." "My own opinion is that belief is the death of intelligence. As soon as one believes a doctrine of any sort, or assumes certitude, one stops thinking about that aspect of existence." Robert Anton Wilson
  17. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    I made it as far as book 4 then lost interest. Author struck me as more of a literary serial killer than a storyteller.
  18. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    read the books mate. read the books.
  19. Sons of Reflected Light - where they Druids?

    My response to refinding this thread says it's time to revisit Druidic Lore. It's been a good long soak in the shadows. Time to open the oven and see what's been cooking.
  20. please delete

    No apologies needed mate, I delete and edit routinely to accomodate my inner space's needs. And while I don't have many answers these days, in their place there's empathy, love and plenty of time to listen. Peace.
  21. I wonder what this would do to the universe

    Wife's birthday today. Got myself a slice of Black Forest Cherry and then... reached for the spoon.
  22. Contradiction ?

    there are no accidents...
  23. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    and those who were seen dancing were considered mad, by those who could not hear the music.